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Gets A-Buse-ive

with TMZ Photog

4/18/2008 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey went ballistic on our camera guy today when we tried to get the real story behind his alleged eviction.

Busey tore after our guy, ripping the microphone and battery off his camera. But after Gary went inside his apartment and cooled down, he came back and apologized for it all. He told us he didn't get evicted from his place and he doesn't owe his old landlord $50k as had been reported -- he just moved out of Malibu because he needed a change of pace.

Apparently that change doesn't involve his sanity -- it's still gone.


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Glenn Beckerhead    

He's lucky anyone pays attention to him.

2344 days ago


He said he was in the middle of a private conversation, yet the pap kept asking the questions. If I were him, I wouldn't have continued the interview after I asked the idiot cameraman to leave me alone and he didn't. Have some respect for people's privacy!

2344 days ago


Gary, you crack me up but you are a strange guy. Good luck in LALALAND!!

2344 days ago


It has been a very long time since Mr. Busey has been sane. God love him! He told you he was in a "private meeting" and you continued to pounce on him! That was very nice of him to apologize.

"The truth will set you free", Gary Busey

One more thing, Gary might want to see a Dr. about that wheezing! One to many cigarettes!

2344 days ago



I tried to watch "I'm with Busey" because I really wanted to love it, but it freaked me out too much..I don't think that kid who went on the show to learn about life from Gary Busey knew what he was getting into....lolz. A fascinating human specimen, indeed!

2344 days ago


Pap says "can I ask you a question?" to which Busey politely replies "no, I'm in a private conversation". Pap keeps running his feeble reedy little voice. Busey should have ripped his tiny little kumquat nuts off and fed them to him.

2344 days ago


I'd love to see how these TMZ jobs get handed out. "Wilson, you're going out to the Palisades to screw with Gummi Bear -- Steinberg, you're heading out to Santa Monica to get the Busey story -- from Busey, bring your mase!"

2344 days ago


Busey should have ripped the guy a new one. The entire TMZ staff are a bunch of bitches who antagonize celebrities into meltdowns. The only thing Busey did wrong was apologize and give that crap head an explanation of his situation.

2344 days ago


Whoa! and yall talk about black people being ignorant and violent. HA!

2344 days ago


If the person would have been black that jumped on the paps would the comments be different? Funny to me.....but "we're the violent, thuggish ones" HA!

2344 days ago

Just Me    

How come in every story someone has to make it into a black issue or a white issue and how things would have been different if they were black or how different they would be if they were white. Everything gets made into a race issue. WTF!

2344 days ago

Just Me    

To SRP: Where in this story does it say anything about black people or them being violent thugs? I didn't see him "jump" on the paps as you say. Not once. He politely said NO! He should have kicked the paps sorry ass! Black OR white. It's still an ass.

2344 days ago


I made that comment beoause everytime I read something about a black celeb, people turn it into a race issue. Yet, when I read something about a white celeb getting into no one pins that persons actions on the whole white race. EXAMPlE: Go to all the articles on TMZ about foxy brown, fantasia, beyounce and Jay-Z, and any other person of color including asians and latin americans; read the comments on their pages, then after that go to all the white celebs posts and you will see why I am angry. TMZ put posts up about black americans to stir up race wars!!!!!! So I wanna know if he would have been black would yall have put up the same type of comments. I know the answer the comments would have went something like this: "who is this thug?" "oh he got monkey lips" "put him in jail with the rest of the monkeys" "black people have no class" And then yall would have brought up something about O.J. or Rev. Wright or better Al Sharpton. Like those men are the spokes persons for all the black americans. Yeah I'm mad! So, I wrote those comments to get a little reaction out of everyone. TMZ promote this kind of behavior. If one black person messes up in life then thery're associated with the whole black community, thats not fair. Don't judge me by the color of my skin, but the content on my character!

2344 days ago


Race ~ Took the words out of my head!

2344 days ago

Just Me    

To SRP: So you had to turn this article into the same kind of article that you are mad about. YOU made this a race issue.

2344 days ago
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