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Gets Dinged Up Real Bad

4/24/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Hogan got negged by pretty much every college she wanted to go to -- but it isn't because she's an airhead, oddly enough.

Brooke's been looking for a school where she can shoot her VH1 reality show, and she tried to get Florida State University, Central Florida, and South Florida to let her play prospective college student. They rejected her outright, reports the Palm Beach Post, because all the cameras and crew would be too distracting. Never mind that she probably couldn't get into those schools anyway.

But Florida Atlantic University took the blonde bait, allowing her to shoot all over campus. She apparently met the student body prez, talked to frat boys and sorority girls, and cruised campus -- on rented golf carts. No word on whether Brooke can actually get in -- the school wouldn't comment.


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pattie in cali    

oh my hair ,oh my clothes. what will people think and say??????? who freakin cares???? what does this bimbo have to offer,? NOTHING, this is the daughter of a women who couldn't even keep her personal life to herself, her husband found out through a reporter, wowwwwwwwwwww, this is the family you want to watch? I AM SICK OF THESE SHOWS, when are we going to tell hollywood, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. NO HOGAN SHOW, it will be trash. STOP THE MADNESS. STOP THESE SHOWS

2375 days ago


Definitely needs to take college seriously, even if it disrupts whatever "acting/singing career" she may still have. Many young actresses have done it. Claire Danes, Natalie Portman. But then again, they had stronger careers before going into college... To each his/her own I guess.

2375 days ago


1st Brooke asked every other college if she could visit and bring her circus, they all say NO, but FAU, desperate for ANY publicity says YES.

2nd Did Brooke get accepted into FAU? I hope so because it mean at least one pretty girl would go to that school.

3rd Who is Brooke Hogan? She is the daughter of a former wrestler, prefect fit for FAU.

Hopefully she will go to FAU and for 5 minutes American might know where FAU is.

2374 days ago


I'm glad that UCF turned her down. I'm a student there and I've come out in TV recordings a lot around campus without my consent. Wouldn't want to add VH1 to that. She definitely wouldn't fit in with the college atmosphere and it would be obvious that she's there and it would just be distracting. I can't believe that FAU actually let her shoot there.

2372 days ago


sandykay, learn how to spell before you comment on someone else's education level. Looks a litle bad when you put someone down for not being smart and then you can not spell college correctly.

2371 days ago


sandykay said: "Don't you have to complete high school before you can go to collage??" at 4:54PM on Apr 24th 2008

No honey...You just need to be able to SPELL college people trying to mock the intelligence of others when they obviously are not very intelligent themselves.

2370 days ago


I agree with everyone that Brooke Hogan is a shallow, no talent dim whit- but she's obviously smart enough to know what side her bread is buttered on... Who wouldn't have cameras follow you around watching you perform mundane tasks while acting retarted for the amount of money they're probably offering her- i know I sure as hell would.

2370 days ago


She can be any thing she wants to be. Her daddies money will buy her that .It bought her a record deal. No one would pay her to sing this crap

2293 days ago
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