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Nick's Tears

Crock of Fakery?

5/15/2008 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the extensive trove of letters and testimonials filed by the Hogan family to try to get Nick a soft sentence.

0515_nick_bollea_wmIn his appeal, Nick's dad -- Hulk Hogan -- claims reality show "Hogan Knows Best" is "scripted" and that Nick isn't the wild kid people see on TV. He barely addresses Nick's insane driving and insists the whole thing was an "accident."

Nick writes that the ordeal since August 26 has been difficult and that he's a changed man -- but he still doesn't know how to spell. ("Diffiucult" and "chanegd," for the record.)

Also Included were letters from victim John Graziano to the Hogans -- written before the accident -- while he was serving in Iraq.


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For everyone that doesn't know, Nick was homeschooled by his mother Linda. That would explain the inability to spell simple words correctly.

2353 days ago


boing 1st

2353 days ago


Nick probably now has had a "bad bone" in his body.

2353 days ago

who cares    

Oh my Goodness..... Boo Hoo Hoo

He could have gotten a hell of alot more time!!

2353 days ago


Hulk should tell his son to shut up and accept what he has done. 8 months is NOTHING compared to what John and his family has to deal with for the rest of his life! Hulk and Linda BOTH should be in the same cell as Nick and serve the same amount of time. This all could have been prevented had Nicks parents not given him that kind of car and taught him that driving is a privilege and not a right.

2353 days ago


i still say this he got off real easy...

2353 days ago


He needs to leave him in there to teach him a lesson. You do the crime you pay the time.

2353 days ago


Oh Chicken you went there...

It's "bad bones" TBH though.

2353 days ago


Sad situation for both families, but Nick has to pay the price for his actions. I do have empathy for Nick because I feel that his dad encouraged his racing by allowing him to begin driving at such a young age and by not "educating" him on how dangerous driving fast can be. Nick was way too young and inexperienced to begin a racing career. The Hogan family should be thankful that Nick got a light sentence. John Graziano, his family, girlfriend and friends need everyone's prayers and support.

2353 days ago


I agree this is a terrible situation and the culprit should be punish to the extent of the law but it really is sad that such personal letters are here for the world to view. We are really a sad bunch to come to this site for this stuff.

2353 days ago

nick hogan is a killer    

Nick's mother cares more about her pets than her own son. That would explain why her raising of Nick failed.

2353 days ago


Brooke is the ultimate sh*tbag saying John wasn't even home. Where was he dear? Still in Iraq? Did your stupid brother drink and drive and smash his car and the military stopped the planet from spinning and airlifted John into his car before the cops got there?

If you even drop the John issue, you still have an underage young man drinking and driving and it's not his first offense. He's not a celebrity and he got off EZ, snot nose little punk.

2353 days ago


Why do the Hogans think just because they were close to John that excuses what Nick did? Let's say John was driving the car that night and Nick was now laying in a hospital bed in a vegetable state. Would the Hogan's say oh well no problem John don't worry about it. NO FRIGGIN WAY!

2353 days ago

That Guy    

Nick merely looks confused and lost - nothing else.
I find it hard to believe that CMT or whatever national
station it is has the nerve and poor taste to show reruns
of Hogan Knows Best.
He should be happy that he only received 8 months.
They should have sent him to prison and given him
at least 3 years. I hope he gets beat down by others
on a regular basis so he can appreciate what he has.
That won't happen since he has his own girlie cell.

2353 days ago


Maybe Nick can get more of a quality education in jail than he could being taught by his mother. First step: pick up one of those square things that has lots of pages in it that you can turn. And maybe get one without pictures.

2353 days ago
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