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Screw Matchbox Twenty -- Sue the Activists!

4/17/2008 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A booking company is pissed that Matchbox Twenty just pulled out of performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days -- which claims to be the world's biggest outdoor rodeo -- because of the "mistreatment of animals" at the event. So the company has decided to sue ... animal activists!?
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Romeo Entertainment is claiming that animal activist group SHARK contacted agents for Matchbox Twenty -- and used "false and misleading information and the threat of negative publicity" to get the fading band to drop out of their July 18 performance.

This isn't the first time Romeo claims SHARK has bit them in the ass.

They claim SHARK was responsible for Carrie Underwood pulling out of the same event in July of 2006! Romeo is seeking close to $100,000 in damages for the alleged "unjustified and tortious" interference from SHARK and its president.

UPDATE: Currently, the lawsuit is not seeking damages from the entertainers involved -- but TMZ just spoke with R.J. Romeo, who said R.E.G.'s not ruling out taking legal action against Matchbox Twenty. R.J. says Romeo Entertainment Group officially found out MB20 had bailed out of the gig after questioning a press release sent out by SHARK -- which claimed the band was dunzo with the performance.

R.J. says the release came after Bob Romeo never received a response to a letter sent to MB20's agents -- which explained there was no rodeo events scheduled the day of the performance, and asked that the band keep up with their end of the deal.

Statement from SHARK: "Bring it on! We can't wait to see these guys in court. Matchbox Twenty did the right thing, and we did the right thing in contacting them. These guys (MB20) are real American heroes -- not like those phony cowboys."


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Regardless of how you feel about Rodeo's - a contract is a contract. If MB20 is so upset by Rodeo's, why agree to the concert in the first place? You can't sign a deal to play a Rodeo and then get mad that animals are going to be at that Rodeo. Everyone knows that animals are used in Rodeo's...once you sign the contract, you have to fulfill your's not about 1st ammendment rights, it's about living up to your end of the signed agreement. And if you want to back out, you have to pay the consequences.

2346 days ago


exactly why would a steer want to be shocked, terrified and roped?
to think that a steer yearns for this is as ridiculous as to think that rodeos don't promote and engage in animal abuse.
and it seems that not satisfied with abusing animals, those connected with rodeos in various ways want to abuse people as well by suing those who are trying to stop this animal abuse.

2346 days ago


Glad to see those dogooders getting sued. Maybe it will teach them not to spread lies.

2346 days ago


"13. Regardless of how you feel about Rodeo's - a contract is a contract. If MB20 is so upset by Rodeo's, why agree to the concert in the first place? You can't sign a deal to play a Rodeo and then get mad that animals are going to be at that Rodeo. Everyone knows that animals are used in Rodeo's...once you sign the contract, you have to fulfill your's not about 1st ammendment rights, it's about living up to your end of the signed agreement. And if you want to back out, you have to pay the consequences.

Posted at 5:18PM on Apr 17th 2008 by What"

You hit the nail right on the head. I don't think the Romeo Entertainment has any right to sue SHARK, but If Matchbox 20 breeched it's signed contract then they can and should be held accountable (that is why we sign contracts). Sorry, do I think these animal are mis-treated, yes. This still doesn't give Matchbox 20 the right to bail on a contract simply because SHARK supplied, "false and misleading information and the threat of negative publicity."

2346 days ago

Steve Wilson    

Ro rodeo? LOL, nice. Rodeo news always brings out the intelligentsia.

Anyways, there is no reason to argue about this. The facts are the facts. Watch the videos for yourself and decide if this is animal abuse:

2346 days ago

Sophia Barden    

You people are INSANE. You know why animals buck? NOT because of a strap around their "groin"- that's back further, impossible to hit unless they actually THROUGH the legs- it tickles their flanks. Learn you anatomy before making stupid statements. Rodeo animals are cared for EXTREMELY Well and I am so SICK of hypocrytical Celebrities and attention seekers blabbing about stuff they don't know about.



2346 days ago


Before you start criticizing YOU EDUCATE yourself about this sport

Rodeo Incidents

Rodeo Incidents The following is a partial listing of incidents involving animals used in rodeos that includes countless human and animal injuries and deaths.
June 9, 2006/Lewiston, Maine: When a rodeo bull escaped from a pen at a bull-riding event, police on horseback chased the animal and struggled with him in a local back yard before the bull was finally captured.
April 28, 2006/Clovis, California: Two women sustained head injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital when they were trampled by two spooked horses who escaped a pen at the Clovis Rodeo.
April 22, 2006/Byers, Colorado: A 17-year-old attending a rodeo clinic was killed while trying to get off a horse following a “bucking bronco” ride. The young man’s hand got caught in the horse’s harness, and the horse rolled on top of him, causing severe organ damage.
March 16, 2006/Houston, Texas: During the steer-wrestling competition at a RodeoHouston event, a steer broke his neck and had to be euthanized.
January 28, 2006/Ulver- stone, Tasmania, Australia: During a saddle bronc ride at the Ulverstone Rodeo, a 5-year-old horse fell and broke his leg. His injuries were so severe that he had to be euthanized. January 14, 2006/Carrick, Tasmania, Australia: A bull who was thought to have suffered a broken back at the Carrick Rodeo had to be euthanized. According to reports, the bull was kicked in the head in order to move him onto a truck and was left for an hour without veterinary care after sustaining the injury.

April 16, 2005/Auburn, California: A horse was euthanized after breaking her leg at the PRCA Wild West Stampede. An 11-year-old girl who witnessed the incident said, “The leg was hanging loose, like it was not attached to the body, and blood was everywhere.” February 20, 2005/Cape Girardeau, Missouri: A steer was killed at a PRCA rodeo after the animal tripped and fractured his neck as he was being wrestled to the ground.
January 31, 2005/Omaha, Nebraska: A horse being used in a stunt at the “World’s Toughest Bulls and Broncs” rodeo was badly injured and had to be euthanized. In a show called “the One-Armed Bandit,” a group of horses is
Rodeo Incidents Factsheet

2346 days ago

Sophia Barden SHARK sucks too and is run by an insane man
April 17, 2008

UPDATE: PETA Killed Over 97 Percent of the Animals in its Care in 2006

2,981. That’s how many dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other "companion animals" died needlessly at PETA's hands in 2006. According to the group's own records, PETA employees killed more than 97 percent of the flesh-and-blood creatures in their care that year.

Compare that with the Norfolk (where PETA is based) Society for the Protection of Animals, which euthanized only 38 of the 1404 animals placed in their care that year. Even the Norfolk city pound managed to release or adopt out more than half the number of animals it euthanized.

While PETA collects millions in donations by pretending to advocate for the welfare of animals, the group has killed 17,400 pets since 1998. Some animals are killed at PETA headquarters and stored in a giant walk-in freezer.

Others are killed in roving death vans and tossed into dumpsters. In fact, less than three percent of the animals handed over to People for the "Ethical" Treatment of Animals actually survive.

2346 days ago

Sophia Barden    

Weren't any of you ever told to look at both sides. Animal rights activists are proven terrorists and are being attacked by consumer groups for their outrageous and dishonest tactics to take money from animal lovers; Not to mention their encouragement of violence.
Do your research and don't just look at propaganda and take it as gospel truth. You are all so easily minipulated, the type Ted Bundy would like to meet.

2346 days ago


It's not just the bull riding. This specific rodeo has had alligations and an ongoing investigation of animal cruelty, with ADULT MEN getting ticked at a calf for not just falling over so he kicked it in the head until he killed it. This is only one instance that is being investigated. Rob Thomas and his wife, Marisol, are HUGE animal supporters, and are the part of Sidewalk Angels, which sponsor animal organizations for abused and unwanted animals. I think they have done a great thing in not selling out for their beliefs! Long live Matchbox 20!

2346 days ago


Sophia, why do you animal abusers always sound wacko?

2346 days ago

Maria T.    

There's this little thing called the Constitution, and it includes something called the First Amendment. Rodeo animal abusers want to pretend it's not there, but real Americans think it's a good idea that it is. Romeo is a loser, just like all rodeo goofs. A judge will hand him his a$$ in court, and I hope SHARK countersues.

Rodeos abuse and kill many animals. Just watch the videos on YouTube by searching "rodeo abuse corruption." These guys are a bunch of John Wayne wannabes in cowboy Halloween costumes. The only thing real is rodeos is the cruelty. What cowards!

2345 days ago


the FADING band????? Why would you call them a fading band? They still have the same fanbase they had in 1997. Just because they don't have the retarded teen Miley Cyrus followers doesn't mean they're fading...

2345 days ago


To the idiot who posted about bullfighting...
I agree that Bullfighting is wrong, i really do. But i must say that you are an idiot. There has never been, nor will there ever be bullfighting at a rodeo. Bullfighting is done in countries like Spain and is a very popular sport. There has never been a BULLFIGHT at a rodeo. Rodeos do not kill the aniamls you moron. Before you start spweing your idiocy at least get your facts straight.
To everyone who supporst shark..
Helping animals is great, but you have never been to a rodeo or you would know what it was really about. Next time you eat a hambuger or a chicken breast think that those animals suffered more then any at a rodeo. Grow up and get your facts straight.

2345 days ago

john winston    

Let's see..., if there is a rodeo and animal abuse, you get fined. But there is no fine. So there must be no abuse...but wait! The ones who inflict the abuse (and get docile animals to erupt) are the same people who levy the fines! Whoa....
Just review the fine list. Oh, it doesn't exist? Then there is no abuse, except in levying the fines.

2344 days ago
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