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Wendy W. to Employee -- Better F*** My Hubby!

3/25/2008 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Popular shock jock Wendy Williams and her husband have been drilled with serious sexual harassment charges by their talent booker, who alleges that Wendy tried to pimp her out, ordering her to dress "like a sexy little bitch" for her husband and encouraging her husband's unwanted sexual predation of the employee.
Wendy Williams
In a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Nicole Spence claims that Kevin Hunter, Williams' younger husband who does not work for WBLS-FM, repeatedly expressed his desire to "f***" her and that she needed "a real man in [her] life to mold me." Spence says that Williams did nothing to staunch the alleged abuse, and in fact "offered to take me shopping so I could dress 'like a sexy little bitch,' as Mr. Hunter demanded."

And it doesn't end there.

Spence also says Hunter got other employees, including Wendy's co-host, to "get into that bitch's head" in order to "break her down physically and mentally." And she also alleges that Hunter once charged at her and that he even assaulted his own wife, "choking her" and "pinning her" against the wall of a studio.

TMZ spoke to Spence's lawyer, Kate Webber, who says that she intends to file a lawsuit in court, after the EEOC reviews the case. Spence is still employed at WBLS. The station didn't respond to a request for comment, though Williams told the New York Post yesterday, "Her allegations are totally false. This bitch is out of her mind."

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Hi Princessmommy

Okay we can go back in forth with this dialogue 4ever, but it's soooo boring right about now and just not worth entertaining, so with that said I will not be addressing your comments after this one, but like I said before: AIN'T NO GOOD GON' COME TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWRIGHT!!

2363 days ago


I kinda remember that day Billy Dee was interviewed recently on the show and Wendy remarked afterwards, "Where's Nicole?" Apparently she had left and cleared her desk, including taking her laptop. I kinda thought it was odd that we have not heard Nicole on aire in a while. Now I know why....I did however enjoy the repartee between her and Wendy's sidekick. I guess those that work there really no the deal? As a listener for a while now, I often get the impression "Mrs" Williams can be a bit much to take, as well as, her thug like husband. She's entertaining to a point, much like watching a train wreck. I often think she's irresonsible sometimes in the things she sez, but that's her claim to fame. Case in point, the Obama homo sexual reference she reported and the offensive spot of the 2 boys in the school yard doing the "How U Doin.'" I wonder if she would find that as funny if one of the boys was lil Kev? Suffice it to say, in light of Arty and Pocono Dave's sudden dissaperance from the show, I'm leaning on the side of Nicole's allegations. JMO. I guess you could say where are they when you need them? Look out and watch your back Charlaboy, Seko, Goose and Hollywood! All right?

2362 days ago


I BELIEVE you Nicole as a former Intern of WBLS in the early 90's I know of everyone you spoke about. So wendy is acting like it doesn't go down. Well bring in Angie Martinez Or Tasha Jones from Hot 97, I'm sure they will talk how about Skelator. Wendy I was at your first Don's & Dvia's event your welcome back to NYC & behind the stage after little KIM performed you caught a two piece Iwas there saw it all. I'm the former manger of ALLURE who performed that night. Oh Kevin you remember me when you made a attemp not to pay for the girls from & began to raise your voice & I SHUT IT DOWN QUICK remember you would say no to that. OH! & for the side kick your a funny guy as well you made nasty remarks about my sister yeah my SISTER OLIVIA formaly of G-UNIT well HOMIE I hope the gym thing you always talk about has been working for you cause soon & I mean soon you & I will get our UFC dance on COUNTRY BOY..

2362 days ago


i believe it. i have been a fan of wendy's since the HOT 97 days. wendy is great, but people don't really know what goes on behind the scenes, and neither do i. wendy makes it sound as if her husband has done wrong by her in the past, but now he is reformed. i read her first book and she sounded sincere in the book and also when she talks about him on the radio. i was disappointed for her when i found out from one of BIG KEV's aquintances (AKA Mr NEXXUNLIMITED) that he has been frequently in the hood (Calvin's dealership), whippin' around one of wendy's vehicles, with various female counterparts. its really a shame cuz she seems like she totally stands by her man. when she decides to lose this leech, maybe she will see the big picture and realize that he is weighing her down. i understand, its fun to have a bad boy, but wendy seems to have lost some of her suburban roots. she knows her man is ghetto and knows that he is a big reason why she doesn't even try anymore to become a part of the "country-club" scene that she once wanted. i quote "they would take one look at BIG KEV &......"
WAKE UP WENDY... U CAN ONLY STAND BY YOUR MAN FOR SO LONG, UNTIL HE DRAGS YOU DOWN... think about your future!! i hope this works out for all parties involved.

2361 days ago


I remember wendy talking about the fight in the parking lot on the Air. and after hear Charlamagne degrade nicole constantly on the air i can see that this is tru, I have lost my respect for Wendy I am no longer a fan, and I hope Ms Spece gets vindicated for all that she has had to endure

2361 days ago

I KNEW IT!    

I agree with #145. How would you react if it were your son "Wendy" caught in the school yard with another little boy? I didn't think your comment on that story was humorous at all. And I believe Nicole's alligations. You guys go way over board on the show at times. Every single's "How you doin"...this "How you doin" that...For some reason, I think you're a homophobe and "we" the gay community put up with your fake two faced views. And Charla whatever is just as ignorant. Stop worrying about who sleeps with whom and worry about who "Big Kev" is trying to hump. Wendy you seem like an intelligent lady...use your brains and stop "drinking" all your hard work down the toilet. NICOLE, YOU ARE A VERY BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING! STAND UP TO THESE CLOWNS!.

2360 days ago


I believe you Nicole 100%. WBLS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this stuff to go on and not do anything. SHAME ON YOU WBLS!!! Suspending Wendy for 2 days just doesn't cut it. That thug husband of hers is disgusting!!! Whenever he spoke on the show I would always turn to another station. He's not professional at all!!! Wendy, this man is bringing you down. Can't you see that?!? Damn even Ray Charles could have seen this one.

2360 days ago

take 2    

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, after all the crap u tell your listeners about being stupid biaches, and do it “right” like Kim Porter, you have the nerve to stay with your husband, that u have openly reported cheated on you, lord only know how many times, but you failed to mention that he beats your azz too...I hope your son didn’t witness it. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black... you are charcoal. How dare you! I think you now suffer from what all the other extreme shock jocks (Imus, Howard Stern etc.) suffer from, and that is called power tripping to the 10 degree. Power is a dangerous thing to have, and to manage. It appears that even the likes of you can't handle it. I listen to your show off and on… sometime I just couldn’t take the ghettofab ignoritise that you suffer from and had to turn the channel. Now I see it was all for not. God doesn’t like ugly honey… dish it out now take it.

2360 days ago

karma gyrl    

I believe the story...Damn Wendy, Karma is Everything! And top it it all off with her big ass mouth and know it all attitude, sometimes Wendy sounds soooo damn dumb that I cant even listen to her. And at one point she was sounding like a little lush; a 'drunk' drinking on the air and all...not a good role model for someone with a young child! Get it together girl...

2359 days ago



2359 days ago

kalico jones    

I know for a fact these allegations have some validity to them. Cant tell you how, but Wendy and her husband are a hot mess. as she calls others. She is being abused, verbally, physically, and emotionally and lets face it. at this stage in the game called her career, he's dead weight she can drop at any time so why Wendy? why would you subject yourself to such things knowing you can make it on your own? I will tell you why, because she's being abused, thats why and its hard for us to leave the abuser, especially when the person is the one who took us from low down dirty drug filled lives to bright lights, major networks, red carpets and motherhood. I hope she gets the help she needs. Wendy...just tell the truth. dont fight this. because what is going to happen is that you are going to be KNOWN as a liar. Its not like now where folks just THINK you're one. I say, Subpeona Arthur Jevans. ask him his side of this story.

2359 days ago


and i just supposed out of all the interns she had and employees nicole is the only one that has been approached like this .get real people behavior like this just dont happen once its a continuing thing ,so if its true there ought to be others that can testify to their behavior and harassment dont you think? if you going to be a fan be loyal if not stop making her #1

2358 days ago



2351 days ago


I believe everything Nicole said..I remember the fight Wendy and Kuv had an Charlemange was in the car and she tole us about it only because the police was involved.

2281 days ago

How you doing?    

First off, I don't get how she was there putting up with the so called "harassment" for over 3 years! WTF? seriously, she has wanted to make a name for herself for some time now (30 dates in 30 days HELLO HOE). Nicole bit off a bit more than she can chew with this one. Wendy's movie, BLS and everyone that Wendy makes $$ off of better know how to captialize on this puplicity. Good or Bad.... No one knew who Paris was until the sex tape and now no one even mentions it!

Wendy overcame worse with Puff and she was assuredly do so again. whether Nicole accusations are true or not.... that's for the judge to decide. All her ugly ass wants is fame and fortune. Jealousy is a bitch and so is Nicole.

All I'm saying is, Aint no good goin come to BLS until they do right by Wendy! lol

If she jumps to XM I'll subscribe. I hate all the damn commercials anyway! haha

2349 days ago
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