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Did David Cook Rip-Off "Eleanor Rigby"?

3/12/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook was on fire with his rendition of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby" on "Idol" last night -- but a Seattle band claims he swiped the arrangement from them.

The band DOXOLOGY recorded their version of the track a year and a half ago, putting it up on iTunes and on the band's MySpace page. The band's manager tells TMZ the song is what they're best known for and have played it at nearly 200 shows.

Click to hear!The manager says the band has no intention of suing, but they're trying to get in touch with the show -- they want some props.

"Idol" tells TMZ the contestants pick their song and present their ideas for the arrangement to the show's musical department and work with them on it.

Welcome to Hollywood.


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21. First off, yes Doxology did cover this song and it is not their's its the Beattles, but all these guys are asking for is a little bit of props for an amazing arrangement that they did. When I heard David perform it last night I looked at my husband and sayed this sounds just like Doxology's version.

Also, this band is amazing I have personally attended countless shows and let me tell you they are way more entertainging than a lot bands out in the music industry today and they sound way better.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Posted at 3:01PM on Mar 12th 2008 by Maggott

I agree 110%, You took the words out of my mouth!

Doxology is a great band and the guys are GREAT people! They are NOT going to sue, so people should stop implying that they are. They just want some recognition for the GREAT arrangement they made! David's verson DOES sound ALOT like theirs, there is NO denying it!

2360 days ago


this is dumb.... I have heard at least two other bands play it in this style over the last two years. As far as this band goes, I'd like to know if they have received permission to record it at all - I am guessing not...

2360 days ago


I love reading what some people put on here because half of you are idiots. Yes it's a beatles song but there are such things as paying for publshing and copyrights. When you take the right steps to use a cover and turn it into your twist then you should get recognition for it. If Doxology never made it known that this version was there twist not David Cooks. Then everyone would have loved it the same and thought wow he put a great twist on this song. But since the real twisters reveal themselves, everyone is on hate patrol. Gotta realize no matter how you feel about Doxology or David Cook it was a twist that was worked on by someone and the person who got alot of great reviews from it didn't write that twist. Wake up people it's common courtesy which no one has these days.

2360 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

and who the F is DOXOLOGY ???????????????????????????????????
Correct....>> ____________________!
They are no body's with a minor claim to fame.. {an up and comer allegedly stole their melody..that they didn't even write. Goons.

2360 days ago


doxologys 15 seconds of fame are just about up

2360 days ago


Did no one besides myself notice he sang the wrong friggin' words???? He sang 'Father MacKenzie, wearing his socks in the night....' It's actually '...darning his socks...'

2360 days ago


I'm a HUGE Doxology fan from Seattle--and I thought the EXACT same thing when I heard David Cook singing last night. I've heard DX sing this live and on their CD. Having said that, I am a also a big fan of the Godhead version. It is indeed similar, though not EXACT, as Cook's was to DX's version. Did anyone else remember a certain Seattle AI finalist from last year who was on last week, who is a "friend" of Doxology? I wonder if he passed this version of "Eleanor Rigby" on to David Cook to try out? Just another conspiracy theory?

2360 days ago


Yeah he definitly ripped it from Doxology....its not about ripping the song, but the ARRANGEMENT....their version is way better anyways so its all good.

2360 days ago


They can't sue anyway! Aren't they infringing on copyright if McCartney didn't give them permission to use the song in the first place? And they are profiting off it. It does sound similar, but who knows.

2360 days ago


i love all of the idiot comments about doxology's 15 minutes of fame. DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU IDIOTS THAT SOME BANDS ACTUALLY MAKE MUSIC (including covers with different arrangements) for the MUSIC and not the fame? Maybe they worked their asses off to twist the song in a different way.... and they are actually pissed about the american idol douche bag. NO OF COURSE YOU wouldn't recognize that... you all stalk people and spend your free time on the TMZ website. Why dont you all listen to some bands that aren't played on the radio??

2360 days ago


If you listen instead of jumping to conclusions you will hear that the melodies are NOT exactly alike. Yes David's VOICE sounds a little bit like the Doxology guy, but the instrumentals were different and the notes he sang last night were different. Quit trying to make one person look like a rip-off artist just to get your favorite band some free PR. Groupies are nice for a band to have, but DC didn't rip-off your bands cover of the Beatles. HIs was, in my opinion, a better version, although no one can ever touch the original.

2360 days ago


David Cook did a great job singing that song. This group DIDN'T write the song, they just recorded it. They are making a big deal out of nothing !!

2360 days ago



2360 days ago


bluejay - you are an idiot. turn off your mainstream radio and listen to MUSIC. then you'd know who DX is!!!

what a f*g. so are all of you that police this damn website all day looking for things to say, people to put down and ridiculous things to TYPE to stir up emotion. get a life. or a girlfriend... something. idiots.

doxology has a write to be angry. they deserve some credit. the end.

2360 days ago


DOXOLOGY IS A GREAT BAND!!!!....They are gonna do big things....they are great guys and their music is briliant!!!

2360 days ago
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