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Naomi Watts' Baby Is a Real Catch

5/15/2008 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Naomi Watts getting parenting lessons from Britney Spears?

The unwed mother caught her son Alexander's head as they strolled through the West Village on Wednesday. Oopsies!

Luckily, he just slipped -- so a conservatorship won't be necessary.


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Strap that baby in!!

2353 days ago


any mother can tell you this child is chomping at the metal rail, both hands helping to hold it. He wasn't slipping she is clearly trying to keep his (probably teething) mouth from biting the metal. Weak stuff guys

2353 days ago


I wonder if she is wearing pasties? Gota be something cool covering her ha nanny nanny too...

2353 days ago

how dumb    

You're right #2 - that baby is clearly trying to eat the stroller.... he didn't slip.

TMZ is really no better than the National Enquirer... probably worse since they put dumb bylines that twist the stories....

2353 days ago


Isn't she married to Liv Schrieber?

2353 days ago


is he strapped in?? if he is, then the straps need to be tighter!!! if he was properly strapped in, he could not lean that far over!!!

2353 days ago

Over It Already    

Come on TMZ - you've dealt some low blows in this article. #1: "the unwed mother" and # 2, to insinuate she's a bad mother because her infant 'slipped'. Ms. Watts is no Britney Spears (thank God). And it should have been stated (if at all) that she's a single mother - not unwed... where are you all at today, in the freakin' 1950's? Additionally, children, especially infants, will move unexpectedly and without control since they don't have the muscle development they will eventually have. What ignorant boneheads you all are.

2353 days ago


Why the "unwed mother" comment? How about "new mom" or "Aussie mom"? Always looking to insult someone, TMZ.

2353 days ago


OMG, he is just trying to get out of the stroller, I have a 9 mo old and anyone who does knows those little guys are sneaky and FAST!! but I think Alexander is a DOLL BABY!!!

2353 days ago


She didn't catch the baby's head and he didn't slip. Clearly, like others have said, he's biting the stroller. You don't even have to be a parent or know anything about teething to see this. Geez, TMZ, no story here.

2353 days ago


At least it's HER pushing the stroller and not some ninny NANNY who'll only end up claiming she was molested!

2353 days ago


I didnt know that unwed mothers are not good parents...when did that memo come out guess I missed it

2353 days ago


That's definitely not a slip--her kid is teething on the rail. Even if it was, stuff happens. I have the same stroller and my little boy used to like to squirm out of the straps too. They like to move around after a certain age. She looks like a pretty attentive mother to me. This blurb seems to have been written by a 22 year old guy. Bet you I'm right.

Also, she's not a "single" mother just because she's "unwed". She has a partner, she's just not married to him. They live together and raise their child together. They are a family. For all we know, they could really be married now anyway. They could have have eloped months ago and not told anybody - she always said she wouldn't discuss heir wedding plans, just that they planned to marry. Not every celebrity is a whore who alerts the media every time they take a cr@p. Leave her alone TMZ! Go pick on a media whore!

2353 days ago


At least she didn't have a posse of bodyguards and nannies. Just at long as she learns from it. The headrest was to high.

2353 days ago


Do you have no parents on your staff ??? The child is not falling, just nibbling and inspecting.

2353 days ago
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