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Kristy Lee Cook: Too Hot to Send Home?!

3/13/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristy Lee CookSurprisingly, "Idol" wannabe Kristy Lee Cook didn't get axed after massacring the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" -- and her good looks may have a lot to do with it!

Sources tell TMZ most of the contestants (and the world) were convinced Kristy was getting the boot last night. After strip daddy David Hernandez was eliminated, we're told several of the contestants were overheard discussing Kristy's survival and the prevailing theory was that she was saved -- not by her vocal talent -- but because "it's too early to send home the hot chick." Can you say Kellie Pickler and Haley Scarnato?!

Another thing working in Kristy's favor is the loyal country music crowd. In the end, her twang may take her farther than her t**s!


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Country sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2423 days ago


Its because deep down America has a moral streak and would not let a male stripper take the title.

2423 days ago


She is a very pretty girl AND she sings on pitch. I don't get why everyone rags on her like she has no talent. Of course, I don't understand why that Miss Unicorn Tears gets by because she plays piano at the same time and looks goofily soulful like it's a miracle. Why not rag on her too? At least Kristy can walk AND sing at the same time!

2423 days ago

True Country    

Kristy Lee Cook should have gone home. Not only did she ruin "Eight days a week" but she is so far from being country. We don't need another fake like Carrie Underwood.

2423 days ago


david was crummy and ugly. why always give pretty girls., usually white a hard time now. it's sexist and racist. no one said anything about beyounces sister getting pregnant, but spears sis ....oh god.

2423 days ago


American Idol I thought !!! Why is there a person from Ireland and an austrailian performing
Is it AMERICAN Idol or not?? I mean born HERE,

2423 days ago


I doubt this is even true. For one thing, I believe the majority of the people who actually take the time and patience to call in votes are probably young girls, under 16. Also, I actually liked her country version of 8 Days a Week. It was different.

I think the right person went home Tuesday.

2423 days ago

Brad Pitt    

Well I didn’t know it was a dance competition. Somebody forgot to note that while the singing competition is going on. Amanda looked like she was doing the throw-up dance slurring her voice like a drunk in an alley. I thought David was going to start throwing off his clothes but probably there were to many girls there. If you’re going to talk about dancing don’t forget the rest of the crew. I don’t think Kristy was trying to dance at all those long legs were made for more exciting things to wrap around like a horse…get your mind out of the gutter! Kristy really needs to not listen to Simon he already gave her bad advice and now she’s suffering with it like a virus spreading over idiot-vil America. Simon I believe, has the hot’s for Miss Paino Unicorn so this makes it harder to trust his Judgement. Kristy can sing she really can she also doesn’t FORGET her words, my god it’s a good thing she didn’t it would be one more thing to talk about.

2422 days ago

Brad Pitt    

What’s funny about all you people that degrades Kristy Lee Cook you probably can’t sing or dance? So you think you can judge? Knock her off the show now or later she will still laugh all the way to the bank. Go Kristy!

2422 days ago


It just seems a shame that talent gets beat by beauty if that's your therory. otherwise the wrong person got booted off the show

2422 days ago

Brad Pitt    

People don’t worry about any of them, since the top twelfth they are all winners David will do good whichever road he chooses he himself said this won’t be the last time you see him. Regardless if it’s Kristy or any other that gets bumped they all have careers now, do you? I agree, this is not a dance competition I also agree if the judges act like third graders past their bedtime how can anyone respect their opinion. American Idol needs a more professional judge panel and America needs to realize William Hung never became a contestant. She bang!!

2422 days ago


Looks, my ARSE! This girl can sing!

I swear, there are a lot of jealous and tone deaf idiots
out there...including TMZ!!!

2421 days ago


American Idol based on looks 1st and voice 2nd? Say it isn't so. I must be the only person in this country who thinks this show is complete waste of time. If you want to be a singer so badly why not actually work for it by writing and performing your own songs in clubs or wherever someone will hand you a mic, not by whoring yourself out to the masses like this garbage. In the end all you've accomplished by being on AI is selling your soul to the musical devil.

2420 days ago


How in the heck was david h. any better than the pretty ? something about that guy grossed me out!!!!! I'm glad he's gone.

2419 days ago


whos is this another brittany spears !!! a made up star for idiots!!

2419 days ago
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