Pumpkins to Virgin -- You Sold Us Out!

3/25/2008 10:55 AM PDT

Pumpkins to Virgin -- You Sold Us Out!

The Smashing Pumpkins are slamming Virgin Records in a lawsuit, claiming that the label killed their credibility with fans to help sell sugar water.

In a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court, the band alleges that they've "worked hard" over two decades to build cred with their fans, and that Virgin's use of the Pun'kins in a "Pepsi Stuff" promotion with Amazon.com and Pepsi Co. is damaging their "artistic integrity." The SP's "That's The Way" was recently featured in a Ford Focus commercial.

The band wants the profits from the promotion, and asks for an injunction against using their name or music in the future.

Virgin did not return calls seeking comment.