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"Baywatch" Star: Worst Supporting Actor

4/28/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gregory Williams is best known for his role as Sgt. Garner Ellerbee on "Baywatch" and is one of the most wanted actors in town -- by L.A. County Child Support Services.
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Williams has earned the title of one of L.A.'s Most Wanted Delinquent Parents for failing to care for five children and owes over $209,000. In 2000, Williams plead no contest to failing to support two of his sons, but failed to appear at a later scheduled court date, so a warrant for his arrest was issued.

While he's no Bill Gates, Williams has steadily earned income as an actor appearing in everything from "Everwood" to "Law & Order: SVU." Most recently he worked on a movie currently in post-production co-starring Luke Perry and LeAnn Rimes.

TMZ contacted LACCSS, who told us the information on their website is up-to-date. When TMZ asked if it was in fact the "Baywatch" star, a rep replied, "Why? Do you know where he is?"

Williams' rep was not immediately available for comment.


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Well, well, I knew this son of a bitch would be on this site!! ha ha.. this is my father and the five children are just on the west coast, he has 6 more in atlanta..and went to jail for child support out there too. someone asked how many mothers, it's actually 5 different women. i am in college right now and my mom struggles everyday just to help me get by. All I ever got from my father was broken promises and heart aches. Now your hearing it straight from the horses mouth. I'm so sick and tired of people giving him the benefit of the doubt when he doesn't deserve. His children(all of us) are hurting from this, it's not a joke, it's our lives. I refuse to be another statistic so I keep it pushin and follow my dreams daily. but deep down inside...IT BURNS!!!!
I don't wish anything bad on my father but I truly feel sorry for his soul when he takes his last breath........

2341 days ago

Edwina from Atlanta    

Greg ,
I am praying for you . ("He who is without sin let him cast the first stone". All stone hurlers, be sure your closets are clean.You just left your door open.) My life changed when I admitted my faults and asked for forgiveness . Be honest and true to yourself and everything will work out.

2327 days ago


Come on Mr. Williams!!! You are no better than myself to pay child support, and I definately don't make an actor's salary!! I make $6.65 per hr. and pay $100.38 per week!!! SO...PAY UP!!!

2366 days ago


God bless you mom of four!!!

When they find Williams, either he PAYS, or they can hang him up by the kahuna's! I bet he would come up with the money then!

2366 days ago


Another deadbeat African-American father! What a surprise!

2366 days ago


5 children from how many different women??

2366 days ago


Not just African American fathers Barney. My best friend and her ex are white.

My best friend's ex not only has been to jail 3x because he hasn't paid support since his son was 6 months old (he's now 9 years) and is on his way to jail again if he doesn't get a full time job soon and start paying up.

But he told her when they went to court that he didn't want to see "the kid" and that he was hoping parental rights would be terminated after so long.

The last time his son heard from him was through a birthday card when he turned 1, lovingly signed "Joe Smith III" (replace Joe Smith with his real name.)

How can you do that to an innocent child, let alone YOUR OWN child? It makes me sick and thank god I had 2 wonderful parents who BOTH took care of me.

I don't care what your status in life is. If you're grown up to bring an innocent child into the world, you're grown up enough to take care of that child.

People are sneaking across our boarders and taking 2 or 3 jobs to send money back home to their families. White, black, hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian... You take care of yours even if you have to flip burgers!!

2366 days ago


ANYONE who dont pay child support for their childeren are LOSERS!!!

2366 days ago


3. Another deadbeat African-American father! What a surprise!
Posted at 12:49PM on Apr 28th 2008 by Barnie Frank D Ma.
Just go to that most wanted site. There are far more white folks there than African American.

2366 days ago


I agree with #6,ANYONE who doesn't not only pay child support,but provide their kids with a safe ,healthy enviroment are losers.Lets not get it twisted,women can be deadbeats too,and it seems like nowadays that 's alot more common.

2366 days ago

james earl ray    

why even fathom producing children when
one doesn't chose to be supportive of them ?

nevertheless connecting with them
emotionally, spiritually and soulfully.

the financial aspects pale in comparison to
the foundation of our youths for tomorrow.

2366 days ago


Most child support laws require the noncustodial parent to pay 28% of their gross pay for child support, which is absurd! If you can't do the math, it nets to half your salary. I am sure that those who criticize would be magically able to turn straw into gold and live on half their pay. Get some education about the matter before you throw stones. Why are people such ignorant judgmental tools?

2366 days ago

ron johnson    

We have people in florida who make $12000. a year gross and the x wife makes $189,000. a year and are awarded $800. per month and it sure is a bit hard for some guys to live on that and for sure after their DL's are suspended. It's kind of like cutting a person'e legs off and then putting them in a quarter mile race.

2365 days ago

ron johnson    

maybe if some of the courts let the money be paid to some one who sees to it the child support went to the children instead of the x wifes current live in more men might would pay.

2365 days ago


Oops, Gregory old buddy, you got woes up the kazoo. Hope you get things worked out. Ignore the gooners; they probably have never seen you act. Take care.

2364 days ago
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