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Barton Bargains Her Way Out of DUI Rap

4/8/2008 12:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"O.C." wanna been Mischa Barton has decided to take a plea bargain in her DUI case -- clever girl that one.

A source tells TMZ that at her court date on Thursday she'll plead no contest to the DUI charge. In exchange, the marijuana charge will be dropped and the driving without a license rap will be reduced to an infraction.

Greasy's ex-GF will then have to serve three years of unsupervised probation, attend an alcohol education class and pay a fine.

A source tells us this is "fairly standard" for a first-time offender like Miss Mischa, who was arrested last December, adding that she's "learned her lesson."


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hell with them all    

She a slut with bad taste for boy friends.

2358 days ago


Well, read about ya later Misch Misch!!!!!

2358 days ago


Why wasn't her license suspended for one year?

2358 days ago


I thought that everyone, in all states, who get caught driving with their alcohol level over the limit, loses their drivers license for at least six months. Is it different in California? In most other states, people lose their licenses, then are unable to get to work, can't drive their kids to school, and the courts don't give a damn. And I'm talking about first time offenders. Must be nice to be a celeb and live in California.

2358 days ago


pattijen, I have NEVER heard of those laws. Even if your license is suspended, they do have work release programs and such to deal with those issues. In PA, a first time DUI offender only faces 6 months of probation and minimal fines. Since she got 3 years of probation, I don't think she got off easy. First time DUI offenders do not automatically lose their license so I'm not surprised she didn't.

2358 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Since when is unsupervised probation "fairly standard"? More rich-person favoritism. Justice is corrupted out there in L.A. No wonder people rioted. The inequality is rampant.

2358 days ago


This is a comment for #9

The only point I got from your comment is that practically all your friends drink and drive apparently. Hopefully, they will all wind up killing each other and the rest of us will be better off. Tell me what night you and your posse will be out so I can STAY OFF THE ROADS. stupid beeyotchs.

2358 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

As the fog lifts, will she remember being with Greasy?

2358 days ago


for comment #23
i didnt mean all of my friend have gotten DUI's i just ment the couple who have had them had the same punishment as misha barton and anyone else i have heard of through second hand info has had the same punishment, its standard.

2358 days ago


i was arrested on my 18th bday for a bday. im not proud of it to say the least, but i was also a first time offender. all i got was a 200 dollars fine and had to go to one AA meeting and a mothers against drunk driving meeting so what she got is not uncommon especially since she is a celebrity

2357 days ago
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