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Nanny Says Rob Lowe Exposed Himself

4/15/2008 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained former nanny Jessica Gibson's countersuit that she filed against Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl. Man-- this is some dirt!
Nannygate -- click to launch
In her suit, Gibson claims Lowe not only groped her, he repeatedly exposed his "flaccid penis" and his "erect penis" to her, repeatedly asked her "to touch his penis," repeatedly masturbated in front of her, showed her pornographic images on his computer, asked her to give him a massage and tell him dirty stories ... and that's just Rob!

She then says Rob's wife Sheryl walked around naked --"completely exposing herself" -- made "numerous sexually vulgar comments about male genitalia," "would talk about her sex life" with Rob and said that "she would never have a boyfriend because only a married man would want to f*** her."

Gibson says the Lowes paid her $18.00 an hour for her services. She's suing them for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid off-the-clock work, overtime wages and unpaid meal periods. She's asking for damages in excess of $50,000. She also said on this morning's "Today" show that she never tried to extort money from the Lowes, as Rob has alleged.

Sources connected to Lowe say the stories just don't add up.

Dr. Phil Lackey Triggers Crisis on Show

A lowly production assistant on the "Dr. Phil" show sent the show into crisis, and TMZ knows exactly how it all went down.
Michael Wynne: Click to watchMichael Wynne: Click to watch
You know the Florida case where eight kids were accused in that horrible videotaped beating? Well, the show sent a producer and a production assistant (think intern with a paycheck) down to Florida to snag the alleged ringleader for an exclusive appearance on "Dr. Phil."

Sources tell TMZ the production assistant -- Mikey -- and an experienced producer went to a bail bondsman, said they represented the show and plunked down the 10% need --$3,300 -- in bail for the jailed suspect.

But the lid was blown the so-called plan after a court appearance a few days back, when Mikey acted up as he walked the suspect out of court, insisting no one could talk to her because Phil had the exclusive. We hear the good Dr. is piiiissed!

Now get this... Mikey, aka, Mr. Large and In Charge, aka Michael Wynne, is a student at Boston University and is an NHL Analyst on the school's TV station. Hey Mikey, don't quit your day job, if you still got one.

Mormon Hunks -- Heavenly Bodies

Everyone can appreciate a man on a mission. Especially when he's hot! Lawd have mercy!
Mormon Hunks -- click to launch
The Mormon boys at MormonsExposed are back and hard at work on their 2009 calendar and, apparently, their totally ripped abs. Bet if this guy showed up at your door you'd let him right in. We're just sayin' ...

It's a Fat World After All

Small World?Disney is sayin' they're renovating the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland to introduce new characters, but what they're really trying to do is trim the fat ... people.

The boats on the ride are the same old ones when the ride first debuted at the World's Fair in 1964. Here's the prob -- 44 years and 20 billion Mickey D burgers later, America has become all blubber, and it's screwing up the ride.

Two hundred pounders and up were populating the boats, which increasingly began bottoming out and stopping the ride dead in its tracks. And anyone knows you can become certifiable listening to "that song" for more than three minutes.

It became too embarrassing to escort passengers to dry land, explaining that the girth was just too much to bare.

Flabulous -- click to launchDisney previously has denied the renovations have anything to do with weight issues.

Kim K to TMZ: Kiss My Big Fat Ass!

Don't call Kimmie "spoiled" -- she prefers going by "disgusting ... cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag."
Kim Kardashian: Click to watch
Her former BFF Paris Hilton trashed her booty all over a Las Vegas radio station yesterday, but all Kim cared about was being called a "spoiled brat" by TMZ.

Actually Kim, we called you a "spoiled bi**h," and we're stickin' by our story.

Metcalfe Buys Some Big Ones

Jesse Metcalf and Colleen ShannonWhen you date Jesse Metcalfe you betta have bigger breasts than he does -- or else he'll buy you some!

TMZ sources tell us that Jesse bought a new rack for ex-girlfriend -- Playboy playmate Colleen Shannon -- when they dated a few years back. He made her who she isn't!

Colleen could have been very useful in nursing Jesse back to health after he got knocked on his butt.

A-List A Cups

Not every woman in Tinseltown is a walking flotation device. Their bodies may resemble that of a twelve-year-old boy, but that doesn't mean the following women aren't hot. Besides, more than a handful's a waste, right?
Flat Chested -- click to launch

That Guy in "Perfect Strangers": 'Memba Him?!

Mark Linn-Baker became famous for playing Balki's (Bronson Pinchot) cousin, Larry, on the '80s TV series, "Perfect Strangers." Guess what he looks like now!
Mark Linn-Baker

Fake 'N Bake

Celebs will go to extreme lengths to keep up their appearances. Unfortunately, at times, some methods backfire. Orange you glad it didn't happen to you? Get it? Cuz they're orange... eh.
Fake N Bake -- click to launch


No Avatar


what the fuxck

2379 days ago

flaming homo    

that show sucked ass

2379 days ago

flaming homo    

that show sucked a$$

2379 days ago


I saw that bubble headed bimbo nanny on the Today show this morning and she just sat there with s stupid smirk on her face throughout her entire interview while her loudmouthed attorney, Gloria Alred spoke. When Meredith Viera asked her questions regarding what exactly Rob Lowe did to her, she just continued to sit there grinning like an idiot and refused to answer. I didn't realize, until Meredith Viera pointed it out in the interview that this bimbo actuallly left her employment with the Lowes more than once and then returned to her job as their nanny. If she were realy being abused, she would never have returned. Additionally, she wrote a letter when she left her employment telling hte Lowes she loved them. This woman was not abused, she wasn't paid her extortion money like the Lowes said and this is how she's retaliating, by slandering the Lowes. This woman should not only not win her vindictive law suit, she should be jailed for fraud and extortion. She and her lawyer need to crawl back under the rock they crawled out from.

2379 days ago


As for the Rob Lowe sory -- this 'nanny' seems to be forgetting whose house it is! If I wanted to walk around completely bare-assed in my own home, she can take the (exhorbitant) $18.00/hr or leave !!!! Maybe she oughta try a little of the same behavior herself! It's make Rob's life a lot more interesting!!

2379 days ago


To #6......Rob! Is that YOU????? lol

2379 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about Britney Spears without clothes. The only stories I want to hear about her is ones that are about her getting her children back or ones about her actually wearing clothes. Now that's a story as well as a miracle.

2379 days ago



2379 days ago


I think that Rob did not expose himself and she the nanny got her nose put out of joint she should be so lucky

2379 days ago


Men, this nanny is obviously a "woman scorned"!! It's simply as falling in love to lowe, just maybe, got into an intimate relationship w/ him and got dumped. Women will go to an extent for a revenge to the man she yearns for~

2379 days ago




2379 days ago


I believe her story. I believe she was severely underpaid. I am sorry but $18 an hour to watch some rich persons kids? That is less than what their housekeeper gets paid to scrub the poop off toilets. Talk about slavery! I worked as a nanny. The woman of the house was always out shopping and having lunch with friends and going to get her nails done. I was working nearly 7 days a week. Her husband was wearing shorts one day and flashed me his long penis too. I just pretended like he was not there or it was not happening and went about my business. After all I was young and I needed a place to live and food to eat. However I was paid much less than mininum wage to watch twin girls and clean a house twice a week to perfection. When I asked for a raise, I was told "there is not money in the budget for me." That very day the lady of the house went out and bought hundreds of dollars of clothing and when she came home she asked me to wash the sizing out of them, starch and iron them. That is when I gave my notice and she told me "how ungrateful I was being and that I should feel lucky to live in such a grand house." Her friend hired me and paid me decently.

2379 days ago

Ritchie Blackmore    

You know she wanked Robbie off on her face, you know she did!! LOL

2379 days ago

Ritchie Blackmore    

You know she and robbie are in love

2379 days ago


A-List A cup story should be renamed, "Anorectic List training bra or AA cup story." I think it is weird when men are attracted to women weighing less than 100 lbs, in need of a meal and that have the body of an 8 year old girl. It borders on pedophilia.

2379 days ago
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