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Is There a Levert Curse? Sean Dies While In Jail

3/31/2008 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How much tragedy can one family take?? Another Levert has died -- and this one was in jail!

Sean Levert, son of O'Jays singer Eddie Levert and brother of late R&B legend Gerald Levert, died over the weekend while in a Cleveland jail.

Levert had reportedly been in the Cuyahoga County Jail serving time for failing to pay roughly $80,000 in child support when he collapsed late last night. The warden of the jail tells TMZ that after Sean collapsed, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. He says Sean died at the hospital, not the jail as others have reported.

The warden says that they were unaware of any condition Sean may have been suffering from. The Coroner confirms they have received his body and are currently investigating the cause of death.

Sean, who as member of the 80s group Levert, hit it big with the song "Casanova." He was also featured in a few movies, including "New Jack City." His brother Gerald died in his sleep in November 2006.

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D Wrighteous    

First,my heart and prayers go out to the Levert family. I see there are some bitter people commenting on this page. I am a father and don't approve of any man not taking care of his own. On the other hand, this is not the time to be calling names and acting like we don't have our own skeletons. I'm sure you have screwed over someone in your life at least once. Even if you have no respect for him, at least respect his family...including his children. They have to live with this, not you.

2296 days ago


In a jail......what should they have heard?

Sorry for such a loss to the Levert family

2296 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Cara has a point. If he's in jail, he's not out working and making money to pay the child support. It would be better to let him work and garnish his wages or seize a portion of his bank accounts to pay off the back child support. If he can't get a job, a man can always go to court to get the child support reduced. Not necessarily easy but doable.

Go Sox

2296 days ago


why feel so sorry for him feel sorry for his child and the childs mother

2296 days ago

OJay's Fan    

Many of you owe somebody right now, many of you have debts and have been late paying those. So, should you DIE because of it. All jerks who wish harm on anyone should be the ones to be eradicated from the earth. Is this you? OH MY BAD! OH Well!

2296 days ago


a human being died. yet we cast bad remarks. our society has gone to hell in a hand basket. i do believe when
we die tho, we go to a better place. i do feel for the children, they lost their dad. you only get one. the sarcastic remarks
we can do without. or is this what makes this venue interesting. may God Bless this guys Mom. and his kids. Social
Security mite be tapped into. but you cant live a decent life on that. I also feel we have hell on this earth. moral decay

2296 days ago

I'm just sick about this. Seems unreal

2296 days ago


some role model he couldnt even pay his child support

2296 days ago


you have to pay court ordered support if you dont sooner or later it will catch up with you

2296 days ago


truthman and betty grable deserve each other how can you judge someone you don't know!!! the courts can care less how much time you spend with your kids and he may have been with them everyday but unable to those payments into the court and if that's the case in which no of us he really better of dead!? Shame on the both of you for making such comments!!! I wonder what people think of you and your indescretions that only you really know the truth about but yet looked upon as being a terrible person or irresponsible!!! Rest in peace Sean and my prayers go out to the levert family and friends.

2296 days ago

Stanley M    

Why has CNN FOX or any other channel covered this Heth Ledger dies and they spend a week talking about it Anna Nicole Smith a woman famous for being a whore gets covered for months no respect for black people.

2296 days ago


You people that say he deserved to die because he owed child support are sick individuals this man was a human being first and secondly he was someones son, father, brother and friend, I guess you sick people are thinking good now maybe they can get their 80,00 but they have lost their dad, and I truly think that having your dad around is worth WAAAAAAAYYYYY more than 80,000. My son lost his father at the age of 14 and believe me he would give up all of the money in the world just to have him back for just one day! Buy a Clue!

2296 days ago

praying for you    

To the person who said he is better off dead without knowing the issues - I am praying for you and for your healing from the situation in your life that made you so bitter and unhappy. Even if he was indeed behind in child support, for you to say such a thing displays some issues of hurt that you have. I pray that you are delivered from your pain and hurt.

2296 days ago

I'm Just Saying....    

Sounds like some you have some daddy issues of your own to deal with. First off, have some respect. His family have lost 2 sons in less than 2 years. That's hard to deal with. Secondly, ok yeah owing CS is bad, but you don't know his situation so who are you to judge. They didn't say he left his kids, they said owed CS. Just cause someone owes CS doesn't mean that they don't play a role in the child's life. That simply means, they owe child support. Not that he "Fathered Children, Walked away...and blah blah blah. So before you go running off at the mouth, get the facts straight. That's what wrong with society today, someones says one thing and before you know it, the last thing said is completely different cause everyones taking it upon themselves to add extra details about someone they don't know. Lastly, who are you to say he is better dead because of CS issues. Why don't you ask his kids and his parents that? See what they say. My dad still owes my mom and probably won't get the chance to pay it all off in his lifetime but I'm still glad he's around. Children need support but not just financially, how about emotionally, mentally, and etc. Those things are the most important. At least attempting to raise or help raise decent and RESPECTFUL HUMAN BEINGS!!!

2296 days ago

Stanley M    

Why should we feel sorry for a woman that was sleeping around not using a condom in the first place women need to take responsibility in the bedroom before there is any child or child support to pay. I am sick of this helpless tag oh he loved me wanted to be with me, no lady he wanted some booty from you and you gave it and got yourself pregnant. If a woman does not ask for a condom most men won't put one on what do we care we can't get pregnant. Anyway Rest in Peace Sean pray for Eddie Levert.

2296 days ago
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