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Poison's Rikki Rockett

Arrested on Rape Warrant

3/28/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0328_rikki_rockett_fm-1The drummer for everyone's fave 80's hair band, Poison, was arrested Monday on a rape warrant out of Mississippi as he got off a flight from New Zealand at LAX.

46-year-old Rikki Rockett was busted by the Airport Division of the LAPD as he was going through customs. As the LA Daily News first reported, Rockett, a former hairdresser whose real name is Richard Ream, was transported to the L.A. County Jail, where he was booked on a felony fugitive sexual assault warrant out of Neshoba County, Mississippi. Where Rockett is exactly right now we don't know.

Information about the warrant and specific charges was not immediately available.

Rockett and singer Bret Michaels -- high school classmates -- founded Poison together. He was in New Zealand to reunite and perform with other original members of the band at Rock2Wellington, a huge heavy metal show.


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My mom has worked for Rikki for 20 years and there is no way this is true. He is a great guy and a wongerful person. Good luck Rikki

2398 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

I still remember when I first saw the album cover to look what the cat dragged in......"damn these chicks are HOT!"....I'd like to think I'm not the only one who thought that....

2398 days ago


I smell an Ashton Kucher set up...

2398 days ago


There is NO WAY this is true. I know Ricki Rockett and he is absolutely the most gentle, kindest person you could ever meet. There is no way he is capable of such a crime. NO WAY.

2398 days ago

Medical Girl    

#18 JuicyGirl. Sweetie, you're right, it doesn't work like one of those 20 year old - 10 minute ones.

At 48 it's just getting started, getting better all the time,comes with some benefits the young'uns can only dream of, AND usually has a lot more money attached to it.

Remember this when you're in your 40s little girl.

2398 days ago


It works? Are you single? lol

2398 days ago


I don't think Ashton Kutcher is going to touch rape, death, overdoses, and things that severe. Fake baby bumps, fun, funny, big deal. I have never watched the show so I'm just assuming. Anyway, semi-washed up rock star who could at one time just walk up and finger random women....I'm thinking he still thinks he's that guy and we still live in a time where you can get away with that stuff. I mean, just because a girl shows up and blows 4 roadies and the bassist, doesn't mean you can BANG her. She has a boyfriend.

2398 days ago


I am so digusted that just because this guy was once famous that no one would believe that he raped someone. Were you all there, how the hell do you know? Just because he was in a band doesn't mean he's not capable of raping someone, rape is about power not about sex.

2398 days ago


No way. Rikki is engaged and happy. He's been playing shows with his fiancee, who is very pretty. He's a great guy, I've met him several times with C.C.
Not true. Some bitch just wants her chance in the spotlight.
This better not affect the tour.

2398 days ago


What happened to innocent until proven guilty? This woman didnt even report it until a few days after the fact.
Its alleged rape people! and even though he is old, he doesnt need to rape anyone! be for real, just someone trying to get money! Because he is a "dog" doesnt mean he raped someone! Woman act the same way around rock stars,lol.....and dont even deny it, how can he be a dog and the woman be innocent, GET REAL!

2398 days ago


what i don't understand is why he wasn't arrested earlier. rape is a serious offense and if there was a warrant out for his arrest for rape in mississippi, i would think the cops in mississippi would have contacted the cops in l.a. and they could have just gone to his home and arrested him in l.a.. its not like he's been on the run for the last six months. im pretty sure he's been sitting at home except for the occasional public appearance. this happened over six months ago. something about this just seems off.

2398 days ago

Attilia The hun    

To the #1 poster, your as crazy and your name sounds.

2398 days ago


First let me start with Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition of the word "ALLEGED"

"Questionably true or of a specified kind : Accused but not proven or convicted : Asserted to be true or to exist. "

And I think that sums it up best.

Rikki is a gentle and genuine person. So this accusation strikes me as ridiculous. His characteristics are so far from that of a rapist. The man cares and protects animals and truely cares about people. That is why I feel that he will be exonerated.

2398 days ago


OMG People get a life! This crap happens all the time, people wanting a little fame. How about innocent until proven guilty??!! His looks and the size of his "stuff" has nothing to do with whether he could rape. I don't think he did it and it's because of his character and nothing else. Again... Get a life and stop hatin'!

2398 days ago


I swear i have been to his house and know him!! He woukd NEVER do that... >:[ This is screwed up!!

2398 days ago
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