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Did David Cook Rip-Off "Eleanor Rigby"?

3/12/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook was on fire with his rendition of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby" on "Idol" last night -- but a Seattle band claims he swiped the arrangement from them.

The band DOXOLOGY recorded their version of the track a year and a half ago, putting it up on iTunes and on the band's MySpace page. The band's manager tells TMZ the song is what they're best known for and have played it at nearly 200 shows.

Click to hear!The manager says the band has no intention of suing, but they're trying to get in touch with the show -- they want some props.

"Idol" tells TMZ the contestants pick their song and present their ideas for the arrangement to the show's musical department and work with them on it.

Welcome to Hollywood.


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It doesn't sound like the band Doxology is really asking for anything except a little credit. I mean come on listen to it. It sounds the exact same. Also, a cover is a cover for sure but I think the problem is he stole the arrangement and totally tried to make it his own.. Has anyone really even listened to the Doxology version yet?

2414 days ago


First off, yes Doxology did cover this song and it is not their's its the Beattles, but all these guys are asking for is a little bit of props for an amazing arrangement that they did. When I heard David perform it last night I looked at my husband and sayed this sounds just like Doxology's version.

Also, this band is amazing I have personally attended countless shows and let me tell you they are way more entertainging than a lot bands out in the music industry today and they sound way better.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

2414 days ago

Ooh Ooh Me    

You can't copyright or trademark a song arrangement! These losers are trying for some free PR and TMZ is falling for the bait. Get a life.

2414 days ago


credit should be given where credit is due - doxology did an great arrangement on a classic, and to hear it on american idol is a bit disturbing. have some sympathy for these talented musicians.

2414 days ago


Including God head and Panic At the disco ( which even used it on last years tour).

They are crazy.

2414 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So a cover band thinks they own the definitive way to sing a cover now? I think the 100 gabillions of other band that sing Beatles tunes should also sue- and then the remaining Beatles people should sue all of them! SUE! SUE! SUE! SUE EVERYONE!!!!! F' these losers! They are just trying to get coverage! I won't even say their name! F' YOU if you read this!!!!

2414 days ago


I don't think he ripped them off. It's a similar arrangement, but so what? If anything, they should be glad that he's drawing attention to their music. Look what Jason Castro did for Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah." Stop crying already!!

2414 days ago


Please. This band rips off another band then has the nerve to be upset when the song sounds like theirs?! Give me a break.

This is the most publicity this unknown band will ever get. Enjoy your 15 minutes!

2414 days ago


How can u be pissed over a song when it's not your song to start with........get over it....

2414 days ago


I agree with Kerri..SAME thing happened 2 years ago when everyone was praising Chris Daughtry for his unique take on Walk The Line, ended up he did a cover of Live's version of Walk The Line..and it became a discussion on the result show, maybe it will tonight also. It's a cover of a cover song which is not breaking the rules.

2414 days ago

agent smith    

Who cares...the AI and the Doxology versions both blow.

2414 days ago


wtf? they are just jealous cuz david cook sang it ten times better then them they want props lmao they are lame

2414 days ago


Who the hell are those guys...when I heard it i thought he ripped it off from the band Godhead. They did that song in 1998 on the album Power Tool Stigmata.

They are the only band that was signed to Marilyn Manson's label in 2001 and I'd say Cook took the style from Godhead...not the nobodies Doxology.

2414 days ago


David Cook is a horrible singer!

His 15-minutes are almost up....

2414 days ago


First of all, no DUH it is a cover of a Beattles song, the boys aren't claiming that it isn't. What they are saying is that this dude on American Idol shouldn't be taking creadit for the arrangement when it was something Doxology created. They are great guys that deserve credit where credit is due, it's not about publicity it's about honesty. We love these boys up here in Washington, and all the negative crap that is getting posted, grow up and have some respect. If you haven't seen these guys perform or met them, don't judge them. Go on their myspace and listen to the album version, the link on here is their demo version.

2414 days ago
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