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ABC Suffers From Promophobia

5/8/2008 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ABC had no problem throwing Isaiah Washington under the bus when "Grey's Anatomy" was doing big ratings -- and they have no problem using him in promos now that the show is in a ratings freefall.

Promos for this week's episode feature Isaiah's mug -- and his character is even part of the storyline this week. One problem -- he ain't in it! Isaiah is actually down in New Orleans shooting a new movie with Forest Whitaker.

We're told Isaiah is pissed at the show for using his pic, after they 86'd him from the show because of that whole despicable "faggot" thing.

Isaiah's rep, Howard Bragman, tells TMZ, "Isaiah has no plans to go back to 'Grey's Anatomy' ... That being said, we were more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo for the show, and indeed advanced his character's storyline. Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action."

A rep for ABC could not be reached for comment.


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how ironic;

howard bragman and " homo "

all in the same particular article;

2357 days ago


ABC should hire me to write for them. Instead of firing Burke, they should have let him go to "the dark side." I always believed they would follow-up on the story behind Denny's death, but they didn't. I would have written the following into the show:

Exterior: Outside tri-level deck overlooking beach. We see the face of Dr. Erica Hahn, Cardiologist at Seattle Grace talking with a gentleman (We see the back of him only). They are dressed casually as they have dinner while the sun is setting. The camera pans around and we see it's none other than PRESTON BURKE!!!

Dr. Hahn: You wouldn’t believe the disorder. It’s pathetic. And Yang, I don’t see how you thought she would be the one.
Burke: We all have our moments of weakness. Honestly, she wouldn’t have helped us. Too ambitious.
Dr. Hahn: I agree. When do you think the committee will make a decision?
Burke: They’re waiting on Genxtech’s board to resume. Once they have the figures in place, it’s good-bye Seattle Grace, Hello Seattle Biotech.
Dr. Hahn: I’ll drink to that.
(They toast and drink their champagne. They kiss. Cut to Seattle Grace lobby. Pan to ladies restroom. Callie is inside the stall throwing up.)

Callie:(After wiping her mouth) Dear God Please no. We follow her to the sink where she rinses her mouth and throws water on her face. She exits.
Mark Sloan: (From behind) Hey Dr. Torres, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?
(Before she can answer her pager goes off-She looks at it. Then at him)
Callie: It will have to wait. Cut to the ER.

I can revive that show!-

2357 days ago


How can they tell that the image is of Isiaha? They all look alike to me!
(homophobes, that is)

2357 days ago


I stopped watching Greys two seasons or so ago. Burke's character was a big part and in my opinion, made it more interesting. I can't tell you who is in it now, but in my opinion, once the actors started bringing their personal crap, egos, etc, into the workplace, it was downhill from there.

2357 days ago


Okay lets not be completely stupid, if a white person would of called him N***** . then they would have been fired, sued, and then a whole stupid protest over it. rudeness and hostle work inviroments are not acceptable not matter what your personal opinion is. Lets have a little class which obviously most of you dont have. Grays is awsome now. in fact its better than ever.
Wake up, you want to scream equal then dont be ignorant. Fair is Fair. and the punishment did fit the crime

2357 days ago


I totally predicted the show would fail w/o Isaiah. Grey's always sucked but it sux so much more w/o Dr Burke. The storylines almost make me embarrassed for the medical profession (ALMOST), the interns and residents are such big stupid bluthering baby idiots--makes me glad I'm a nurse vs a doc..of course, the only nurse storyline on Grey's depicted her as a syphillic-ridden slut. I hate stupid Grey's...

Rock on Isaiah, karma's a betch!

2357 days ago


The show may own the character but they DO NOT OWN the likeness! They should have used another actors face as
Dr. Burke...that is against SAG rules! Greys has got a lot of nerves to do this to Isaiah after the sh** they put him through! I am not condoning what Isaiah did...but for them to slap him in the face like this...come on Greys...not cool!!!!

2357 days ago


F*CK Gray's Anatomy! That frakking show is stealing 2 minutes of LOST every week and that SUCKS big time!!!

2357 days ago


ABC owns the right to the character. you are right about that. they do not own his likeness. if they want to use the charater they need to use a different actor. yet the minute they used his image they owe him. Secondly the entire thing would have been kept under wraps. It was ABC who leaked the story in the first place. third it was not his leaving that screwed up the show. its was the complete change in the way it was wrote.

2357 days ago


Chris C, I agree with you 100% Shonda has lost her touch or she is distracted with writing Private Practice. I don't like the way that show is written either. I don't mean to be critical but the characterizations are just not deep enough. Anyway, Grey's doesn't have to die. Burke's character was very well developed unlike others such as Izzy and Alex. In order for them to pull it off, they are going to have to bring in new characters. I was so sick of Meredith's character, I couldn't stomach it anymore. Meredith's character was not strong. She was very weak. Women who endure the hardship of medical school and the sexist climate that it creates, are usually stronger than that.

2357 days ago


not sure if you were talking to me or not. but i agree that a hostle work enviorment is not acceptable. my only issue is that it could have been kept in house. the story originally was leaked by ABC. either way he should have been fired but there was nood need to drag it to the medial to drum up viewers. granted though ABC is under one of the most corrupt company ever (Disney). they are not the family orianted comapny everyone thinks they are.

2357 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I love that show. I was never a fan of Dr. Burke. He always made me uneasy. Maybe it was more of his bigot personality coming out than I was aware of. Isaiah was the one who made that terrible comment and was punished for it. Good. He also called all of the other black actor's something to the effect of them all being "House (N's word)" when he left the show. I will never watch anything with him in it. I don't tolerate any type of hatred that is directed at groups of people. It's show's a complete lack of intelligence.

2357 days ago


I hope ABC gets screwed over this. They couldn't care any less about their viewers so why care about their actors? I have no sympathy for the network and since they cancelled Men in Trees, after moving it around like musical chairs on the schedule, they can count me out to watch anything new on their network.

2357 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

I am surprized he can even find a job.

2357 days ago


Grey's just isn't the same with Isaiah gone!
I think ABC thought they were being "politically correct" - - and look what it got them.
The whole show has gone down hill. He was the one that was actually believable in the show.
Too bad. I hope that NBC comes up with a medical show pilot - - and signs him up!!!

2357 days ago
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