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Puts the Squeeze on

Man Nipples

3/28/2008 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nipplegate 2008 has broken out in Florida! Wrestlers John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton and Big Show are all proudly baring their nipple-free chests on a huge banner in downtown Orlando. Wait, what?

City officials met with some WWE suits to figure out how to keep the wrestling poster from looking "too provocative." The outcome - the WWE slammed, er, airbrushed the nipples into oblivion. Billboard malfunction!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mayor Buddy Dyer liked the nipple-free poster and added that there was some sort of city ordinance that banned public display of male nipples. For the love of Janet Jackson! But according to the city's press secretary no such ordinance exists.

Only one banner was targeted for nipple eradication. However, buses all over town are still cruising the streets baring the original posters of the wrestlers --male nipples and all. Flaunt 'em if you got 'em! For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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This is in Florida, right?
Where men (real men) walk on the beaches and go to pools without their shirts, right?
They all have nipples. Everyone sees them.
No big deal.
That poster makes the wrestlers pictured without nipples appear to be freaks of nature.
Not human.

2376 days ago

Area 51    

Christy, I truly hope for your own sake that you're not serious. I occasionally watch wrestling for a few laughs...but please...even Britney and Paris know that it's all fake.

2376 days ago

Jesse Custer    

I used to love wrestling when I was like six or seven. Then I found out it was fake. I cannot understand the people who still watch this stuff. Sure it's good for a laugh once in a while, based purely on how hokey and overly dramatic it is. I can almost guarantee that this mayor is a closet case. So does Florida arrest men on the beach or swimming pools. Insane. Someone has to put a stop to this non-sence before we end up with micro chips in our wrists and eating soilent green.

2376 days ago

James Among    

Now they resemble Anime characters. (male anime characters have no nipples)

2376 days ago


OH PLEASE!!! This is insane!

2376 days ago


That's actually pretty gross. It just looks wrong and makes me uncomfortable. I am offended by the nipple-less men. Does my being offended by the lack of nipples trump the nipple haters?

2375 days ago


are you frigging kidding me!!! what bull crap is that, how provocative could it be? get a clue people, mens nipples are not sex organs. go back to puritania will you.

2374 days ago


maybe this mayor guy is the only one sexually provoked but wrestler nipples...lol...ewww....what is next??

2374 days ago


only in the U.S.A

2374 days ago


that is just SOOOOO american.

2374 days ago


WTF is the matter with florida? it's become the red-state home of moronitude.

2374 days ago


banning man nipples please! John cenas nipples are sexxy nipple period. Tmz how bout' reporting about Wreselmaina coverage too. And any thing new on Jeff hardys drug/ house problems?

2373 days ago


Hey, Mayor -- jealous much (or are you afraid you'll crash your car gazing at the billboards?)

1505 days ago
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