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'Real Housewives'

Real Pain In Ass

4/5/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Wall Street management company may learn the hard way -- skank is now a protected class in the US of A.

Jason Colodne is suing Patriarch Partners for $55 mil, claiming he was wrongfully fired because he appeared on the TV show "The Real Housewives of New York City." NEW YORK CITY!

According to the suit, first reported by Page Six, Jason's GF, Bethenny Frankel, is a cast member, and he appeared on an episode to promote a charity that raises money for neurofibromatosis. By the way, Jason wasn't working in the mail room. He was Prez of the frickin' company.

Apparently, the firm values its privacy and felt Jason boy was out of line. Since he's now unemployed and into charity work, we're thinkin' he should try out for "Oprah's Big Give."


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His appearance on the show is trashy. The girlfriend tells the world about his personal life, his divorce, his children, her desire to move in with him. She detailed their conversation and near-breakup over her insisting she move in with him and he tell her when they would get married and allow her to have a baby. His appearance has been much more than just an appearance supporting a charity. In fact, I didn't actually notice the charity connection but do apparently have all the details about his love life. His girlfriend Bethenny just makes him look stupid and low class because she comes across so awful. I keep wondering if he's so great, what does he see in her? Frankly, I think he's using her for sex, companionship, and cooking.

Oh, Dave, it's Tanzania, not Tanazania. Some of us know how to spell here in America.

2336 days ago


The firm is way out of line. I do not believe this guy embarassed himself or his company

2336 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

uh, Dave, I think you mean "Tanzania". Before insulting other people it's a good idea to make sure you're right.

Go Sox

2336 days ago


Uh, Dave---not too many people CAN find "Tanazania" on a map. It's no where to be found. If you're going to go on record and say Americans "aren't that bright"..... at least use spell check. Doh!!!

2336 days ago


Fred...what a jerk you are.

2336 days ago


are you kidding me, come on firm dousche bags. that guy was put on the spot by that girl and than he was trying to help out his sister who's sick? and then he gets fired. curious, why again? i highly doubt it didnt bring you some good press, and now you look like morons. i will pray to god everyday that he wins the lawsuit and you guys go under, please god forgive me for saying that, but come on....and that alex lady's husband, i kind of feel bad for him, but come on she needs to grow some cohones and tell him he needs to stay home or try to find some other girlfriends or guy friends. and he is coming across really fake and semi lame lately, he needs to step it up and man up a little...everyone else on the show, yawn. i agree real housevives of orange county was way better.

2336 days ago

Take it in the ass Sam    

NY housewives show BLOWS big time. Hey Bravo...your concept sux!
I'd rather watch OC housewives show.

2336 days ago


Dear Fred, would your last name happen to be Hitler?

2336 days ago


The NYC housewives seem meaner, more aggressive, more self-serving, and less humorous than the housewives of Orange County. In a way, they fit into whatever stereotype I already had of NYC residents, and I'm sorry to say it. Seems to me they searched to find some people who would fit that stereotype because I doubt everyone there is like that.

And please, stop talking about making connections and using people as stepping stones to get what you want out of life. Can you be more shallow?

Yes, Tanzania is on the east coast of Africa. See Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Dave, reflect upon the rules of grammar, comma usage, sentence and phrase construction. You are lacking. Are you American, too, like I am?

2336 days ago


What fools these mortals be.

2336 days ago


What fools the gods be as well.

2336 days ago

Random Guy    

The "NY Housewife" show isn't very good, but it's better than that lame show about the "OC Housewifes". The women on the OC show are all OLD (almost all of them are over 47 years old) and very fake! The OC show should be called "The Fake OC Grandmothers".

2336 days ago


The Housewive of NYC are far more interesting than the plastics from the OC. Just as ridiculous, but much more interesting.

2336 days ago


What did he do that offended the company? The man barely speaks on the show when he does appear!

2336 days ago

R u nuts?    

this was posted on a diffrent web's very funny. Bethenny reminds me of this girl I once knew who did a lot of meth, and used to slash tires in parking lots just because. That girl scared me, and so does Bethenny. Anyone who looks at this woman and thinks “Yes, this is what I want to wake up to in the morning” is actually probably perfectly suited to work in private equity.

2336 days ago
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