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Brit's Dad Selling Her Rides From Under Her

3/17/2008 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney's conservators got the judge today to authorize them to sell some of Brit's cars. Thank God someone is trying to get her off the road!

Co-conservator Andrew Wallet made the request in court. The exact makes and models of the cars were not discussed in open court.

The judge also did what TMZ told you he'd do -- extended the restraining order against Sam Lutfi for another month

As we first reported, Lutfi agreed not to fight the restraining order and allow the extension. That means Lutfi must continue to stay 2 1/2 football fields away from the Britster and basically have no contact with her at all.


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Britney Spears has become such an annoyance she will now be made fun of on South Park.

Until then I was really getting sick of hearing about her.

2418 days ago


** Posted at 10:24PM on Mar 18th 2008 by lawdawg - here here. I second it!
** You know what they say about someone who represents himself ... he has a fool for a client.
Posted at 10:46PM on Mar 18th 2008 by lawdawg


2418 days ago


What a busy St Paddy's day! Sands and Jamie conspiracies in one day!!
Been a way a while and see that nothings changed! You'd really think that most of the posters on this site have no family........ rather than some kind of conspiracy it may just be that Ms Spears agreed to it, and furthermore.... since brit-brit can't drive her cars most of th etime, they'd just devalue anyway, wouldn't they?!

I see Sands is basking in more limelight. He made 2 statements last week. One for Lutfi and One for Eardley.........

For your enjoyment:
"Aside from the government probe, Britney's unofficial lawyer Jon Eardley is filing papers to Goetz's superiors at the LA Court Of Appeal tomorrow ( March 17) in a bid to end Britney's conservatorship.
One of America's top legal eagles William McGovern – a UCLA Professor – has penned a four-page submission, challenging several legal aspects of Goetz's ruling on Britney's health.
His key argument is that Jamie restricts visitors to Spears, meaning she cannot meet with lawyers to build a case to prove she is fit enough to handle her own affairs.
Eardley says Britney was denied the legal right to appeal her dad's conservatorship – and claims, as a former bankrupt chef, Jamie should not have power over his daughter's £50m fortune.
Last night Michael Sands, spokesman for Britney's lawyer Jon Eardley, said: "This is less conservatorship and more deceivership.
"Jon and I believe government officials are already looking into this kangaroo court.

"There's nothing out of the ordinary that Sam is doing," Sands insisted. "No person has to agree to a commissioner hearing the case. A commissioner is not a judge. If need be, and if this is going to go on, unfortunately, then [Lutfi wants it] heard in front of a judge. Basically, I just believe that Sam would like all of this to go away."....
..."I believe that if Sam brought his witnesses to court, need be, it would take the wind out of the conservators' sails," the rep added. "We all should just take it down and just have peace and harmony and everybody be left alone. Let it go away quietly."

**Yeah Right!

2418 days ago


By the way - by no family - I meant this in the light of the suspicions of Jamie's intentions!

2418 days ago


Poor Britney. I feel bad for her. Everyone makes mistakes. I know i know, hers were like SUPER bad and she should behave herself in the public's eye... but whatever. Hopefully she'll get her act together soon and she wont be the next Courtney Love.

2417 days ago


Hey, what about her dad starting a restaurant with K-Fed? What's up with that? If her dad is the conservator of her estate, and he goes into business with her ex-husband - a classic and perminent "adversary", while she still has hardly any contact with her kids --- using the money THE COURT GAVE TO DAD TO PAY HIM FOR BEING HER GUARDIAN -- OMG classic and total conflict of interests. There are laws about conservatorships, and the people who qualify as conservators. They are never supposed to have a business interest going with someone who has an interest adverse to the conservatee, Britney Spears. We all know this girl has no concept of what is going on around her, or how her behavior affects others -- herself and her kids ------ but Jamie Spears does not seem to either. And another thing. Remember that slime ball Adnan Ghalib, and the pictures of him in some designer clothes, which he got free ONLY IF HE WORE THEM WITH BRITNEY. Great advertising. Then Britney finds out about his "thing" with the waitress? In the only picture I saw on the net, the waitress was wearing a tee shirt from that same designer. Adnan was "sharing" the free clothes, as well as bodily fluids, with the waitress chick, while using his knowledge about Britney - gained from YEARS of following her around and knowing about her moods. It's kind of sad. Even when the court is involved in trying to protect this girl, it shows up that everyone involved with her is trying to make a buck off her. Even her dad, her ex-huband, ex-boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend's girlfriend -- all OUT THERE in the media. Damn. And you see the video of her being photographed by the papparazzi, and the constant flashing of lights into the face of a really confused woman. What can be done for her? She whores around, and does whatever she wants, and throws tantrums when she someone tells her "no". But heck, maybe she didn't realize that everyone in her personal life is a shark out for themselves. She is not smart. She has no education. She's just been an "American Dream since she was 17" (out of "Piece of Me"). Much as we all would never do what she does - she has no idea what to do, and no one to tell her. That is so sad. I don't think I care much for her family, her boyfriends or that Sam Lufti guy. I wonder what I'd do, if I were in her situation? Not smart enough to know what to do, and no one who really cares enough about her to help. I think her friendship with someone like Mel Gibson, who has no real financial need to take advantage of her, is a good thing. If she can't get an education (did you see the video on YouTube, where she is burping & talking about how she believes in 'time travel"? - not a rocket scientist), she needs friends, new friends.

2417 days ago


Hey Britaculous, #106....Where did/do you find this info?! Your giving me some material to work with!

When I her the 3 stooges song going off in my head , It's almost time to bust a cheeto!

Love reading your posts!

Lawdawg too!

2417 days ago


do people really have nothing better to do with their life? come on, seriously WHO CARES?! it's her life, no im not a big fan or semi-fan but do you see me out their screaming and hollering about how terrible and gross she is? no. because she was absolutely fine before everyone stepped in and tried to take over. give ANYONE that much fame and publicity and they would crack just as much, if not more, than she is. TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE DEMEANING BRITNEY, PARIS, NICOLE, OR ANYONE ELSE: GET A LIFE BECAUSE SCREWING THEIRS UP DOESNT HELP YOU OUT IN THE LEST BIT.

2417 days ago

There’s some belt-tightening going on in the Britney Spears camp, but it’s not because Spears is going broke or was recently told to pay Kevin Federline’s attorneys $375,000.

The reason is that Britney Spears’ conservators and advisors want to make sure that Spears and her two kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, can have everything they need.

“If Britney Spears never goes back to work, there is no reason she and her kids shouldn’t be able to live a very comfortable life with the kind of money she has in the bank,” said a source close to the Spears family.
As for what Spears has in the bank, it’s not as much as what’s been reported. “Those figures of $100 million or more were so off the mark,” a Spears source told OK! magazine. Best estimates for her net worth are in the $40 million range, according to several people with knowledge of Spears’ finances.

The cutbacks in spending are widespread, according to OK!, who estimates that she’ll go from a “budget” of $100,000 a month on entertainment and vacations to 10 percent of that; her $16,000-a-month clothing allowance will get halved; and as of April 1, Spears will let go of her $30,000-a-month Malibu home she hasn’t been to in months.

“It’s taken a huge team to bring some normalcy out of the chaos that existed,” the source told the magazine. “This team will have to be in place for years.”

2417 days ago


Posted at 3:53PM on Mar 19th 2008 by cheetos

Hello old Friend. Been missing the funny stuff!!
OOps I didn't post the link. I think it may have been something like eonline or access hollywood....?
The easiest way to find a summary on Brit is It's a fan site that records all articles de Brit. If I can't be bothered to go to People to have a read of the weeks news, it's an okay place to get a summary
And while Page6 is the devil in-paper, here is more material for you which I couldn't help chuckle at!


It has apparently come to the attention of father Jamie Spears that Sam may have shanghaied expensive gifts that were originally meant for Britney.
"We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that was only intended for Britney, and given to Sam in good faith to be given to her," a source tells "She was completely unaware that he accepted very expensive jewelry, fur coats and other high-end goods that were never given to her. Britney claims she was completely unaware, and Sam had kept the goods and given some of them to his sister."
Michael Sands, Sam Lutfi's spokesperson, tells us that, "Britney was aware of the merchandise, and if she didn't want it, Sam donated it to charity."


Music was behind the meeting between troubled pop star Britney Spears and Braveheart star Mel Gibson on Saturday — he wants her to sing at his church!
A Spears family insider tells of the pair's meeting at Studio City, Calif., eatery Romanov: “Apparently, he is trying to get her to start attending his church [Church of the Holy Family] in Malibu. We heard he asked her to sing at one of the weekly sessions there.”
The source continues, “Brit is being courted for a lot of different acting ventures right now and we have heard that Mel Gibson is trying to help her work a deal.”

2417 days ago


Poor Brittany. Her father couldn't make any business work and now they have him trusted with handling her money. This is criminal. The doctors have already released her, why is the Commissioner playing doctor and banker? Federline won the lotto when he married Brittany. I don't see anyone trying to work with Brittany, I just see that they are bullying her. There were many other alternatives other than taking her money away.If it wasn't for her money they would have never put her through all this and she would have never been hospitalized.

2416 days ago


Good thing

2400 days ago
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