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The Whole Nipple Thing

3/28/2008 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whole Nipple ThingGloria Allred 1, TSA 0!

The Transportation Security Administration has officially changed their screening process regarding nipple rings.

Today they acknowledged that they may have gone too far by having a woman remove her nipple rings during a stop at airport security clearance in Lubbock, TX.

The TSA posted the following statement on their website: "TSA acknowledges that our procedures caused difficulty for the passenger involved and regrets the situation in which she found herself. We appreciate her raising awareness on this issue and we are changing the procedures to ensure that this does not happen again."

Hooray for nipples everywhere!


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You people who are telling this woman to get over it, wait until you are asked to do something equally humiliating!! You will be singing a different tune then. I hate Gloria Allred, but what those TSA agents did was wrong, they should be fired.

2399 days ago


"32. I thought only Strippers wore nipple rings. That old lady doesn't look like a Stripper.

Posted at 11:06PM on Mar 28th 2008 by B.B."

Don't be stupid, that's the lawyer not the victim.

2399 days ago


The airline owes this lady nothing-not even an apology. Wear nipple rings if you want to-it's your choice-- but be prepared to remove the 'jewelry' at the airport. Doesn't everybody know the drill by now-sheesh!! It will go off at the metal detector-duh! If you don't want to go through that 'humiliation'-don't wear 'jewelry' that will need to be removed with pliers. Dumb lady.....

2399 days ago


If that nasty woman really had her nipples pierced...they'd need more than pliers to get them out....perhaps a forklift....ugh, going to throw up now.

2399 days ago



Oh, for crying out loud, I wear underwire bras, and I have NEVER had a problem at the airport!!

2399 days ago

Area 51    

Nip it...nip it in the bud!

2399 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Gloria Allred was born in 1941 and is 67 years old, and so looks absolutely amazing. She has a stand up history of taking rights cases, and cut her legal teeth in a time (60's, early 70's) when it was sorely needed. She has simply continued her passion, and has a gut instinct for real rights transgressions and winning cases, which is probably why she wins so much. Read her bio at Wiki and you may have a new found respect for her. Personally, I don't think they make them like her anymore. Kudos to Gloria.

2398 days ago


My son is severely head injured. A few years ago, I was literally in tears when the screeners searched him. They were pretty rough with him and even lifted him up in his wheelchair. I begged them to be gentle with him and to take us into a private room, but they continued their search in plain view of everyone.

2398 days ago

Area 51    

I like cheese nips.

2398 days ago


Kate, perhaps your boobs, and thus your underwire, are too tiny for folks to take note?

2398 days ago


The grope and grope and grope and knead and fondle and lift and seperate and grope some more breast searches conducted at Seattle and San Diego airports made the news.
Even a COP said she felt totally violated by this in Seattle. The film of it, right out in the open in front of gawkers and at least 1 person filming who gave it to the news, was some naaaaasty stuff. In San Diego a woman with a small child who asked to be taken in a back room and allowed to just take her clothes off, rather than be felt up, was told that she would then be considered to have "flashed" the screeners and was banned from boarding her flight. She drove 15 hours to get home with her toddler. We've turned over feeling people up for pay to Burger King quality people. Gross.

2398 days ago

Area 51    

A little nippy tonight.

2398 days ago

Area 51    

I like to take a little nip once in a while.

2398 days ago

Uff da    

Why doesn't Gloria Allred just shut the hell up and go away. All she does is scramble to get media attention no matter what it does to her poor clients. She doesn't even know how to practice law...she has her unknown real lawyer underlings do the heavy lifting. And why the hell does her nose go over to one side??? She is known to ambulance chase anyone she thinks can help her get on tv. She's a narcisstic no talent has been.
She looks like a drag queen corpse. GO AWAY GLORIA. We are all sick to death of you.

2398 days ago

Uff da    

Gloria is a phony. She tries to portray herself as a champion of women when in fact she exploits them for her own media attention. Remember when she represented some young women who were forced to wear horribly sexually revealing tiny costumes for their jobs? Gloria, predictably, called a press conference to announce she had clients. Then, instead of just holding up the offending costumes, she made her clients WEAR THE SEXUALLY REVEALING OUTFITS in front of all the media!! She will even use her own clients' sexuality to further media attention for herself. She is a no talent narcissist out for GLORIA and nobody else. She's done NOTHING to win legal cases for her clients, she just gets attention for herself. Notice all the people she seeks out for representation who have no need for attorneys...someone who is a possible witness in a case, etc. Gloria latches on just so she can get in on the action. Sick sick sick.

2398 days ago
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