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Kristy Lee Cook: Too Hot to Send Home?!

3/13/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristy Lee CookSurprisingly, "Idol" wannabe Kristy Lee Cook didn't get axed after massacring the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" -- and her good looks may have a lot to do with it!

Sources tell TMZ most of the contestants (and the world) were convinced Kristy was getting the boot last night. After strip daddy David Hernandez was eliminated, we're told several of the contestants were overheard discussing Kristy's survival and the prevailing theory was that she was saved -- not by her vocal talent -- but because "it's too early to send home the hot chick." Can you say Kellie Pickler and Haley Scarnato?!

Another thing working in Kristy's favor is the loyal country music crowd. In the end, her twang may take her farther than her t**s!


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Ryan Seacrest and Kristy Lee Cook    

Is something going on between Ryan Seacrest and Kristy Lee Cook? You know that song about "don't laugh at my jokes too much...."? And how they were commenting on how hot they were while they were standing too close to each other last night? And, how she seemed to share some inside jokes last week with Ryan and Simon? And, how Ryan smiles extra wide around her? And, the comments from Simon to Ryan last week to be careful? And, Ryan telling her last night particularly that he really hopes she stays around another week? And, her songs all being about secrets loves?
Something is going on here, people. Check it out tonight!

2355 days ago

Jackson(better than Randy)    

As far as singing goes I guess a lot of people don't know anything about it.Kristy can sing there is no doubt. She just hasn't found her nchey et. When she does, watch out. She is better than at least half of the remaining ten. If you want to hear singing, pick songs that have to be sung not changed around so it appears you can like the Beatles. They were only average singers but they had great songs and blended well together. ave the IDOLS sign songs from Roy Orbison, Shania Twain Billy Joel or any of the other great SINGERS. That is the onl y way to get the BEST. This is a singing competion so make them sing. Get rid of Chacoosie, short stuff (ramielle or whaever). They got tired of Amanda, but what about David Cook? He changes everythng to rock because that's all he can do. Dump him.

acson(better than Randy)

2354 days ago


Too hot? This is a joke, right?

2347 days ago

Ryan Seacrest and Kristy Lee Cook    

Ok, so now Ryan Seacrest is rubbing Kristy Lee's neck, she is whispering things about texting him, and he is leaning into her when saying the name of the song "I will alway... Love you" and she is saying "Thank you, Ryan". Either they are playing with the audience, or something is going on here!

Each week these two play more and more together on stage. Hmmm.....
And, why else would she be so comfortable with the Simon banter?

If she doesn't go home tonight, it's even more proof!

2341 days ago


Kristy Lee Cook just plainly sucks. Ok? I don't love Michael Johns or anything but that guy is GOOD. REALLY good like he's supposed to be top 3 at least. This girl was bottom three like 1734248567 times already, don't you understand Amuhrikka?! she sucks. She destroyed the beatles 8 days a week, if i was Paul McCartney i'd call in that segment they have and tell her off. Country 8 days a week?! nah thats ok, its ok that it was country, but where was the beat? the tempo?

I hope she wins American Idol. Yep. and have her recording deal etc etc, and either no one will care, or she'll get a boob job then fly to Iraq and use her "talents" and "sing" for the soldiers and woopteedoo she's great and patriotic.

sigh. lame lame. I hope she googles her name and finds these postings and reads these messages =].


2332 days ago


Oh my GOSH!!! This girl has a real staying power and she might amaze the people when she sails through to the final four. I personally have voted for her once.

2332 days ago


Well i'm glad she's gone now, I actually couldn't stand her, she reminds me so much of Kellie Pickler, she could just sing a little better (a little). She's a pretty girl, but not "hot". She's a stick with no curves whatsoever, of course I think that's what society likes these days, and her face...I can't put my finger on it, there is something about her that ain't too pretty. I don't know, maybe it's just because I don't like her :P I think Carly and Sayeesha are gorgeous but you don't hear them being talked about, they are way prettier than her. This whole season is pretty!!! Especially David Cook, YUMMY!

2325 days ago


TMZ SUCKS! David is an amazing singer but since you and other tabloid sites can only expose the contestants and create negative press for them, he was eliminated... Pathetic and Ridiculous!

2361 days ago


Who cares?

2361 days ago


that is not fair at all i'm not gonna get crazy about idol like i have in the past cause when they sent chris daughetery home i was pissed i could have cried so now i'm not gonna kill myslef over it but it was not fair at all the black chick or the white chick should have gone home not my baby David oh well he will still will make it he is hot and can acutully sing

2361 days ago

UH HUH    

What t**ts???!!! She's flat

2361 days ago


I agree with number 2 it is not because that beautiful girl did not sound good its cause he is a was a stripper paps should be ashamed

what eve he is so hot

2361 days ago


I still can't believe that David Hernandez was the one to go home! David A. forgot the words and butchered his song and Kristy well, her performence was really bad. To take a Beatle's song and sing it with a CW twang.................Yoko Ono probably has her vodoo doll out this morning! Ouch!

2361 days ago


"Her t**s" ??????? You mean her breasts? What a stupid, crude thing to say. What kind of writers work here anyway?

2361 days ago



2361 days ago
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