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David Hernandez: No Hard Feelings, TMZ!

3/13/2008 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The publicity gained from being a former male stripper is priceless -- and "Idol" reject David Hernandez is happy to be milking it!

As TMZ first reported, major publishers have already started writing songs specifically for Hernandez, regardless of being booted from the competition.


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I'm sorry (actually not) but this guy is not all that terrific not even close. I'm sure there are people who will buy any record put out by any American Idol wanna be BUT like Simon says (ha! funny...) this should be a talent contest not a popularity contest and David H. just doesn't have the voice. Then again, look at Bob Dylan.........

2414 days ago


David H was by far the most talented vocally on the show. He got ripped off. I doubt I'll watch anymore as he was the only reason id did. YOu are wrong - he has a large fan base. There are many of us who love him and are anxiously awaiting him to put out a CD.

2414 days ago


OMG thats all i want to do , make love to my hunny to some gay persons music ,, yuk think not..... excuse me while i go throw up .......

2414 days ago


picklejuice, i mean pecklesmooch: I don't completely understand your standards. On one hand, you dislike David H because of his supposed effeminacy (he's not effeminite, even though he comes across as gay) and yet you like Danny specifically because he's effeminate. I do agree with what I think you're trying to say, which is that David H didn't connect with the audience or have a good personality because he couldn't just be out and Danny was more appealing because he went ahead and acted as gay as possible. I agree with the statement that he was trying to be something he wasn't, and Danny was better in that way. But I still don't understand why you apparently think David H was effeminate or too girly. He had a completely ordinary, bland personality and tried to pose as straight by singing songs about girls (like the one he got voted off with). You did maybe get the sense that he was desperately trying to hide being gay, and that in real life he would be more like Danny and that he couldn't successfully hide it, and I could see feeling like I prefer the one who didn't even try.

2414 days ago


Don't care for him. However, it is (supposedly) a singing contest, so Kristy and Syesha should have gone before him. He was 2/4 in good performances, the other two 0/4.

2414 days ago


Vocally I thought that he was one of the strongest in the competition

2414 days ago


David was great this year. I'm going to miss him. A group card has been started for David... stop by and leave a personal message!

2413 days ago


I agree with #7! Shake your Bon-Bon!

2410 days ago


You're all a bunch of critical, ignorant people anyway, those of you who sit on here and make prejudiced and negative comments about other people. You got comments, then lets put your life in the public eye; lets see who has something to laugh about then.You're all jealous. You only wish you had his voice, go ahead laugh at me saying that, but it is true. Those of you who say, "Who would buy his record," well, he obviously has mad talent to make it as far as he did out of all those people. Made it to the top 12, which means something you bunch of losers. And he definately would have been in the finals if it weren't for ignorant individuals like yourselves. The crybaby who remarked about him not thanking his friends and being arrogant, get over it. He had the nicest personality on the show. He took everything in stride, was modest, and told Simon not to apologize for commenting negatively about him. Yeah, do you people know he definition of arrogant. Maybe you should stop trying to seem intelligent, because instead, you just look so incredibly dumb with your malaprops. And about his eyebrows and questonable sexuality, like any of your opinions matter in his destined success. Small price to pay, in exchange for the talent he posseses. You all need to get lives. And anyone considering leaving a comment regarding mine, don't even waste your time, I don't sit on here for endless hours like you retards. Get Lives. Its sad how you guys can even comment on his life, like your is any better. hahahaha. You are all pathetic, and I wonder what people would say about you.

2410 days ago


I think he was a great singer... and a moved well.. had confidence (which makes since due to his past job).... I mean I don't give a rats ass that he stripped at a gay club (making 2 grand a night I mind you.... would seem tempting to any good looking... well built.... gay man with rhythm.... and besides alot of the queens that bitch about it are the same ones in bars across the nation puttin dollars in their pants).

This is a competition on signing.. and talent.. he had both.. .he sure as hell was much better than that Asian chick.. and this Christy girl.. or whatever her name is... (you know the one that is on TMZ about 3 times a week... even though she sucks... never have I remembered one song she sang because she is extremely boring... ) but I guess she fits the type... Blonde.. country girl... tom boy (like I care anything about that) SHE STINKS!!

He lost because of the stripper mess.... He shouldn't have been banned.. it is LEGAL... a LEGAL practice in MANY states....

I do however get what you guys say about him not being himself... Danny was himself and delightful (and honestly I don't know if he would have been in the top 12 if he didn't sing that last tainted love song)..

To me it is really sad when you can't be yourself on American Idol... and fear that because you a QUEER you have no chance... Honey.. that David A... don't tell me you don't think he is a bit girly either (espeically when he was singing that girly dream girl song in front of kelly clarskon in the first season).

Will Young won the British Version of American Idol (which was first.. Imagine that the brits have it first) and he is Gay and Out.. but I am not sure if he was at the time of the competition..

but seriously for the one that made the comment about not wanting to listen to a gay mans song while you are with your man... My thing is.. if you are thinking about the sexuality of the person singing when you should be thinking about your man at that time.. the BABY... TURN OFF DA RADIO...GEEZ...

2408 days ago


This guy sucks! Who would buy his records?
The kid with the dreads has the most marketability.
Go back to stripping boy.

2414 days ago



2414 days ago


I have a strong feeling that David will be just fine....................what a voice.

2414 days ago


PS: A thousand times over, what's the deal with FIRST?

PLEASE TMZ, delete these idiots.

2414 days ago


I'm so glad David was voted off. All he does is go up and down in his voice to make it sound like better singing - he does those "christina aquilera" things and that makes him a great singer?

He sucks and plus he just annoyingly arrogant.

They voted off the right guy

2414 days ago
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