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Danny Noriega: Big Time Cruiser

3/17/2008 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danny Noriega may have been tossed overboard from the SS "American Idol" but he's already got a post-"Idol" gig.
Danny Noriega and Rosie O'Donnell
The petite performer is singing aboard Rosie O'Donnell's "R Family Vacations" cruise.
Show tunes for everyone!


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You guys are a bunch of worthless hating bastards who don't deserve to be called American's this is a good kid who just happens to be gay!! SO WHAT!! Not like any of you have to play part in it but until each and every one of you become perfect you have no right to judge him.. I would bet everything I own on the fact that if he had not been gay he would still be on American Idol right now.. just shows how racist some people can be. GET A LIFE LOSERS!!

2407 days ago

sham in    

2406 days ago


I cannot stand either of them! They give gay people a bad name. They are the extremes of gay...her a loud mouth crude lesbian that is butch and him a feminine male with that gay nauseating "whatever" attitude. I also cannot stand some of the homophobic statements made here. It is far more disgusting. Being gay is not a choice anyone would make, having a loud foul mouth or being a girly boy with more attitude than talent is. Some of you are beyond belief. I am gay and proud of being who I am. I made no choice to be gay, I however, make a choice not to let it rule my life. I am far more than that as those of you who are straight are far more than just your sexuality. As for Rosie and Danny on their gay family cruise, maybe we will get lucky and they will both get seasick! They truly are both very disturbing and very annoying...besides being gay! I know a lot of straight people that are very disturbing and annoying and some of them have posted herewith!

2406 days ago


omg u guys! stop hating on my danny! he happens to be a great kid wih a lot of potential. and he's an AWESOME singer! u don't know what ur talking about.either u guys r jealous, or just hard of hearing. he was my favorite american idol contestant of all time. and im glad he got the chance to perform on rosie's cruise. i seriously cried when i read some these nasty comments. just bc danny has a great personality and attitude, doesn't mean u have to hate. he's just trying to be himself. of course he can't please evrybody. excuse danny for staying true to himself. open ur hearts ppl.

2403 days ago


OMG there are some jerks on this web site. Danny NOriega is AMAZING!!! I'm glad he took the cruise so h could just have some fun! ALL DANNY HATERS READ THIS! DANNY NORIEGA IS THE BEST CONTESTANT ON AMERICAN IDOL EVER. YOU DANNY HATERS ARE JUST JELOUS!

2403 days ago

Ryan B in Bethlehem Pa    

I think it's horrible that TMZ would allow such hatred to be written on their website. Everyone is allowed their opinion, but when it comes to making nasty remarks about a young gay man and leaving them up, it horrible. I was a fan of this show, now i will no longer watch it. You should delete anybody that would make degrading remarks about somebody's sexuality. The last time i looked straight people weren't the best choice for representing human beings. He wasn't the best talent on the show, but atleast he tried. I didn't see any of you opinionated jerks on the show. Danny, good luck to you and whatever your choose. I'm sure most gays will support you, but you should tame it down just a little. Much love

2399 days ago


The closet cases on this board are going to have to get used to the fact that gay people are not going away. I think Danny Noriega is very talented and very handsome. Also, were you aware that the managing editor of TMZ is gay.

2393 days ago

Lauren 's a Danimal    

i was sooo mad when i heard this!
singing on a cruise is what people do when theyre retiring.
hes supposed to be just starting.

2321 days ago


omg i love danny noriega but that was the most sickening picture ive ever seen of him!

2375 days ago
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