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Gisele -- How Much Is Tom's Allowance?

5/5/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog actually had the stones to ask Gisele what it's like to make 3x more moolah than her BF -- but our guy's math was waaaaaaay off.

According to Forbes, the supermodel takes in $35 million, whereas Brady's salary cap figure with the Patriots is $14.7 mil. Of course, those figures don't take Tom's endorsements -- which hovered around $9 mil for 2007 -- into account.

Also not included: Whatever Gisele pays him to be her errand boy.

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This is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.......why does she not live in Trump Towers, or one of those buildings, that does not let people hang out and harrass her??? She makes $35 mill, and she is too cheap to hire some high class body guards. This totally does not make sense....she needs to loosen up on the purse strings....and protect herself. In fact, I am surprised that some of her contracts, don't require her to have protection........at $35 mill, she sure puts herself right out there....strange...

2297 days ago


Okay, leave Brady alone... So he doesn't make as much, and so he runs errands... Seriously - what guy wouldn't run errands to be alone with Gisele for even an hour? He gets to live with her... Say what you will, but the guy has nothing to worry about and I'm sure doesn't sweat anyone saying anything about him when he knows whats waiting for him at home. They're a good match!!

2296 days ago


Leo just happens to be doing the same thing to Bar that he did to Gisele. Seems he likes to play these women like a yoyo, push them away, pull them back, push them away, etc. Bar wont get any closer to marrying him than Gisele did. Altho, it is said he is aching for Gisele again and she wont have anything to do with him....hey Leo...what goes around comes around!

2285 days ago


These people are so FAKE it makes me want to puke... Dead beat dad and an ugly supermodel. EWW.

2305 days ago

Julie the Jarhead    

Gisele provides brady with an invaluable service ... making him look not gay.

"Only the Gay Mens Club of Boston knows for sure."

2305 days ago


Deadbeat Dad? Do you even know what a deadbeat Dad is? It's a Dad who doesn't pay child support. I can guarantee that Tom Brady is paying child support, or Bridget would let it be known.

TMZ sure seems obsessed with Tom and Giselle. I find it a bit odd myself because they are kind of a boring couple. I also find it funny that Tom Brady can't go to the store and pick some items up without TMZ accusing him of being Giselles errand boy. He isn't allowed to buy things at the store? They live together. Why is it her stuff he's getting? He's been going out with her for almost a year and a half and you guys are acting as if they are some new couple worth covering all the time. Weird.

2305 days ago


This dude is the feakin best pap ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO I was laughing soooo hard..Keep it up dude..This is pure comedy...Keep asking funny questions like that..It looked like Giselle wanted to laugh..

Tmz hire this guy full time and get him to hollywood.

2305 days ago


Tom Brady actually VOLUNTEERED to take a salary cut so that the Patriots could offer other players higher salaries.

2305 days ago


Brady didn't take a pay cut - he just restructured his contract.............

Oh, and Sassafrass........it Brady were paying child support HE would let it be known.

2305 days ago


A couple of years ago, Brady did an interview in which he said he didn't go grocery shopping in Boston anymore because it attracted too much attention, people wanting autographs, etc. He doesn't seem to mind attention now, I guess, since he's learned that all publicity is good publicity, the attention is in the form of cameras and video, and it all results in an increase in his Q rating.

2305 days ago

ken j    

HARVEY LEVIN, does Dr ANDY have you on an allowance? kb

2305 days ago


That's one fugy broad. I don't care how much money she has, she needs to spend it on some looks or better yet she can buy glasses for all the stupids that made her ugly face rich

2305 days ago

GH FAN    

1. Brady took a cut to allow the Pats to get more talent on the tam due to salary caps. That is called being a team player.
2. Do you think Bridget would let Tom and Giselle take the kid for weekends (as pictured by TMZ) if he was a deadbeat dad?

People seem to forget that Tom & Bridget broke up BEFORE Bridget found out she was pregnant, as confirmed by her. This is not tht first time in world history that a couple has found themselves expecting after they broke up. If Bridget is not saying he is a deadbeat Dad, then all the haters need to give up tryng to spread that tired old lie.

2305 days ago


AGAIN, Brady did NOT take a pay cut - he simply restructured his contract.

Brady and Bundchen DID NOT take John for an entire weekend.

2305 days ago


In fact he gained an extra couple of million dollars for reworking his contract: The reworking of the contract didn't cost Brady anything at the pay window. He still will earn the $6 million that is due him in 2007. Not a penny less.

Fact is, the maneuver actually netted Brady an additional $2.7 million over the course of his current contract, because as a part of the restructuring, the Patriots raised his scheduled base salary for the 2009 season from $2.3 million to $5.0 million. New England officials didn't alter his base salaries for 2008 ($5 million) or 2010 ($3.5 million). And Brady is still set to receive roster bonuses of $3 million each for 2008 through 2010.

2305 days ago
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