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The Whole Nipple Thing

3/28/2008 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whole Nipple ThingGloria Allred 1, TSA 0!

The Transportation Security Administration has officially changed their screening process regarding nipple rings.

Today they acknowledged that they may have gone too far by having a woman remove her nipple rings during a stop at airport security clearance in Lubbock, TX.

The TSA posted the following statement on their website: "TSA acknowledges that our procedures caused difficulty for the passenger involved and regrets the situation in which she found herself. We appreciate her raising awareness on this issue and we are changing the procedures to ensure that this does not happen again."

Hooray for nipples everywhere!


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The people that screen at airports are out of control. I have flown many times since 9/11 and I'm sick and tired of being treated like a terrorist ! I think it's about time somebody sues them. At least it brings awareness to their ignorance.

Like a nipple ring is going to blow up an airplane. Give me a break !

2398 days ago


this is lame. she is complaining about having to take her own nipple ring out with pliers. the media is making it out to sound like the airport security ripped it out with pliers. that is if any of it is real to begin with!

2398 days ago


its funny that some of you folks diss TSA employees and claim they make minimum wage, Well as a tsa employee i can tell you that they start at nearly $15 an hour and although we do have some people who dont have higher education like most of you, we have some smart people. Also if some of you guys think TSA officers are some dumb why do you travel....oh thats right you have no choice. Well just prepare yourself because the TSA will eventually be taking over all modes of transportation....rail, marine and to my unemployed folks out there....get your applications ready....

2398 days ago

Medical Girl    

OOooooo... nipple rings are going to make us unsafe. COME ON PEOPLE... Please.... PLEASE ... a terrorist attacks may kill some of us ... the economy is killing ALL OF US. If it would make this great country better I would gladly pull out any piercing i had to keep this country strong.

2398 days ago


LOL@Why #34: Ooooh, you're threatening us with...stupid people in power? LOL Sorry, that happened 8 years ago.

2398 days ago

Lubbock Traveler    

I fly out of Lubbock fairly regularly, and this doesn't surprise me at all. The TSA goons at LIA are the worst I've ever encountered, and seem to enjoy messing with anyone they can... which is just about everyone. Good for Gloria! Maybe now they'll have to actually train the schmucks that work the security line.

2398 days ago


TSA employees start at $23K per year full time per USA today. With 52 weeks in a year, at 40hrs a week, that averages out to $11 an hour, or roughly 1/3rd the hourly wage of a garbage man in my large, West coast city. 67% leave their jobs before they've been in the job 2 years. The turnover is enormous, and one can see why if you can make more money working at Starbucks. Heck, you make more money cleaning toilets at our county jail than TSA screeners make!

2398 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

We travel alot for both business and pleasure and have never been treated badly by TSA employees. In fact, they have always been very courteous. I'm so glad they are doing their job.

2398 days ago


Great point, Scy (#18)! Funny, articulate, and, sadly, TRUE...

2398 days ago


Please, anyone who flies knows that you have to giveup all metal objects before passing through a detector. Whatever metal it was it should be removed before getting to the airport. Instead, we once again have another person who feels that the rules for everyone else should not apply to her, why? Is she special because she chose to pierce her nipples?, maybe the airlines should start suing these idiots for all the aggravation and mental pain they cause and then all the other passengers could sue because of their distress at having to listen to, and be delayed by,these fools.

2398 days ago


they never made me take out my percings.....and i have thinkin she had huge gages in her nipples that set of f the metal detectors....airport security is crazy as helll these days

2398 days ago


I don't understand why anyone would want to get her nipples pierced. If you do that, YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY THE PAIN OF CHILDBIRTH. That, I know about...

2398 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

Knowing that this is something that could happen in an airport, dont you think you might remove them before you fly? I would think that would be far less embarrassing to do at home than in an airport.

2398 days ago


Re: Staph Infection-Please read!
Posted: Oct 21, 2007 10:03 PM in response to: ValMarSta

Staph is nothing to mess around with! I spent a day in the hospital just a couple weeks ago with IV antibiotics thanks to a staph infection. They sent me home with pain meds and a hefty dose of antibiotics.

I contracted it from a nipple piercing. I had the piercing done 5 months ago, and all of a sudden I start having serious pain. I had my FH take me to the ER the day I started hurting severely (which happened to be the day after I started getting tender), and the doctor told us we were lucky I came in so quickly and it hadn't spread to my heart or lungs or done any damage to my breast. I thank God I reacted to the pain so quickly. It honestly was hard not to though, because it effing HURT! Like, stay perfectly still and don't even breathe hurt.

So yes ladies, please watch out for this! I never thought it would've been staph, but I'm super happy I went to the hospital. That decision may have been the only thing that saved my breast that day.

2398 days ago

German duckie    

Nipples...nipples...nipples....America - the land of the BIGOTED! :-)

So ridiculous....

2398 days ago
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