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T.I. To Bring Out A Guilty Plea

3/27/2008 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper T.I. is expected to plead guilty today to federal gun charges and will face prison time.

Sources tell the AP the 27-year-old singer, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was expected to be sentenced to 1,500 hours of community service (wow- that's a lot), followed by about 12 months in prison.

T.I. was busted last October in Atlanta after one of his bodyguards allegedly tried to purchase machine guns for the musician. Authorities say the bodyguard admitted to purchasing about nine firearms for the rapper in the past and about 17 firearms for other people in the musician's posse on previous occasions. The bodyguard also claims the rapper gave him cash to purchase the guns, because T.I., as a convicted felon, was not able to legally buy firearms.

He faced a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count.

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Lenn K.    

I have alway said, rap is not music it's a lifestyle of mostly violents and mayhem. Smokey Robinson and the Temptations never acted like these thugs. They made the greatest music ever and no one got shot or murdered.

2366 days ago

Michelle LL    

What the hell does he want to do with machine guns !

2366 days ago


Lenn K. you took the words right out of my mouth!

He needs to spend a very long time in prison!

2366 days ago


a thug is a thug is a thug.....PERIOD!

2366 days ago


AMEN Victoria! Where are all of the "folk" on here who were speaking up and defending him when he was arrested? LOL! As usual, one of their kind has proven them wrong.

2366 days ago


Smokey and some other members of motown did drugs of some soft and I think rap brings a bad image but this in all music fields. Power and money and simply people don't know how to handle it.

2366 days ago


TO PHILLIP MAXWELL--------It's comments like that which keep this country in the dark ages. TI made a conscious decision to purchase weapons illegally, I hardly think the entire black race should be condemned.

Ignorance is toxic. It has to stop somewhere. Maybe it could stop with you and comments like that.

2366 days ago


Are you serious Phillip Maxwell? Coloreds. I would say something very profound but your ignorance would prevent you from comprehending it. It's unfortunate that in 2008 we can't see past color. It has less to do with color and more to do with environment and other factors that would take too long to discuss in this forum. I suggest you watch the movie Crash. It may open your eyes to some things.


2366 days ago


Trish, Trish, Trish.

Want to borrow my pliers to get that hook out of your mouth? You swallowed that pretty deep!

2366 days ago


Are you guys serious? I dont know if you remember anything about the "good old days" of music, but around the days of Smokie & the Temptations, drugs plagued a lot of these musicians. I dont know if you also recall, but many of the men that you looked up to were physically abusing women (Ex. David Ruffin & Tammy Terrell), suicide rates were high, & lots of these men & women OVERCAME issues to become well respected. History has a habit of repeating itself & just like many older people dont approve of the music that we listen to or like the influences that we have - your parents felt the same about your music. Every generation is plagued by idiots - you see that in ours, however remember yours was no different. Before you continue to condemn the problem; why dont you stop wasting time talking about it & do something about it? Its amazing how people get self-righteous the older they get...

2366 days ago


Trish - pass those pliers over to Swisher - he's gonna need them too.

2366 days ago


I like some of his music being from Atlanta; but what a dumbass. Machine guns? By a convicted felon! 3 strikes your out. Strike 1. The first felony. Strike 2. Buying machine guns, Strike 3. Not sending someone else to buy them for him. He needs some love from the homies in cell blocks.

2366 days ago


# 5 What he did was wrong and it does not matter what color or race you are. You are a racist pig! Wow love your parents race you. very saddddddddddd :-(.

2366 days ago


I totally agree w/Trish. Ignorance is extremelely toxic. T.I. did something wrong and should pay for his wrong doing. In addition, he was already on probation for another offense. It has nothing to do with his color. If a person is familiar with history as it stands, all races have "so called" negative descriptions that ignorant folks choose to use to separate them in some kind of way. I could run off a list but choose to exercise better judgement and intelligence. Again, he committed a crime and should pay for it. Color has "NOTHING" to do with it Philip Maxwell.

2366 days ago


Oh TI - such a bad decision... hopefully this will teach you a lesson, I understand you need protection - so HIRE it, don't purchase it & hold all liability in your own hands.... you have too much money for this to happen.... next time wisen up a little bit - better yet don't let there be a next time!!

2366 days ago
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