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Lisa Marie Accepts Apology, Sorta

5/5/2008 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie blabs on her blogBritain's Daily Mail has issued a public apology to Lisa Marie Presley for saying she was "growing just like her dad," but Elvis's daughter ain't so impressed with their effort. For the record, Lisa Marie is growing, but more like Jamie Lynn Spears.

In a blog post on her myspace page, a pregnant Lisa Marie gave her two cents:

"The Daily Mail in London jumped the gun in the middle of discussing our settlement agreements and posted this in their paper this past Friday...It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to get an apology and when you finally do it is NEVER in the same context or magnitude as the original slanderous story. Regardless, I accept their attempt at redemption."

Lisa Marie goes on to say that any money she makes from the initial statement or the apology will go directly to Xenu the Presley Charitable Foundation.


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Lisa Marie is kind of nutty, but she takes care of herself. The Daily Mail should have gotten the scoop on her pregnancy, not insulted her weight. Shame on them.

2364 days ago


POO POO! Poor little rich girl.... someone called her a name. What an a$$hole she is.... oh should
I be scared and say im sorry now..... NOT!

2364 days ago


She IS a fat porker - just like her old man. He died looking like an industrial garbage dump in a white jump suit. She looks like an industrial garbage dump in ugly make up, ugly clothes, ugly attitude.

Man, she's past ugly. She's FUGLY.

2364 days ago


Glad she's not my daughter ?

2364 days ago


I don't have any prob with Lisa Marie -- but isn't she a little old for My Space?

2364 days ago


To LOL what's Fugly is you! You'd be lucky to look like either Lisa or her dad. Not only are they gorgeous BUT their beauty also comes from within, I HIGHLY doubt that is the case w/you based off your vile comments.
TMZ you should have also included that any settlement she wins will also go into the Presley Charitable Foundation to help the victims of Katrina (seeing as how the U.S. Gov't. doesn't seem to think they should help).

2362 days ago


Okay, once again, TMZ, you have crossed the line. Unbelievable. The last sentence implies that Lisa Marie Presley would not be sending money to the Presley Charitable Foundation. How low do bottom feeders go? You just showed the world.

TMZ--an apology is needed for that inference.

I, along with many others, continue to be amazed at how you can even put Lisa Marie Presley in the same category, much less sentence as Brittany or Jessica Spears, or any of the other "look at me" type of "stars". Not the same league, not the same genre, no comparison should be made . Ever. On any level.

That are certain people that should be off limits to throw barbs and trash talk. She is one of those. Get a clue.

Do you even get it? Who comes up with this crap? What do they pay you guys anyway?

Again.. apologize to Lisa Marie.... because it is the right thing to do.

~Nan in KY~

2361 days ago


lisa marie is such an uglg fat spoiled tramp!lol!!! shes never satisfied & thinks the wrld revoles around her. its seems like all she ever does is complain & bitch about something, no wonder all her marriges failed but of course she needed some1 whos just as much an UGLY LOSER as her 2 put up w/ her shit (the guy shes w/ now!)why does this whining whore even have fans?!

1657 days ago


My problem with Lisa Marie is that she always let people like Diane Sawyer and Oprah made her disc Michael. Oh Holy Mother of God.What was I thinking. Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson.Yes woman Michael Jackson. Do you know how many millions of women wanted to be MRS Michael Jackson. You would just sit there and help them disrespect him. Oprah who is always up in everybody business and that Diane who I believe in her sly way wanted what you had, the same Michael. All these people were just jealouse of MJ.Why could you not have given Michael the children he wanted. Yet there you were at his funeral with your belly up to your mouth.My heart hurt for Michael that day. No disrespect but you rub insult to injury there

1626 days ago


What about an apology for her disrespectful treatment of Michael to the national media following their divorce? Where is her attempt at redemption?

1626 days ago


Well, Lisa, it's true that what goes around, comes around. When you were with Michael, you 2 made a VERY classy, respectable, happy, decent, good-looking, nice-acting, celebrity power couple. This was RARE. Nobody could have held a candle to you two if you had played it right.

Michael probably would have NEVER initiated a divorce from you. You are not perfect either and yet he put up with your bossy ways and insecurites, etc., without running and filing for divorce because he couldn't take it. No, LIKE A MAN, he withdrew from you to let you know you needed to get a grip, and, LIKE A WOMAN, you could have won over your husband....but you were too young and dumb and too ill advised to know exactly how to handle your stubborn, superstar husband. OK, that was one thing.

But ain't NO WAY IN THE WORLD I would have let Diane Sawyer or ANYBODY disrespect my husband by acting like it was something WRONG with him. Because there wasn't! At that time, YOU had every reason to be smiling and satisfied with a great guy FOR LIFE. You should have told that rude, nosey, jealous Diane Sawyer off for that and put her in her place real quick, fast, and in a hurry! THE WORLD should have known from that day forward that you would never tolerate anyone slamming your man. You were the ENVY of MILLIONS of women worldwide and you blew a good thing by allowing people, including your mammy, to put your sweet sexy hubby down to the ground. I know Michael had problems and may have acted a fool, but DANG, he chose YOU -- and you slapped him in his face on T.V.! That was NOT cool, girlfriend, not cool at all.

1609 days ago

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