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Lawsuit Against Lowes is 3 Shades of Ugly

5/1/2008 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the cross-complaint filed by one of Rob Lowe's former nannies, and it's interesting for what's inside and what isn't.
Rob Lowe
Laura Boyce is suing Rob and Sheryl Lowe for, among other things, sexual harassment -- though she makes no sexual harassment claims against Rob. The suit begins, "The rich and famous are not above the law."

As we first reported, Boyce alleges a litany of misdeeds against Sheryl, including walking around naked, asking about the size of Boyce's boyfriend's penis, whether it hurts to have sex with him (we've learned it's 7' tall NBA player Dale Davis), and claiming during a trip to Kauai, "Sheryl Lowe laughingly said that her husband's 'cock rings' were broken last night and showed them to Boyce."

The complaint, filed by Gloria Allred (who also filed the case on behalf of the other nanny), also claims Sheryl talked about the size of her children's penises.

And Boyce claims when she called in sick, Sheryl responded "she got strep throat from sucking n****r d**k. I mean black d**k."

Through their lawyer, Larry Stein, the Lowes deny the allegations.


No Avatar


I know, I know. I need a life, but, FIRST!!!

2365 days ago


Pervy Dirt bags.. both employers and employees revenge jabbing at each other, tit for tat. Throw the stupid case out of court.

2365 days ago


They should turn this into a "Lifetime" movie when it is over. You can't write this kind of stuff, very entertaining.

2365 days ago


Real news on Fox and Drudge report..
'DC Madam' commits suicide in Florida...

2365 days ago

formerly fat    

Gloria Allred is the slimiest lawyer on earth, a publicity seeking ego maniac with an inferiority complex. She and this nanny, who seems to be trying to become an extortionist, make a great team. Hard to tell which one of them is more repulsive and disgusting.

2365 days ago


Wow, I'm going to sue every friend, employer, employee or anyone who's ever talked about sex to me! I didn't know that you could!! That poor money hungry spineless ex nanny! She must have been traumatized listening to all that sex talk. So I take it she's a virgin from a convent when she signed up for the job.
She should be put in jail for extortion and so should her shifty attorneys.

2365 days ago


WHOOA!! I thought there was something to this, whether it was Rob playing around with the nanny (& she didn't reall mind @ the time) but I didn't know it was gonna get this KINKY. Rob & his Wife are TWISTED but ya don't change from a wild party boy to loyal husband & father just like that so figures the other shoe was gonna drop.

2365 days ago

tard in the hood    


2365 days ago

Dawn Day    

Well of course Mrs. Lowe is interested in another guy's genitalia. Didn't anyone see Rob's sex tape with that 16 year old in Atlanta back in the 80's. It's wasn't anything to write home about if you catch my drift.

2365 days ago


Damn....I'm glad I can't get sued for talking about sex to my friends..I would be living at the courthouse!!

2365 days ago


Geez....get a paid trip to Hawaii, all kinds of perks, and then you bite the hand that feeds you?
What a bunch of egotistical, self-righteous, moneymongering beeches. I hope the judge throws them and their
ridiculous cases out the door.
She starts by saying "even celebrities aren't above the law" but lets face it, if it was anyone BUT a celebrity this case would not be in court.

2365 days ago


If these things were going on, I hope these women get what they are asking for. Rob was a bit kinky when he was younger and I'm sure that has not changed.

2365 days ago


I don't think Rob Lowe is at fault here but, Mrs. Lowe sounds like she needs help! Rob might want to have her take a lie detector. She sounds a little to kinky!!!! Someone is lying and I don't think it is the latest nanny.

2365 days ago


I just hope they aren't sexually abusing the children, that's the real tragedy in all of this.

2365 days ago


G l o r i a, gloria get a new nanny...

2365 days ago
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