Kanye Knows How to Charm the Critics

5/3/2008 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Kanye West is back to blogging, and as always he's extremely humble! Also, today is backwards day.

West's "Glow in the Dark" tour got less than an A+ review from Entertainment Weekly, and the rapper took to blogging it out, letting the critic know they're full of it:" Yo, anybody that's not a fan; don't come to my show ... Ya'll rated my album s**tty and now ya'll come to the show and give it a B+. What's a B+ mean? I'm an extremist. It's either pass or fail! A+ or F-! You know what, f**k you and the whole f**king staff!!!" Ya gotta respect a man that prefers an F- over a B+! College dropout is right!

Kanye ends his blog with a classy, "Never come 2 one of my shows ever again, you're not invited and if you see me...BOW!!" Maybe EW can grade on a curve next time!