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Look Out ... Foxy's Bustin' Loose!

4/18/2008 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After eight long months, Foxy Brown finally left prison on Rikers Island -- and gangsta girl took every advantage of her exit to diva it up. Ill na na na na na na na na hey hey good bye!

Just a reminder -- Foxy served eight months in the joint. Nicole Richie did 82 minutes, Lindsay Lohan did about the same.


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what did she go to jail for?

2345 days ago


who cares,she just needs to move on!!!!!!!!!

2345 days ago


Now this is what I am talking about. No one can be at Rikers for Foxy but for Paris it was a DAMN LA Reunion for her release.........

2345 days ago


HELLO, the bigger factor in the differing amount of jail-time served was location, not race, you idiots. New York vs. LA. Let's not try to start something there's not.

2345 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

How can you ask if black celebs get screwed in a piece about Foxy Brown? She had so many chance, more then she should've been allowed - and she messed up every time. She thought she was above the law. She put the judge in a position that if he/she didn't put her in jail he'd look like he/she was giving her special treatment as a celeb. As it stands she already was treated better then sh deserved due to her poor behavior surrounding all of this.

2345 days ago


What was Foxy in prison for? Most black celbs get busted for weapons or beating the crap out of some one or shooting someone. I'm not excusing drinking and driving but it's a hell of a lot better than gang activities

2345 days ago


Paris and Lindsay didn't beat the crap out 2 people! They weren't charged with ASSAULT! Big difference.

Why are you dignifying this piece of garbage?!

2345 days ago


Bring on the racist comments.

2345 days ago

how dumb    

TMZ - what an unfair comment you made when you compared this to Lohan & Nicole Richie. Such bad journalism. There is no comparison - the other two girls were busted for DUI. Foxy was busted for A VIOLENT CRIME. THE WOMAN BEAT SOMEONE. Dont you think that deserves a lot more punishment? It has nothing to do with race, and I really disrespect TMZ for making the comparison just to instigate...

TMZ is not going to last much longer. Mark my words - its become nothing but biased, inflammatory, sensationalistic journalism.. usually without much truth behind the stories.

2345 days ago


Some of you people are so ignorant. The sad part is you have to shame in showing your ignorance. *smh*

2345 days ago


Oh good grief.................Please tell me that they aren't picking her up in a RENTED ROLLS! Put her black butt on the bus! Paris got in an SUV when she was released.

2345 days ago


Yeah drinking and driving is SO much better than beating someone. I guess there's nothing "violent" about possibly killing someone while your out there drinking and driving! Lawd....

2345 days ago

my, my, my    

She is bipolar crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she will be back.

2345 days ago


Don't these people have JOBS?

2345 days ago


Nichole Ritchie drove the wrong way, Foxy committed assault and battery. Your question would only make sense if they got arrested for the same thing. Hell, Brandy killed a woman and no charges were filed but Paris Hilton went to jail for a DUI...why aren't you asking "Do White Celebs Get Screwed?"

2345 days ago
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