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Kim K: Deny, Deny, Deny

5/8/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has filed a response to the lawsuit filed against her by Brandy's mom, Sonja Norwood -- saying everything she and her fam is accused of doing, they didn't do.
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Back in February, Norwood sued the Kardashians and claimed in 2004, when Kim K was a stylist, she was given permission to use Sonja's American Express card to make "one (and only one)" purchase on behalf of Sonja.

According to the suit, Kim and her fam allegedly made several purchases -- grand total, $120,635.65!


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I noticed that too.
Paris is maturing and growing up, busy with Benji and running her businesses. So that's good.

Kim needs to tone it down and shop with her OWN credit card.

Linds needs go to back into rehab for using again and stealing a womans coat. What a loser..

Britany is trying and making progress. So that's good also.

2362 days ago

miss me    

I think Brandy, RAY whatever and their mom are total trash.... sorry but TEAM DASH KASH ....
wow i just thought of that lol woo hoo..

2362 days ago


Sonja handed Kim her credit card and it's kinda nuts to claim now that she put limits on Kim's spending.
I mean, when you give someone your card and send them off shopping it's hard to claim damages later.

Sonja only has herself to blame.

2362 days ago


Norwood is an idiot and a liar.

She clearly intended for Kim to go shopping, why else would she give her the credit.card.

2362 days ago


Ok so basically this is whats up:
KIms Father is Robert Kardashian a very famous lawyer ( DUH OJ SIMPSON) who is now dead...and her step dad won the gold medal like in the 70s. And I'm Sure the only reason Sonja is trying to sue them is because she's butt hurt that no one cares about her nasty brandi and ray j anymore. Oh and Lets not bring up the armenian thing # 6 thats totally uncalled seeing as that has absolutely nothing to do with this what so ever. And why the hell would kim k needs sonja card shes got plenty of money on her own. and PUH LEASE the only reason Paris Hilton is staying out of the spotlight is because her Dear Old Grandaddy is about to disinherit her dumb ass.

2362 days ago


Hi Kim.

Enjoy reading about yourself still????

2362 days ago


Ha-ha-ha! Am I the only one interested in knowing what she bought and what size(s)?

2362 days ago


i'm not a fan of kim k, but i gotta have her back on this one.. you'd have to be a complete idiot to give a self proclaimed "princess" a credit card. you knew she was gonna wear the damn thing out. $120,635.65???? seems like you'd have to have the card a long time to run up that amount and i don't care how expensive your taste is... biatch had plenty of time to look at her statment

2362 days ago


Lol, them hoes woulda had to get a beatdown...


2362 days ago


The funny thing is that Brandy's mom is Ray J's mom too, anyone else see the connection?

2362 days ago


Guys who put private tapes of their ex girlfriends on the market are total douchebags.

The girls aren't whores, they just trusted the wrong guys.

2362 days ago


Jerome, When the tape was shopped and Kim found out about it, she realized she could PROFIT from it too! So, she has made alot of money!

2362 days ago

Susan B    

Kim K is a dirty nasty fat ass whore!!! Did I say nasty?? YUK YUK YUK

2362 days ago


24. Jerome, When the tape was shopped and Kim found out about it, she realized she could PROFIT from it too! So, she has made alot of money!

and Jerome(Kim) You er I mean she took takes any opportunity to show herself of. She LEAPT at Playboy c'mon this broad is as trashy and void of any talent as they come. Even worse though...she is as dumb as a box of rocks...that's the part I really can't stomach. This chick is a total loser and she knows it. #19 that's hilarious! You know it's true...she reads anything about herself. Kim you have no talent and you carry yourself (and speak) like a dumb hooker. My apologies to you hookers out there :) I still can't believe you let someone excrete their waste on you, you're one sad-off broad for sure! I hope Bruce makes sure that the other 2 little ones handle themsleves with some dignity and keeps the kardashian whorebag counterparts away from them as much as possible.

2362 days ago


Kim knew full well what she was doing. Did it go to Brandi? No, so therefore where did the missing merchandise go? The Kardashians/Jenners aren't as loaded as you think? Can you say bankruptcy? Yes, she did sell her soul to Ray w/ that stupid video. She got what she wanted out of it. She still is a pimpass and player to the hilt. Ask about her new lipo? How's that big butt doing Kim? Girl, get some brains, you might need a cell or 2.

Oh if you only knew who this was.........

2362 days ago
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