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Kristy Lee Cook: Too Hot to Send Home?!

3/13/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristy Lee CookSurprisingly, "Idol" wannabe Kristy Lee Cook didn't get axed after massacring the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" -- and her good looks may have a lot to do with it!

Sources tell TMZ most of the contestants (and the world) were convinced Kristy was getting the boot last night. After strip daddy David Hernandez was eliminated, we're told several of the contestants were overheard discussing Kristy's survival and the prevailing theory was that she was saved -- not by her vocal talent -- but because "it's too early to send home the hot chick." Can you say Kellie Pickler and Haley Scarnato?!

Another thing working in Kristy's favor is the loyal country music crowd. In the end, her twang may take her farther than her t**s!


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It wasn't the country twang that saved her, that is for certian. She can't sing or dance. Who is she trying to be?? Maybe she should watch a little more CMT.

2382 days ago


He got booted because he insulted our intellgence with the crap about getting fired from the pizza place, really does he think we are idiots, both my wife and I think he is a great singer, but we don't like to be insulted, if he hadn't done that, I think a lot of his fans would have stuck by him, but to basically tell your fan you think they are stupid is not really a way to get support.

2382 days ago


I am as sick of "AI" as I am of Brit

2382 days ago


Doesn't matter.....the writing's on the wall....she's next to go and I think she even knows it. No tour for Kristy.

2382 days ago

Kathy King    


2382 days ago

The Future Mrs. Archuleta    

Honestly all I can do is laugh at Kristy Lee... she has the same moves every week and she just looks so FUNNY "dancing" on stage and her "singing" (if you can call it that) is even funnier!

No tour for Kristy! Don't vote for this chick

2382 days ago

who cares?    

Idol is a hack job show...who cares? Simon is the only entertaining thing about it.

2382 days ago


I'm not a fan of hers at all. I don't think she's hot either. Her voice wasn't that bad on Tuesday night. Whatever the band was playing was horrible and way faster than what she was singing. Then that background that kept swirling behind her was making me dizzy. Go back and listen/watch and see what I mean.

2382 days ago


If anything send David Hernandez home, it's the fact that last week it was all about him stripping, and this week the first like of the song he sang was "She was only 17"...way to go man. If I was him, I would have tried to go with something a little safer than playing yourself off as a guy who likes to take his clothes off and hook up with underage girls.

2382 days ago


What the heck you people JUST LISTEN to David. Hes off key the whole time he sings. There's not ONE note thats on key. WAKE UP

2382 days ago


Why should I be surprised? Once again, it's popularity over talent. (Not that DH is THAT talented!)

2382 days ago

donna h.    

TMZ, making up a question about her breasts might have been funny if she was obviously flaunting them as part of her act--otherwise it's crude and insulting. Get your hands out of your pants and do some real work with than other organ of yours--your brain--assuming it's mature enough to make use of, which seems questionable at this point.

2382 days ago

Brad Pitt    

You know dummies, Simon gave her some bad advice and when she tried to use that advice he changed his mind. For a country twist, Kristy sang great! For a beetle song it wasn't so good, but SHE"S not a beetle! At least you can understand the WORDS. I hear nothing on Amanda, the Janice Joplin wanna-be it sounded like she was drunk is that what you like? There’s a lot of contradicting among the judges to the contestants the judges can't even get along. So consider the sources of the judge panel and give the girl a break. Kristy Lee Cook is country as well as Carrie Underwood, and that's the way it is.

2382 days ago


A country version of a Beatles' song??? She should have been booted off the show immediately for such an atrocity. It was the worst arragement I personally have ever seen on American Idol. Given that she is the only contestant with a country bent, perhaps she is surviving due to carrying an overwhelming majority of the redneck vote.

2382 days ago


What was great about Kristy is that she took Tuesday night's criticism to heart. When she sang her song again last night, she left out all the runs per the critique and she nailed it! It is obvious there is a lot of talent and soul behind that pretty face and I think she will go farther than people give her credit for. At least she can actually sing a song and not scream it! People really made fun of Carrie Underwood in the beginning for her country stylings and Simon ripped her apart each week, and look at her now. So, Don't ever underestimate Oregon girls!!!

2382 days ago
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