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Heather's Shrink Called 911

3/10/2008 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Heather Locklear's psychiatrist is the one who called 911, after speaking with her on the phone.

We're told the shrink spoke with Heather on Saturday night and was alarmed because she was "upset" and he believed she might OD on medication prescribed for depression. The call was listed with dispatch as a "suicide attempt."

We're told when paramedics arrived, Heather was OK and it was a false alarm.

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No Avatar


she needs me and then she will be able to toss those stupid pills away

2386 days ago


She IS probably thinking of sucide not that she is reduced to working with Achy Breaky Numbnuts.

2386 days ago


OMG this is tragic. What in the world could she be so depressed about?. I mean she has killer looks, all the money in the world and is to tallented. I do not get it. Here I am working three jobs to get by, fight a multitude of health problems and a weight problem, I am divorced, raised two kids on my own, and just ended a go nowhere 18 yr. relationship. Yea I am a mess, yet I am not on anti-depressant drugs nor do I want to end it all and trust me, if anyone were to qualify for this trip it would be me, soooo I do not get it at all. I think the shrinks take the easy way out and pump these celebs with drugs and the become dependent on them , it's a viscious cycle.

2386 days ago


Heather is a beautiful woman and instead of plastic surgery and shrinks and drugs, needs to get away from the poison of Hollywood for a while and find her own True North Star. A divorce is hard but surrounded by nay sayers is harder, Heather surround yourself with positive people and some new 'cheerleaders'. You have much to accomplish yet!

2386 days ago

Jay Jamison    

Heather, You are the salvation of the world. Thank You for showing everyone Your wonderful spirit!!

2386 days ago

Mr Proctologist    

Okay, since SOME of the folks on this subject can't seem to figure it out, THIS is what happened. Her doctor, out of concern for her safety and in good faith, notified the police AND paramedics that one of his patients may have been contemplating suicide. That 911 call is transferred from the call takers to the police/fire dispatchers, who, in turn, dispatch that call over the police/fire frequencies, as they're paid to do. TMZ, like every other magazine, gossip rag and TV station, monitors these police/fire frequencies. I can GUARANTEE you, the second they heard Heather Locklear's name, all the bells started ringing in their offices and the wheels were set in motion.


2386 days ago


I wasn't scared for her at all. Could not care less.

2386 days ago


wow i was getting ready to run over and give her some CPR!!!!! all kidding aside i am glad she's ok

2386 days ago


I wish her well.She is a lovely woman.Depression is no fun.

2386 days ago


This is why I think all shrinks are full of crap. Heather Locklear attempt to commit suicide? My gosh, can anyone get depressed anymore without some knucklehead assuming they are suicidal?

2386 days ago


Suck it up spoiled beyotch! You want real problems? Do you know what "real life" is all about. Doubt it.

2386 days ago


I have met Heather and she is not stuck up at all, she is actually very down to earth and she is nice. She also looks good and does not look like she has had a lot of plastic surgery. People have their problems whether or not they have money. People with more money than some of you here, have problems that are just different than yours. She has to deal with her emotions over her divorce, trying to raise her daughter well, being famous so everywhere you go people come up to you, you have no privacy, people hurt your feelings, etc. She has real life problems just like we do. How do you think Heather feels after what she put up with and went through with Richie? I feel badly for her that she is depressed. It is a medical issue, have some compassion people. Don't be jealous of her, feel compassion for her.

2386 days ago


We can add Heather Locklear to the celebrity list including Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Spears and Owen Wilson who have recently been made suicidal by taking anti-depressants. Imagine how many of the general public are being affected It's right on the Black Box warning label of every bottle of anti-depressants that they can cause you to become suicidal. That label means what it says. It isn't bad celebrities, it's bad drugs that happen to be legal.

2386 days ago


What is the matter with you people? Just because someone reaches 'star status' doesn't mean they stop being people. Money, fame and beauty do not solve problems, it sometimes even adds to them. While I admit that many celebrities should make better choices, they are still people, and make the same mistakes we all do. How would any of you like to live your life in a fishbowl, and have the whole world witness your dirty laundry, or the skeletons in your closets. And you know we all have some. Show some compassion, for crying out loud. Are you just jealous, or what??? Jeez, I'm sick of people acting like spoiled brats just because they don't have what the celebrities do. Jeez, enough already with the school yard
gossip, and the crap that goes with it. Gossip just breeds more crap like this.

2386 days ago


I've always loved her.........but her plastic surgery just makes her look like an older person with a bad plastic surgery........some faces just don't do plastic surgery well and she's one of them...........I'd be depressed too.............Anyway.........there are other things in life other than looks..............Great actresses don't have to look like Barbie! Also I'm sure the alarm wasn't false..............evidently she has problems or she wouldn't have been talking to her shrink..................don't blow it off..................Keep after her Doc...........

2386 days ago
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