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SJP: You're So Vein

5/13/2008 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sex and the City" isn't the only thing being brought back to life. So are Sarah Jessica Parker's hands!

The 43-year-old trendsetter stepped out in London on Sunday sporting the latest It accessory of the summer -- a pair of Frankenstein hands!

Carrie Bradshaw doesn't need a man -- she's got man hands!


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2354 days ago


I think the person who mentioned exercise/lifting weights as a cause is probably right. Madonna has this same thing (as TMZ has pointed out), and she is quite toned and not underweight (and I don't even like her). A photographer told me once that when women have this, they need to hold their hands up for a few seconds so the blood drains and the veins disappear, then they can take the shot. In any case, I think SJP is beautiful in a very unconventional way. She has a way about her, a self confidence that comes from good self-esteem, that makes her beautiful even though her features are not standard, run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter beautiful. I think she's taken what she's got and made it work. Good for her.

2354 days ago


ANGELINA JOLIE hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOOK ALIKE

2354 days ago


Hey, unfortunately I have hands like that too. I am younger than SJP and have had this since I was in my late 20's. It has NOTHING to do with low body fat and that she is skinny. I am not fat, but not skinny either and have the same awful thing. If you think she isn't aware of it you are wrong. It has plagued me for many years and I have even asked doctors what there is to fix this and they tell me NOTHING! BACK OFF, most of you are just jealous of all the $$$$$ she makes anyhow. If she was all the things that every "pap" said DO YA THINK THAT SHE WOULD BE RAKING IN THE MONEY LIKE SHE DOES?

2354 days ago


Yes it is her hands, I noticed this gastly fact several photos ago in People Mag. Its the Cig's that do it and they do that to your mouth to if you hold them in your lips.

2354 days ago


Whoa, that is just plain scary..

2354 days ago


Nsahdow that may be the case sometimes, but my hands are kind of veiny and I'm not anorexic (hate that look) but I am fit and tone. Noone would tell me to eat a sandwich, is what I'm sayin. It started with lifting light weights for tone. I think it has something to do with a heavier flow of blood (for oxygen) to and from the muscles. Whatever, veiny hands...OMG...what am I going to do???? *eyeroll* Give me a break huh?

2354 days ago


She's a freaking dog -- plain and simple!

2354 days ago


Doesn't she exercise a lot? I used to draw blood and holding your hands down is the best way to fill the vessels - it's a body thing not cosmetic.

2354 days ago


once again TMZ has stooped to a lower level by nit-picking on the body parts of celebrities. until you can line up all of your staff members, Mr. Levin, and tell them to undress so that they can show off their oh-so perfect bodies you need to keep your BIG FAT MOUTH SHUT!

2354 days ago


WTF "man hands?" 173lb barber boy who knocked out 300+ lb SUGE KNIGHT has "man hands". SJP's hands would break like thin glass. Just call her hands f--k'd up looking hands. She looked good in "WHEN MARS ATTACKS" and that was the last time she'll look youthful. She's trying to maintain the "BODY MASS INDEX" of a teenage girl and it doesn't work for her. Demi Moore , Jennifer Connelly , and others are good examples who pull off the "teen age figure" fairly well.

2354 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

There is no reason to talk crap about SJP. I have loved her since when was in the TV show Square Pegs. No one that is talking crap about her has to worry...she doesn't want you either. End of story.

She isn't a "Paris Hilton" or any of the other famous for no reason person on TMZ, but a celebrated actress. She isn't out getting caught doing drugs, racing cars and almost killing her friends, making sure she is in every frickin' picture that is being taken. She is a wife, mother, and amazing actress. Leave her the hell alone.

2354 days ago


Agreed with #31 and #33 - my hands are like that too and have been always. It's not something you can control. You simply have no fat cells on your hands. So gaining weight won't fix it. And #34, it has nothing to do with smoking. I NEVER smoked! Some plastic surgeons will try to fix this by injecting fat cells onto your hands. Who knows if it works? Of course we know SJP isn't big on plastic surgery. Well, good for her! I also do think this is a bit Photoshopped to make it look worse. But I'd like to see a little bright polish on those short nails, that'd help.

2354 days ago


Nice hooves ...they match the horse face perfectly.

2354 days ago


She is without a doubt one of the ugliest woman in showbiz. She has the face of a boxer and the hands of a 80 yr. old lady. There are only 3 things feminine about this dog.............2 breasts and 1 @#$$&

2354 days ago
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