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Ex-Yank Leyritz Sued for Wrongful Death

3/26/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Yankee Jim Leyritz has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. He already faces DUI and manslaughter charges after he allegedly caused the death of a Florida woman in a December car crash.
Rea the lawsuit
The suit, filed in Broward County, seeks at least $15,000 in damages for the family of Fredia Ann Veitch, whom Leyritz plowed into when he ran a red light in his SUV back in December. Cops say that Leyritz's blood alcohol was above the limit at the time of the accident.

Leyritz's lawyer has said that the ex-Yankee will be "both criminally and civilly exonerated." His criminal trial begins May 15.


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Lenn K.    

$15,000 doesn't seem like alot of money to seek for the death of a person. I just shock at the amount and why it's so low.

2347 days ago


the damages are unspecified, not $15,000.

2347 days ago


When are people gonna stop drunk driving? What is it gonna take? They need to bring back the death penalty to all staes and start using it. Prison does not deter anybody, anymore

2347 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

a well-paid player, they seek only 15,000 !! whatta shame !! and HE drank and drove! common sense people ! If ur gonna drink that much, and get behind the wheel, u just might slam into someone and kill em !!

2347 days ago


" Leyritz's lawyer has said that the ex-Yankee will be "both criminally and civilly exonerated." "

He was legally drunk, ran a red light, hit another vehicle and caused the death of someone. What is to exonerate? The facts are pretty clear and he IS to blame, so step up and take it like a man!

2347 days ago


This guy is a disgrace. He should be put UNDER the jail. And his attorney ought to be smart enough not to make statements that he will be "vindicated." It is clear that Leyritz was driving drunk that evening and that he did in fact slam into the victim's car as she sat at a stop light. A disgraceful man -- and an even more disgraceful defense.

2347 days ago


Didn't it come out after the crash that the women he hit was also over the limit/drunk herself? Neither one of them should have been on the road!!

2347 days ago


On December 28, 2007, Leyritz was arrested in Broward County, Florida on suspicion of drunk driving and vehicular homicide in which Leyritz's car struck another driver's. The driver was returning home from her bartending job, and not wearing a seat belt, ejected from the car and died later at the scene. Fredia Veitch, the deceased driver, was intoxicated as well, according to prosecutors.

2347 days ago

Gail B.    

Not surprised, Broward County State Attorney's, are known to take cash to make things like this go away. We have been fighting with them for a drunk driving case since 2005, the guy who casued my daughters accident is going to walk away from all the damage he caused, fortunatley for us our daughter survied with serious bodily injury. And will suffer for the rest of her life.
The one with the most money wins!

2347 days ago


By no means do I think this jerkface should walk. NO WAY, but it's just a shame that this woman was drunk too and not wearing her seatbelt.

2347 days ago


I am so tired of thugs plaguing sports!

2347 days ago



2347 days ago


Good luck with the rest of your career, scratch that, life

2347 days ago


He did the crime he should do the time. Just because he's and X-yankee doesn't give him special privilages. They would give us one!!!!

2347 days ago


I love MLB but some of these player make me sick to my stomach. The Yankees still have Carl Povano on payroll collecting his $10 million dollar a year salary to sit at home and nail bimbos because he's too injured from crashing his car whilst drunk a few seasons ago.

2347 days ago
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