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Heath Worth a Helluva Lot More Than $145K

3/25/2008 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There have been news reports that Heath Ledger left a grand total of $145,000 in his estate, and, as a result, his daughter might not be taken care of properly -- BOGUS!

True, we know the will lists $145,000 in assets. But here's the deal. The will was drafted in 2003. Since then, sources say, Heath accumulated lots of jack, from movies like "Lords of Dogtown," "The Brothers Grimm," "Brokeback Mountain," "Casanova," "Candy," "I'm Not There" and "The Dark Knight."

We're told Heath has considerably more assets than the $145k. On top of that, sources say he lived all over the world and was smart enough to know all of his money shouldn't sit in the U.S., where taxes are a bitch.

On the other hand, one of Heath's uncles has said the late actor's estate is valued at $60 mil. We're told that's absurd as well (on the high side), and the uncle doesn't know jack since he's been estranged from the family as well.

Bottom line -- Matilda will be fine, and there's a lot of $$$ on the line.

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Michelle Williams was an idiot not to insist on Heath updating his will once Matilda was born. She should have made sure the will included their daughter and spelled out exactly what he wanted her to have in the event of his death. His daughter should inherit the bulk of his estate, not his sister and parents. If necessary, Michelle should take his family to court to get an accounting of his estate and determine exactly what Matilda is entitled to.

2382 days ago


That kid is Ugly with a capital U.....

2382 days ago

OC Get A Life    

I find it not only astounding but clearly grief driven blindness, that no one involved in the conflict over Mr. Ledger's clearly out of date will has stopped to wonder why his lawyer who has been responsible for negotiating over $65 million dollars in earnings - leaving Heath an estimated estate of $28 million US plus various property - never saw fit to update a will that was not only out of date but completely no longer reflective of Heath's new extraordinary wealth, intellectual and copyright interests, and not to mention his child. Frankly, given that the Australian courts removed Heath's father as executor of his own father's estate due to fraud, I do not foresee a good ending to this process. Thankfully, for the child, both the mother and her family will support her in her life. But, returning to the incompetence of Heath's lawyers, any first year law student, would be able to figure out it was time for one or more new wills - and it may be time for Micelle and the child to sue the lawyers for professional misconduct and incompetence.

2382 days ago


walzing mathilda and michelle
But she is not toblame he caused his own demise and its nobodys fault but HIM
and the Doctors.

2382 days ago


I think that it is inapproriate to call Michelle Williams a gold digger. First of all, Michelle has not said one word in public about Heath's money or estate. Secondly, how would the uncles know how much money Heath had as they weren't exactly on great terms with the other Ledgers. They weren't even allowed at the memorial for him, which I think was a little extreme. It was reported that Heath actually had between $20-$30 million. Matilda will surely be taken care of. Someone from Australia wrote that Matilda as Heath's only heir, would inherit the bulk of his estate. Let's hope that money is put into a trustfund or her future, and not for people to use all up. I believe that Heath's parents want to see their granddaughter grow up, and therefore, will do the right thing now.

2382 days ago

Phineas T. Thunderballs    

you people actually have time for this

2382 days ago

just me    

I wouldn't be surprised if the journalists at TMZ was the only ones who didn't know that the reported $145,000 estate was bogus. How could journalists who have made it their business to report on actors in the movie industry be so ignorant about the workings of the industry? Top-tier actors don't just work once and get paid once for making a movie, actors live on residuals, as do the writers, directors and producers. They get paid once for their initial work in making a movie but then that is leveraged by residual income from royalties earned over and over again for years to come every time box-office tickets are sold to view the movie at a theatre anywhere in the world and royalties earned over and over again when the movie earns revenue from DVD sales & rental and from movie-on-demand sales by cable and satellite operators, and then that residual income from royalties can even continue far into the future when the movie is licensed to television syndication. Duh! Of course the reported $145,000 estate is bogus.

And as far as one of Heath's uncles saying that the actor's estate is valued at $60 million, that which is said to be "absurd" and "on the high side." Well, you can probably chalk that up to be word of mouth from Heath to his uncle, word of mouth from a nephew who is proud of his success as an actor and maybe exaggerated that a bit while boasting to his uncle. But you can be damn well sure that Heath's estate will be valued a dadgum sight closer to $60 million than $145 thousand. Heath's work lives on and his estate will grow for years to come from residual income long into the future. He took nothing with him to the grave and cannot from the grave spend it.

2382 days ago


why is this anyone elses business?

2382 days ago


What I don't understand is why the hell didn't he update his will? He met Michelle in 2005, he had 2-3 years after the 2003 will was drafted to include Matilda and Michelle. Don't get me wrong I am still a huge fan and am not degrading him in anyway, but it just seems odd to have a child and not change your will.

What is happening to Heath's family and now Michelle's is so common when big money is to be had. Everyone wants their piece and doesn't give damn about anyone else.

2382 days ago

richard pierce    


2382 days ago


According to the courts, Heath's dad WAS a "mismanager" (thief) with other people's money, once before, = according to the uncles, he STILL is.

It's really not unusual, a thief's lack of integrity can justify anything. Therefore, no compunction about stealing from his own granddaughter.

2382 days ago

'bout time    

It never ceases to amaze me how much ignorance comes out on these sites Theresa was another will drawn up by Heath after Matildas birth it just was not signed before his death which is irrelevant because once his daughter was born the other will becomes mute and she will get everything as his sole aire/ As far as speculatiing on his monetary worth which I find not only distasteful but no ones business for thos of you living in a vortex just because a movie wasn't #1 hear doesn't mean it faired the same in other countries, He actually won best actor for BBM just not in the USA he also has royalties and future earning for the two pics coming out and Dark Knight proves to be enormously lucrative, he had other business ventures, as well and real estate, so I would not be underexstimating his worth nor would I put too much into the ranting s of 2 estranged uncles and Michelles estranged father they need to but out Michelle is a very business savy woman in her own right she will see Matilda gets what her father intended and so will the law

2381 days ago


somthing just does not seem right really seems like Heath's parents or father knew all alson that there was WAY MORE MONEY than was stated in his will. i seem to think that there is a cover up going on between his dad and the legal team here. is there, could there be another will out there that leaves everything to his daughter. come on TMZ do some digging and let us know whats up here!

2381 days ago


To no.46 your a terrible person or kid saying the late Heath Ledger's little daughter is ughly.Matilda is a beautiful little giri who looks like her mom Michelle and Heath maybe a little more. How can you talk about the late Heath Ledger you didn't know him or his family. Heath was well on his way to being a great actor, so sad his passing happened, accidently or however, Heath won't ever be replaced, his acting was great. My heart goes out to his family . I just know Michelle will keep everything fine for herself and Matilda. Your also a fine actress Michelle. Be well.

2381 days ago


Heath's father is shady, plain and simple. He is declaring that $145,000 is all there is because he wants to bank the rest. While I don't think Heath had 60 million, I'm sure he still had a substantial amount.

To people saying that Michelle has money and the kid won't be destitute, true. However, is Heath's family any more entitled to the money? They seem well off themselves. Heath's father seems to make a habit out of making public statements. If they really intended to give Matilda the majority of money, they would have said so instead of using the ambiguous, "taken care of." I hope the kid gets what rightfully should be hers.

2381 days ago
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