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Jamie Lynn: Happy Unwed, Teenage Mother's Day!

5/12/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unsteady pumps like these aren't a recommended accessory for girls like Jamie Lynn Spears -- but then again, for a 17-year-old, neither is a baby bump.

JL, Casey and the fam spent part of their Mother's Day in church. WWJD?


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Jennifer... you have too much time on your hands to come up with a bunch of crap like you write Shes 17 and pregnant and having a baby end of story

2291 days ago


I think everyone that bashes on this small girl needs to get a life. She is 17 and trying. She could be like other 17 year olds and leave the baby on the porch of some stranger. At least she is taking responsibility and she is going to be a great mom. Keep following her with cameras just you did with her sister and let's see how long it is before she shaves her hair off. It should be a crime to video tape a 17 year old who doesn't consent to the photos being put on the internet.

2290 days ago


She's not married, big deal ! Being married was important when Women could not feed and cloth children without the help of a commited man. In the United States the Government has taken over the Mans role of providing food clothing and shelter for any Woman who chooses to accept. This of course has created millions of violent feral young men who never have a bigger stronger male figure 24/7-24/7-24/7-24/7 to tame the growing boys wild animal and violent insticts.

2290 days ago

Mother-to-be! she's seventeen, undwed, and pregnant? who cares? apparently ya'll have nothin better to do than look for more stories. just cuz she's famous ya'll have to follow her around. and talk about a headline! how demeaning! i'm 17 years old, unwed and 8 months pregnant as well. i'm engaged...but does that change anything? didn't think so! i still go to church!! but if i were in the public eye would u put me out there and start criticizing me for everything i did? you probably would. you guys are media whores!! Jamie Lynn is doing everything she can to be a good role model. accidents happen but we have to bite the bullet and sometimes we chip a tooth...but we have to deal with the consequences. Anyway..i hope you guys can live with yourselves constantly criticizing and judging ppl. why don't u take a good look in the mirror some day and think about how you're living your own lives.
Happy Whoring

2289 days ago


if people would actually read about the studies they have about the older you get the more chance you have of your kid coming out with a mental problem?? shes 17, wow. i was 17 when i got pregnant. never went in heels, but wore flip flops. God forbid to these people that say you arent even suppose to wear flip flops. people you want to wear what is comfortable and maybe some people want to look decent. just becasue she is pregnant does not mean that she has to run around in sweat pants. i never wore sweat pants, or tennis shoes, even through the winter.

2281 days ago


OMG!!! she is 17 and pregnant?!?!?! at least the girl and her baby's daddy got them a home and are trying to do the right thing.. TMZ find something else to report on leave this girl alone... If you wanna report on un-wed parents.. report on your reporters and writters..

Ya'll Suck at your job

2256 days ago


Nice church outfit...

2292 days ago


this lil southern belle of a church
lady otta strike oil with dem heels !

2292 days ago


Yellow pumps!?

ha ha ha ha ha

2291 days ago

pattie in cali    

wow who does she think she is????? judge and jury? isn,t this the girl who put down brit? how can she put down anyone?

2291 days ago


Hope the baby doesn't take after her, girl is seriously fug!

2291 days ago


Leave that poor girl alone. Who cares that she's 17 and pregnant - she's not the first one! If it wasn't her, would you even care? Probably not. I would like to point out that there are alot of young mothers out there who
do a way better job than some 30 yr old mothers. So leave her be. And what does it matter what she wears to church - last time I heard anything it wasn't what you wore, but that you were there. Find something better to talk about. Clearly TMZ you only what to talk about her to criticize her for every little thing - get over it and MOVE ON!

2291 days ago

Im just sayin'...    

so... how many times are you going to focus on the "unwed teen" thing? I think that horse is dead. you want to follow her around and take pictures and keep us up to date on what she is eating and whatever, thats fine. But the comments that state the obvious for the last 5 months or so are getting old.

2291 days ago


Xcuze me but are them Spear's sister's gettin' them funky frocks wholesale at Costco or what? Everytime one is out in public they're sportin' them trainwreck coverup's. We all know that they are tanks with tarp's, so please get some Project Runway superstar to scare them up some new outfit's before the Olsen twin disaster becomes trendy again. By the way what house of worship is beside what appear's to be a truck stop with that ultra-country arrow sign posted outside the premises? Totally hoedown trashy.

2291 days ago


With those heels it looks like she wants to fall and lose it or something. Those things are life-threatening anyway but with a baby on board it's worse.

2291 days ago
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