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Trades Crip Blue for Red

... Necks!

4/15/2008 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop DoggIs gangsta twang a new musical genre, because why the hell would Snoop Dogg show up to the CMT Music Awards -- in full on vampire western gear?! Drop it like it's WHAT?!

Unless he was stoned -- which isn't exactly impossible -- Snoop must be trying to get the country folk into his reality show "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood." Hold the gin & juice and pass the moonshine, y'all!


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First! Anyway...I think it's great that he doesn't care what people think! He's a grown man and he's 100% capable of making those kinds of decisions on his own!

2382 days ago


He was honoring Johnny Cash, you morons!

2382 days ago


County folk? Don't you dimwits mean country folk. Or are you now picking on people who live outside of city limits?

And #1 had it right, if he likes what he is wearing, then what different does it make what the idiots of TMZ think.

2382 days ago


Why did you change the ladies facial expression behind Snoop? Well I guess it's a good thing cause she had her nose all up in the air. Like she was saying ''I can't believe they let him in here''. Now it's like she's sayin "" OMG that's Snoop Dogg!!


2382 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Snoop Dog is not high, well actually he is, but the point is that he has built up such a tolerance for THC, you would never know the difference when he is straight or stoned. The really scary part about this "criminal gangster", rapist, gun runner, drug dealer, and all around thug, is that he has a following in the ten's of millions who actually believe that he is not only intelligent but borders on being a leader in the US. NOT!

His recent interview where he called Senator Obama "an uncle Tom", Senator Clinton "a bitch", and Senator McCain "a dinasour", shows not only his lack of tact but more so his complete lack of intelligence or knowledge of what the US is facing both at home and abroad.

Now, ofcourse, you have to accept the fact that a guy who feels it is okay to deal drugs, be a pimp, use gang violence, and also treat women like whores - is not playing with a full deck -unfortunatley this one is playing with a very large bank acoount.

So, as any decent person would do, call Snoop Dog, exactly what he is an African American clone of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity. Not intelligent, without class, or education, but just popular and rich.

2382 days ago




2382 days ago

OC Get A Life    

I almost feel off my chair when I read, Gladys Cats, ridiculous post that Snoop Dog was honoring Johnny Cash!

Johnny Cash, a profoundly trouble soul, found the Lord Jesus Christ, but even before then, when he had little money, he gave opportunities to artists from janitors to incarcerated indivuadls of all races, creeds, and genders. His prolific library of published and unpublished works does not contain any profanity, hate mongering, vioence or gang affiliation promotion, or any other negative human activity.

Snoop Dog is the illiterate and talentless anti-thesis of The Man in Black.

Every artist from Bono to Nirvana have paid tribute to the groundbreaking work and altruism of Johnny Cash.

Who accept the gang bangers and a couple of wannabe white suburban kids are ever going to remember let alone implement the "work" or should I say sampling of other artist's work witout credit or payment - he is a hack and belongs in the back pages of any rap or music history book.

To even mention Snoop Dogs name in the same sentence as Johnny Cash makes my skin crawl, and probably makes Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and even Motzart, laugh their asses off in heaven.

Snoop stick to the ho' train, that is where you belong.

And, before anyone starts scereaming racisim, take a look at some of the African-Americans writing, performin, and producing country music from Big and Rich to Brooks and Dunn, country music, like anyoher American enterprise has social issues, but it is not the demon that people make it out to be - just do some reaading, listening, and open your mind.

2382 days ago

Oh Please    

Snoop Dog is not high: Your point is????? Snoop is happliy married, just renewed his vowels, has extremely intelligent, funny, witty, loving children a career and yes, he is rich! Not only that he has got an enormous fan base and is the coolest, slickest M.F. in these parts, Pardner, so I say to you, quit hatin and start celebratin. Don't be mad cuz you ain't got an ounce of game, go out and get yours like he went out and got his, playa. Quit trippin.

2382 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Jeslousy between you and the moron saying "Shut up" it was a close race to be the most ignorant poster on the thread, but I answered moron number one above, and now it is your turn, jealousy? NO, facts.

a) 1 in 4 highschool girls are positive for an STD
b) the gagnser rap culture glorifies violence, sexual immorality, and a complete lack or intelligence and knowledge
c) bigorty whether it be Hagee or Farakhan (Snoop Dog's idol) is holdiing our American family back

And, finally why on earth would any rahtioal Christian American be jealous of a guy who just as you say "revewed his VOWELS' ,please ry to use a non-ebonic dictionary next time , because it was either that or divorce court which would open up all his financial and business records which the FBI, DEA, and many othe police agencies would really like to go through so they can put this degenerate away for a very long time.

You are a fan, and I appreciate that, but do not embarass yourself by stating that there are any redeming values to Snoop Dog, his music, or his lifestyle. And, as for "renewing his VOWELS", he only did that after being caught with the latest of his likely HIV positive strippers that he picks up wherever he goes - what a great guy - you are right an artist, a family man, and a role model for anyone who wants to be in a gang, die early, or get a disease.

2382 days ago


Get along, little dogg-y!

2382 days ago

leave britney alone!!    

Actually, Snoop Dogg is coming out with a new album that features an eclectic mix of music genres -- he even has a song that is themed "countryish." I saw him discuss it on a late night talk show, either Jay or Conan I can't remember which. So, though nobody knows about this song yet, I guess it makes sense for him to be there? And hilarious either way.

2382 days ago


you know these country states do air shows on i think we freakin know about his show and who the hell he is....

2382 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Snoop always looks good - in anything and in nothing.

2382 days ago



2382 days ago


He renewed his vowels? Oh, man, I about fell off my chair.

2382 days ago
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