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Pumpkins to Virgin -- You Sold Us Out!

3/25/2008 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy CorganThe Smashing Pumpkins are slamming Virgin Records in a lawsuit, claiming that the label killed their credibility with fans to help sell sugar water.

In a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court, the band alleges that they've "worked hard" over two decades to build cred with their fans, and that Virgin's use of the Pun'kins in a "Pepsi Stuff" promotion with and Pepsi Co. is damaging their "artistic integrity." The SP's "That's The Way" was recently featured in a Ford Focus commercial.

The band wants the profits from the promotion, and asks for an injunction against using their name or music in the future.

Virgin did not return calls seeking comment.


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That's what happens when you sell your soul to the corporate devils!

2342 days ago


Nothing worse than a virgin pumpkin. I wouldn't trust one.

2342 days ago


Memo to all rock bands once you sign a contract with the devil he can do anything he wants with your music!!!!!!!

Co-branding: Hooking up with one company to promote multiple products at once. Example Pesi+ Smashing Pumpkins= Virgin Music and Virgin Mega Store and Virgin Airlines. ---Marketing is a b*****

2342 days ago


That's true JRS but if they still used their image in a commercial without authorization then they deserve every penny!

2342 days ago


OMG, is that whiny B*tch ever gonna stop complaining! He thinks his life if so hard and so awful all the time! Yeah, I'm sure it is Billy. All the girls and cars and money must be so terrible. Get over yourself!!!

2342 days ago


Smashin' who?

2342 days ago


Are those people the Pepsi dudes? Don't tell me they started a band and trying to make money off those Pepsi ads............What next

2342 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

They just need to change their name gradually; before long, the fans will be diggin' the tunes while refreshing themselves with a certain brand of soda-pop: Smashing Pumpkins...Smashing Pepsi...Sipping Pepsi. And most importantly, the suits will be happy.

2342 days ago


Oh get over yourselves Pumpkins. This is what it means to be owned by a Label.

2342 days ago


CC-You obviously do not know what Billy Corgan is about or the Smashing Pumpkins. In all these years, he has kept his trap shut about many issues, now he speaks up and you call him a whiny bitch? You need to get over YOURSELF. Better yet, put in one of the Smashing Pumpkins platinum selling albums. The songs speak for themselves.

PS-Girls, cars, money? This is Billy Corgan, not Bret Michaels!

2342 days ago


Type o pepsi. i don't want the spelling police to come and get me!!! Believe me when I tell you they might not see a dime it is all in the contract baby!!! Read the Fine Print.... Page 1 of the Rock Star Handbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the Fine Print!!!!!!! Always!!!!!!!!!

2342 days ago


Who cares? They suck bad anyways. They should do a commercial for lollipops.

2342 days ago

hot snot    

this is funny to me. Sorry there bud, but if ALL you care about is music and getting your music out to the gave up as soon as you signed that contract. Right then you proved that you want the name and the money too.

If you really just wanted to play your music, you would have stayed in the "i play shows at bars" scene and NOT sold concert tickets for a show at a huge arena. tainted your own image. Invite someone else to your pity party, im not attending

2342 days ago


Waah. He needs to call a waaaaambulance. He should be glad anybody is even interested in his music anymore.

2342 days ago


Smashing Pumpkins are a fantastic band.

2342 days ago
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