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Alec Smarts on "60 Min."

5/11/2008 9:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin vented on "60 Minutes" about the voice mail message to his daughter which TMZ first published. He also trashes Kim Basinger's lawyer.

In the segment, which airs tonight, Baldwin says, "You get so frustrated, and you realized, number one, and it's wrong. It's totally wrong ... that I was really speaking to someone else when I left that message. I was pissed. I had been putting up with this for six years."

As for calling his daughter a "thoughtless little pig," Baldwin thinks the real damage is that the voice mail went public.

Baldwin's venom was targeted at Basinger's lawyer, Judy Bogen. When asked about his comment that she resembled "a 300 pound homunculus with a face like a clinched fist," he said he was being "kind" and that it was not abusive given what she put him through.

Tonight, Bogan's law partner, Neal Hersh, blasted Baldwin, saying, "His personal attacks were socially and morally unacceptable, not to mention inaccurate. He defended his actions rather than take responsibility."

BTW, a homunculus is "a miniature adult that in the theory of preformation is held to inhabit the germ cell and to produce a mature individual merely by an increase in size."


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I think there is plenty of blame to go around, even when it comes to the lawyers. As for what he said about his daughter sometimes parent say things they do not mean in anger. He probably told her he was sorry but we will never hear that because it is not news worthy.

2357 days ago


An arrogant, bloated blow-hard. Another actor I used to like and respect before I found out what an A$$ he really is. He's an ignorant jerk and I don't know what Kim ever saw in him. Glad she got rid of him!

2357 days ago


It is marvelous to have opinions about how others might and do live their lives -- it is also thoughtless, emotionally immature, and a waste of thought and time. That said, I rather thing the description of the lawyer has the ring of truth. And that her law partner commented makes it all the more delicious. You go Alec!!!

2357 days ago


You "thing" so Frank?

2357 days ago


There are parents that abuse their kids all the time. No surprise some of them post here defending a fellow abuser.

2357 days ago


TMZ is a nasty little pig

2357 days ago


Be Careful # 29 You sound like you are getting to be like your mother - at least verbally As for Baldwin entering politics If he treats those he is supposed to love like that, How will he treat those he doesnt know -the public who voted him in/

2357 days ago


alec baldwin what a loser. when will he ever shut up. no one wants to see this guy speak let alone act. enough already.

2357 days ago


Well if she's a little fat pig, then he's a big fat pig. It must run in the family. Nothing to get your panties in a bunch about. Hell, I don't even think he should even have bothered to explain himself.

2357 days ago


alec baldwin a thoughtless big pig

2357 days ago


No wonder your child abuse rate is double that of New Zealand and Australia So many people defending Baldwin

2357 days ago


"Testing the political waters"????? If that's your take, you've never lived here in the town on eastern Long Island where he has had, or still has, a residence. He's been sauntering around here for years spouting off his partisan political views as if he were Moses relaying the Word of the Almighty. Too busy, I guess, with his career and celebrity to engage in seeking a political office, though he has hinted and been rumored to be doing just that for years. I suppose, when you're no longer
the Hollywood idol you've been in the past, sometimes you make the abrupt discovery that: "Oops! There's a REAL WORLD here... with REAL PEOPLE....who haven't been given the advantages, wealth, fame and privileges that I've had!"
Welcome back to Earth, Mr. Baldwin!!! Sorry about the revelations regarding your issues with your child. We so-called "regular folks" aren't perfect either, but the "I" excuse doesn't hack it.

2357 days ago


I still think Kim and her "LIAR LAWYER" were extremely wrong for letting that message go public. Ireland should not have endured that public humiliation so Kim could have gotten a shot on Alec.

2357 days ago


alec is an abuser what a pig

2357 days ago


Well all you people like to pass judgement , remember the saying people in glass houses should not throw stones, but anyways if any of you people have kid's we all lose our temper at one time or another, Kim is just a selfish bitch who does not want her child to have a relationship with her father and she needs help real help..Look at the clip that TMZ has of Alec and his daugther at the airport she does not look like a bitter girl who hates her father.

2357 days ago
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