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Sabrina, The Baby Pimp Witch

4/3/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Joan HartIs three weeks too soon to pimp out your newborn child?!

With no magazine million dollar baby pic offer to speak of, Melissa Joan Hart hit up a Beverly Hills expectant mom event on Wednesday -- with her poor 21-day-old son, Braydon, at her breast. Baby's first red carpet.

What's next? Braydon's birthday party at Hyde?!


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ok is she supose to stay hidden get over it

2391 days ago

i hate hollywood    

Dumb twit has no carrer, maybe she was hoping to get someone to pay 10$ for a pic of her kid. I hope it gets the flu you moron.

2391 days ago


AAAAWw.. CONGRATS!! but keep your baby at home for a while. ..

2391 days ago


This was for A Pea in the Pod event, which just happens to be a maternity wear/baby accessory shop. It is not unnatural for a baby to be there.

2391 days ago

Yo Mama    

Man this girl is fuuuuugly!! Yes keep your baby and your face at home, I just lost my appetite.

What does this chick do anyways? I thought my b**** was fugly but she's looking good after seeing this mug.

2391 days ago


He is adorable! And yes, he's old enough for a trip outside. Give her a break, she's proud of her new baby. I would be too.

2391 days ago


I couldn't care less about celebrities' babies. Who cares? It's a freaking baby! They are all over the place.

2391 days ago


TMZ - You guys suck. It was an event promoting "A Pea in the Pod" maternity and baby clothes. Babies were invited and encouraged. Was that leap of logic a little beyond your astounding mental capabilities???

2391 days ago


Who is the managing editor over there now?? You guys are just mean now. She's proud of her baby, not "whoring" it out.

This is what happens when you put fat frustrated jocks in charge.

2391 days ago


This had to writen by a man-boy. A young , stupid man boy. How is going to a "Pea in the Pod" event whoring a baby out.
You people complain when they leave their babies with nannies and complain when they bring them out. Get a life.

2391 days ago


Why does this has-been even make news anymore? No one cares what she does. Why the hell is she famous anyway? The stint on Sabrina? BWHAHAHA.

2391 days ago


What happened to her?

She used to be pretty and younger than me....she now looks ugly and older than my mom....

2391 days ago

H B Rider    

Whore out a baby? TMZ is just low class. You can tell how hard up they are and frustrated that the only news they have is garbage they make up and twist to suit their standards of existance. I look at the idiots on the TMZ show and they have the nerve to even say someone is ugly. Have you seen the staff at TMZ? Rejects in high school and in their adult life as well. If it wasn't for booze and drugs that staff would never get laid. Well the satisfaction is this...all they have is this bottom dwelling reporting style. They can't do any better than what they are doing now. TMZ is nothing but a group of hacks with a homosexual boss in Harvey Levin. That is fact.

2391 days ago


I dont see the problem with this. Is TMZ saying that she holed up for 3 weeks waiting for a million dollar pic offer and when none came in she decided to show her face?

Um, yah. I dont see her being that type of person.

And also, is TMZ saying that Moms cant go to work with their newborn babies until they reach a certain age?

Um, TMZ: Hire some women. Clearly only men write your "stories" as they have a sexist pig undertone to them.

I dont see any resemblance to pimping out her child here--this story is actually more applicable to the stars that accept money for pictures of their babies. Like J. Lo.

2391 days ago


What is she doing with a newborn out in what looks like a hollywood outing? She's desperate isn't she?

2391 days ago
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