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Tom Brady: Balls in a Box?

4/15/2008 12:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen's footballer wife Tom Brady was once again being the good little errand boy that he is and picked up some packages for his lady boss in the Palisades on Monday.

Hopefully, Tommy boy made it home in time to prepare Gisele's lunch and run her a bath.

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Black Teef    

Totally whipped.

2381 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

TMZ: A little jealous? Hmmmm...that's what it sounds like. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Why wouldn't he do things for his girlfriend? I don't get it. And, that's not news. TMZ site is becoming lame.

2381 days ago

K. Jackson    

Let them alone already!

2381 days ago


HaHa! All yall just hatin cause look at his life. He has a gorgeous girlfriend, an awesome career (and can throw a ball better then any of the others in Pro football), not to mention he is HOT!! Keep hatin. It wont get you anywhere. Maybe if more men were that thoughtful towards their women they wouldn't lose them so quickly....

2381 days ago

Had it    

#16, why would anyone want to do anything for the woman who 1) blamed anorexia on "bad parents" and who 2) if famous for winning the gene pool. She is no more special than the rest of us. I think TMZ is proving the point, she is WAY over rated, so is he, and it is fun to make fun of two people who are so self absorbed.

2381 days ago


How do you even know those aren't his errands? Maybe that's hiss package.

2381 days ago


Thank you TMZ for telling it like it IS. The Deadbeat QB and his Porn Queen have been at it for over a year, seeking out the paps and I mean TMZ as well. TMZ really gets it -- covering a Pompous A**, over-rated QB - ask Troy Aikman and others; acts as if he is a "wholesome boy"; NOT -- he has been ignoring his Family in San Mateo; his son John since taking up with the Porn Queen ---he has never, never called son by name -- can't say JOHN!!!- what is the matter with this insensitive jerk? - he is evidence of being in the state of regression in character. -- resulting from associating with a "street person". Porn Queen has been in the street since 14 (half of her life) exposed to the street at 14 you take up with drugs and sex -- thus making you insensitive. This insensitivity has rubbed off on "Errand Boy" -- TMZ you got it right. Keep it up and be their to expose these two "kids" for what they are.

2381 days ago


He is prettier than her. lol! I swear she looks like a man.

2381 days ago


you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Overrated QB? He had the best season a quarterback ever had in the NFL last year. Pompous QB..he's never seeked the paps or the newspapers. Gisele a porn queen? please site what photos or movie she appeared in? How do you know he's ignoring his family...you must get your inside info from TMZ. I guess you would rather see him beat the hell out of her to satisfy your thirst for hate. Or maybe, you're jealous Gisele is not with you.

2381 days ago

asthma patient    

Gee Pearl, judging from your insensitive comments, you must be well into drugs and sex yourself. What a moron!

2381 days ago


why do you always say its her mail/packages anytime he is seen carrying anything? if he's picking up mail at a PO box in NYC it is probably his mail, as I'm sure her apartment there, where she lives, gets mail delivered directly to it, and he probably has his forwarded to a box in the city when he stays there! DUH! He's still a pretty boy...Go GIANTS!

2381 days ago


Yes - Gisele is a porn star. Do a simple search for her photos on google and all you will see is sex, naked body parts and "come hither looks" from your Gisele - Supermodel Goddess of the World.

Even if you don't think Gisele is a porn star, what about her ill-conceived, hateful, foolish and STUPID comments about the cause of anorexia? Yes, do another search on google. Everyone and I mean everyone made fun of her, particularly since she made the comments right after a Brazillian model die from anorexia!

While I do not believe that Gisele is a stupid person, (she is after all a successful brand and she speaks several languages), her comments on anorexia, the Catholic Church and whether or not she would ever get pregnant before marriage, are, at the very least, STUPID and uneducated.

And that is why Gisele will always just be a photographic face and body (both which will not last forever), she just doesn't have the brain power for anything else!

2381 days ago


How does the resident TMZ staff morons know the packages aren't for him? ASSuming?
And let's not forget, you are the ones stalk....err...following him around to get the mail every day, talk about desperate! HA

2381 days ago


To Harvey Levin: who ever writes this stuff bashing the deadbeat "dad" Tom Brady deserves a raise! The writer is hillarious & dead on when it comes to this loser...Gisele's little whipping boy needs another TMZ lashing! Keep up the great work TMZ!!

2381 days ago


Font of all Knowledge(aka pearl)
You must be a born again ahole who has a closet fetish for Gisele. I think she's pretty smart considering she probably earns more money in 1 week than you do in a year. Also, I don't consider a pic of a nude beautiful women..porn. In your case, your nude, wrinkled, sagging, hairy porker body would qualify as porn.

2381 days ago
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