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The Jonas Brothers

'Memba When?!

3/11/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before the Disney contracts, record deals, screaming fans, expensive haircuts and fancy scarves, Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas were just a trio of pre-pubescent Jersey boys. Guess what they looked like then!

The Jonas Brothers


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i cant believe u people theJONAS BROTHERS are not GAY!?!! they are SO TOTALLy straight..i LOVE them BOYS

2384 days ago

you dont know me bitch    

i have a machete, want to borrow mine?

2319 days ago

luv ya    

I LUV YA NICK IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :P

2369 days ago


they look GAY

2365 days ago

jonas brother lover    

dear jonas brothers,

i was wondering if u guys were christians because what the computer says it seems like u are not so maybe u could get back to me on that thank you

from jonas brother lover

2363 days ago


haha they are ardorable!

2340 days ago


OMJ some of you are leaving really mean comments. The Jonas Brothers are what I Live for. I Love The Jonas Brothers!!!! They Look So Cute in all of the Pics!

2339 days ago


They have morals and they stick up for them which is more than most people can say for themselves. These boys are and always will be amazing no matter what anyone says

2339 days ago


ok these comments are very rude! and no, the jonas brothers are not gay and i really dont know how some ppl can think that some1 is gay just from looking at them in ONE PICTURE!!! the jonas brothers are amazing ppl and give me so much inspiration!

2339 days ago

i wish i was insulin.....    

Just to the person who said that they look like they haven't had sex at all:
Um.....yeah. They have purity rings. aka, no sex til marriage. Got a problem with that? It is a personal desicion that they have decided to make, a promise to God. It is very responsible of them.

2339 days ago


I don't know who you people freakin think you are!!
You know NOTHING about these guys, you've NEVER heard of them, and you're trying to judge these guys as if you've known them your whole life.
Just so you know, I know everything about these guys. They are the freakin sweetest guys in the world and they aren't freaking gay!! Yeah, and all you girls out there who are trying to put them down because they make a commitment and respect their promises and girls, you're all gonna be sorry that you didn't consider getting with a guy like them. You know, when you're 35, sleeping with a guy and he's cheating on you b/c he never even freaking cared about you. Yes... that's what a BURN feels like!!!

God, If you've never heard of this band then you are seriously out of touch. And if you think for one second to call them losers and gay, then you are sadly mistaken. Guys.. remember that they are making millions of dollars a year, they are famous and have the opportunity to write and sing their music, and their super sweet so girls love them. Girls, if for some reason you are sadly mistaken and try and put them down b/c they are virgins and actually respect girls, remember that one day you are gonna want a guy like that. That one day you arent' gonna want a guy who likes you only cause you'll sleep with him.

Ohh... and not to mention they are amazingly talented. Just because you don't like their music doesn't mean that it's bad. It's like saying that Carrie Underwood is bad just because she sings country music. I'm not telling you to like their music, i'm not telling you that all. What I'm saying is, let's try and be a little mature here. At least they write their own songs unlike half of the big artists on the charts!!!! And yes, I WOULD know.

2337 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

Am I out of touch or is TMZ picking people out of their asses? Who the hell are these guys?

2388 days ago


They look a little GAY to me.. I'm just say'en ..

2388 days ago


You are waaaaaay out of touch, #1. But it's never too late to join in. They are TEH AWESOME that is the Jonas Brothers.
That is all.

2388 days ago


Hey, there's nothing wrong with it but couldn't there at least be SOME good-looking guys left for us women? Stop projecting. Back off!

2388 days ago
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