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Rodman's Alleged Victim Has Violent Past

5/2/2008 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gina "Gigi" Peterson, the girlfriend Dennis Rodman allegedly smacked around on Wednesday night, had a restraining order successfully filed against her by her ex-husband and father of her four kids -- six weeks ago!
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Her ex-husband is actually George Peterson from "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Gina and George separated in '02 and officially divorced in April of 2004.

George then got engaged to his current wife, Lauri Waring, during season two of "Housewives" -- and the (not-so) temporary restraining order filed against Gina forces her to leave George, Lauri and her two kids alone for five years. Gina's list of alleged crazy filed by George is long, and includes gems like:

-- "Gina stated that she wished I were dead, she wishes she could kill me, wishes I had a heart attack ... (and) if she had a gun, she would shoot me."

-- "Gina also has a history of violence against our children (once resulting in an Emergency Protective Order in favor of my eldest daughter ...)

-- "Gina has also physically assaulted me resulting in me falling to the ground."

-- "She even was previously ordered to involuntary psychiatric lock down."

-- "Gina threatens me in (an) email by reference to Dorian Gray, a character in Oscar Wilde's novel, who is found dead at the end with a knife in his heart."

As for her run-in with Rodman, Rodman's manager Darren Prince told TMZ, "Dennis and his girlfriend had too much to drink. When they returned to their hotel they started arguing and a minor altercation broke out where Dennis grabbed her by the arm and left a bruise." Cops are investigating.

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Dennis Rodman is a has been sports athlete. He needs to retire to Florida and remember to take VALTREX when his outbreaks return. Dennis has tattoos to cover up all his outbreaks!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

2273 days ago

HI YaLL    

These two deserve each other. Who in their right mind would date a man who dressed up in a wedding dress with make up on? They both are sick!

2273 days ago

Barbara Ann    

I do not agree that anyone has a right to threaten another person (unless of course someone is bothering your children) but I am divorced and my significant other was a nightmare and if I had a penny (not even a dime) for every time I wished him dead, told him I wanted to kill him, etc...I would be able to change my name to "Gates" by now. Would I ever do any of those things? No. People say many things when they're angry, frightened, hurt. Should they? Probably not...but it does happen. However I suppose if the restraining order even includes their children...then maybe she took it a step further than just her mouth spewing things before her brain had a chance to tell it what to say.

2273 days ago


Carmen Electra.............beautiful


GiGi (Gina)....... just an Ice Cream Licker

2273 days ago

Circus Circus    

It's about time that the truth about Gina got out there with pictures and video evidence, no less. She looks fake and slutty. The two youngest Peterson daughters should only get supervised visitation with Gina, if that. A toxic environment over there at GiGi's place. UGHHH, the name even sounds like a stripper name.

2273 days ago


Pepperoni Girl should know all about supervised visitation with one's own children. People who live in glass houses...

2273 days ago

Bonnie Russell    

Does Laurie's face Ever move?

2273 days ago

Circus Circus    

I've seen and it is painfully obvious that Gina and/or her family members are feeding information to an anonymous website to get around possible gag orders. SHAME ON YOU! The family members should encourage GiGi to get some serious mental help. She needs it.

2273 days ago

Circus Circus    

Skanky is as Skanky does. Are Gina's boobs real? How 'bout her face? And who pays for all that stuff, does Gina have a JOB?

2273 days ago

St. Regis Valet    

I too have seen the information on and contrary to Dinbatlilah's comment, I think what is painfully obvious is that there is way way more to this story than anybody knows. Hey Delilah aka PG why don't you crawl back under that rock you slid out from? You want to talk about stalker and crazy, just Google the term "pizza Girl."

2273 days ago

Circus Circus    

Diversion, diversion, diversion. Is this article about Gina Peterson and Dennis Rodman or Pizza Girl? The spotlight is on Gina today. Didn't her family and friends say that she is a doting CHRISTIAN mother? She and Dennis must have been at some sort of religious retreat when that video was shot. Jezebel.

2273 days ago


Saw the video on this FAKE & TRASHY little piece.........she's just after her face being in front of the cameras and getting some recognition. She's dangerous and has SERIOUS problems. Time for her to get help .

2272 days ago


Smelly VaGina....the BUNNY BOILER.... is a lonely, psycho, master manipulator at its best. Watch out World be wary of this kind!!!!! The fact that she's trying to play the 'poor catalyst' for Rodman's alcohol HILARIOUS. It's amazing how God works right? Cause he sent this lesson to you for a reason....or maybe he sent this lesson to the world...using YOU as the CATALYST.....because YOU DESERVE THE HUMILIATION!!!!!! You psycho...that's why you have the reputation that you a bunny boiler.....

2270 days ago
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