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Heath's Will -- No Joke

3/27/2008 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the 2003 will of Heath Ledger. It leaves 50% to his sisters and the remainder to his parents.
Read the docs
The supporting docs list $145,000 in assets, though we've reported Heath had a lot more -- in the millions.

As previously reported, Heath's daughter, Matilda, was not mentioned in the original will. But we're told she'll be well taken care of.

Read it for yourself.


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Not True    

TMZ just keeps repeating the same, very OLD news. This story is WEEKS old, and by the time TMZ reported it (translation: tried to make something of it), it had already been reported by all the reputable news outlets.

And now TMZ is wasting space just to reiterate what has already been said countless times.

Without all the pop-tart antics going on nightly, TMZ just doesn't know how to come up with an actual story.

2366 days ago


If the child was not alive at the time of the will's making, the birth of the child automatically revokes the will by operation of law. Since Ledger was not married at the time of his death, his daughter gets everything by intestate succession.

2366 days ago


I always feel crappy after coming to this site.

2366 days ago


This makes no sense. All laws everywhere will give the estate to the surviving children if the will was written before they were born. None of it shuld go to his family instead of his daughter. Just look at the DanniLynn saga where she actually was specifically written out of her mother's will and she still inherited it all. It will all go to Matilda in the end.

2366 days ago

Tony P    

To build on some of the intelligent comments, we know nothing about any trusts he may have set up since 2003, which we know was a lucrative period for him. Those potential trusts, especially those set up outside the US, are not public we'll never really know what he left for her. Which is how it should be since it's a private matter. Now leave them alone.

2366 days ago


Why are you outraged that Matilda was not listed in his 2003 will? He hadn't even met Michelle Willams yet and was a relative unknown with not many assets. He made a common mistake millions of people make...forgetting to update their will when their situation changes. Just listening to Heath's dad's eulogy tells you what a decent person he is...he will do the right thing to protect his little granddaughter.

2366 days ago


this should be a lesson to all...

update your will if anything in your life changes
even though you're not planning on dying...

then again..who is???

2366 days ago


Let the man rest in peace.... Jesus! And if the baby isnt going to be taken care of by Heath's family...I dont think it is going to make any difference....HER MOTHER IS A FREAKIN ACTRESS TOO...I am sure Michelle is strapped with cash.

2366 days ago


Sad. I will be disgusted if the famiily doesn't cough up 90% of that estate to Matilda's trust.

2366 days ago


Seriously, we get it. What more can be said on the subject? Leave it alone and let the family have some dignity.

2366 days ago


Unlike Heath's father, Michelle William's is not an idiot. I'm very sure sha has already sought legal council who are more than capable of making sure everything is kept on the up-and-up and not left to the control of the child's grandfather who has a lousy history in such matters.

2366 days ago


Gee has anyone even thought to themselves that Matilda's mom is also a successful actress and probably makes a pretty good living herself. I don't think Matilda is going to suffer at all even if she doesn't get a dime of her father's money. What is wrong with you people you all act like Matilda and Michelle are living on the streets and don't know where their next meal is coming from. Why don't you all worry about real things like the real starving people in Hollywood!

2366 days ago


Tmz let this friggin rest already. No one cares!

2366 days ago


Once again, I don't think it is ANYONE'S business what is and was in his will. I wonder who leaked the will. Hm. I wonder how TMZ got it.. hmmm. This is getting beyond ridiculous and I'm tired of hearing about it. Everyone needs to stay out of Heath's business let alone making it public. It's sick.

2366 days ago


Sadly this is why any parent should update their wills. I'm only 23 but when my child is born you can bet my husband and I will make sure he or she will get everything. You never know when it's going to be "your time".

2365 days ago
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