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Tom & Tony -- Who Wears the Biggest Skirt?

3/21/2008 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They might be pro football players, but off the field Tom Brady and Tony Romo have got to be two of the most p***y-whipped dudes on the planet.

If you're Tom Brady, yesterday you get to play errand boy to Gisele Bundchen, taking out the trash, lugging boxes around, checking your lady's mail. Of course, if you're Tony Romo, you have to tag along while Jessica Simpson goes to Six Flags, prances all over Manhattan, and -- guess who's coming to Los Cabos with you? Jess's dad Papa Joe!

Looks like the only place they wear pants -- tight ones -- is on the field.

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Your videographers sound like they have the IQ of a stump. Total moronic meatheads. This stalking of people is absolutely abhorrent as well and represents the lowest form of human existence.

2405 days ago


I'm not a big football fan and if I was, I don't think I'd be a Tom Brady fan. Regardless, I thought this was a stupid "story". In the beginning, I thought it was kind of neat to see the up close footage of certain celebrities that this site provides. But as time goes on, I feel like I am watching people being stalked by low-lifes with cameras. This video is a perfect example of that. The man is just trying to run some errands -- whether they are for him or his girlfriend doesn't matter because they are a couple and couples do things for each other. And this video is not just an example of celebrity stalking. It has the added element of heckling by an obviously unintelligent person masquerading as a cameraman. If you are going to film Tom Brady going about his business, that's bad enough, but to heckle him too, that's just not entertainment. Advice to TMZ: Go after more actual stories and regain some integrity while doing it.

2405 days ago


Well said Lisa

2405 days ago


TMZ has descended to a new low. For one,you have no idea whos errands the man is running, secondly..I consider this stalking. Why is this legal?? You people shouting things and making remarks..that is disgusting. Leave these people alone, take pictures of them on the red-carpet or at public events, but this chasing around with cameras is repulsive. Tmz reporters,editors, and camera people are the lowest forms of life..you should be ashamed.

2405 days ago


I don't know who is more p whipped, but when it comes to being a quarterback, Romo couldn't hold Brady's jock strap.Romo is the most overrated qb in football.

2405 days ago


Deadbeat Dad alert!

2405 days ago


Romo rocks and Tom is a loser. Ask his son.

2405 days ago


TOM IS HOT!!!!!!! How many rings does Tony have Kelli?? Nothing personal Tony - you seem like a nice guy!

2405 days ago

Too Funny    

That video was a riot! He is so awkward. Probably still trying to figure out how
to hang on to Gisele! hahah. I loved ERRAND BOY... ERRAND BOY

2405 days ago


Rings doesn't matter. Lets judge them on character and class. Tom, hows your son? Be sure and get your girlfriend some flowers on your way home.

2405 days ago


Well, lots fo str8 men are like that, May not be 'one of the guys' and treat women like dirt, but they are commited.

2405 days ago

Black Teef    

Bet Tom & Tony's hands smell like sweaty disgusting man-ass.

2405 days ago


Stevo? You sound like a skank! Nothing I want to hear. Romo is respectful and hasn't left a pregnant girlfriend. Do not label him that way. BRADY is a dog!

2405 days ago


I still can't understand why Brady left his girl..

Brigette is a very nice person, beautiful, polite,etc.

Giselle is good looking, smokes, not, polite, not a nice person...she thinks her s*#t don't stink.


2405 days ago

Scott Smith    

I am a Cowboys fan before a Patriot fan, and I hate the Cowboys. I lived in DFW and hate the Cowboys. That said, I have no love for Tom Brady either. To be honest I'm probably jealous of the dude and spread the hate accordingly. Regardless, we all do chores for our girls like taking out trash, walking to the mailbox, etc. Either TMZ camera guys and the male staff:

a) don't have girlfriends/wifes and haven't in the past
b) do the same thing themselves but think it's funny to rag on others for it
c) are complete slimeballs that wouldn't do something nice for a lady, whether she is a supermodel or just their own ordinary wife in their own plain ordinary life (ie- the person you're supposed to be in love with?)

Why does TMZ think they are who decides what is cool? My wife makes me watch the show, and I let her, because I love her. Do I suck? Do I deserve paps outside my house to catch me letting my dog take a crap and picking it up with a plastic bag? Do you guys at TMZ not do the stupid crap your women request of you? Even if you say you don't, which would somehow make you cooler in your own mind, does that really make you cooler? Who says that you making fun of someone for doing ordinary day to day things is entertaining? You becuase you have a show? I have news for you, Levin is a hack, the show sucks and you couldn't break a major story if Larry King overdosed on Viagra and one of your photogs tripped, fell, and "landed" on him.

You are not the meter of cool, even here in the lowly midwest, or the lowly south, or whatever you hollywood douchbags classify us as, we laugh at you. It sucks you have a timeslot, as it could be used for something more interesting.

I hope your bedhead looks good when you wake up (shower then style it) and read this email. Peace,


2405 days ago
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