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Someone's Pimping Britney's Ride

3/19/2008 8:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained documents in the Britney Spears conservatorship case, and what's clear is that Brit has too many wheels spinning.

The commissioner signed an order giving the co-conservators the power to sell some of Brit's cars. And get this, the Britster owns seven -- count them -- seven cars.

According to the documents, the cost of maintaining the vehicles is steep, what with insurance, maintenance and storage costs. The conservators say selling some of the rides "will save substantial expenses to the conservatorship estate."

The company that will sell the cars is going to make a sweet 5% commission.


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2374 days ago



2374 days ago



2374 days ago

fan of britney    

What gives? WTF!!! She can have as many cars as she likes. These people are nuts.

2374 days ago

Tyra Banks    


2374 days ago


Pa should take one then he doesn't have to get $1500 monthly to rent a car from himself!!!! If Ma's renting one then let her have one and stop renting one.

2374 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

They could use the money from selling the cars to buy Britney a couple pair of panties. She's got a car for every day of the week, why not undies?

2374 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem with having all these car is just like they said, Insurance, maintence and storage. No one told Michael Jackson that he was burning through his money, because they want their piece. Britney, doesn't have endless amounts of money and the money going out is probably more than the money coming in. It's just a matter of time.

2374 days ago


Rico get checked.

2374 days ago

Ms. X    

This has gone too far! How dare they sell her cars! Conservators goal should be to get her well, not make her crazier by treating her like a 5yr old. Papa Spears is showing his true colors now.

2374 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Now if I can just figure out when she'll be hitch-hiking to Starbucks...

2374 days ago

April Fouels    

They should have taken them to the auction to recieve top dollar.

2374 days ago


If she has more money going out than coming it, then hell yes...sell some of the cars so that she's not completely broke before she hits 30.

BUT, you only have to pay insurance on cars that are registered. Can't they just cancelled the registration temporarily? Also, what storage costs could there be? Is her driveway not big enough to park a few cars in?

I just wonder why they want to sell off her cars instead of breaking the lease on the place she rents in Malibu!

2374 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

To: "tellin ya what I know" -- Maintaining a flawed system doesn't make sense. Spending money on cars she can't possibly need is not wise. She NEEDS to be treated like a 5-year-old in order for her to get healthy again. With a strong mental foundation she can get better and return to running her business. Keep in mind that she can always buy a new car later. Right now it's time to stop the drunken frat party that has been her life, throw the bums out, clean up the mess and get things organized and simplified enough for Britney to take over when she can. Give it some time. The big picture of her life (for the next 50 or 60 years) is more important than whether she has a Bently this week.

2374 days ago


I am guessing she was in one of her manic spending sprees...didn't she buy 1 a month for a while?

Not only has the conservators had to clean up Brit Babe but the mess she has made with her finances ( with the aid of Sam and Pap ) no doubt.

Should have stepped in long ago. I am sure she has no concept of money and just buys and buys. Guess one has an endless supply ( unless you are a former Beatle )

2374 days ago
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