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"Lost" Diary -- There's No Place Like Home (Part 1)

5/16/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, Daniel from TMZ here -- welcome to another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

I used to be super excited for "Lost" every week, but this season hasn't left me with that "Oh my God 'Lost' is on tonight!" feeling like it used to. But after last week's great episode -- and knowing that we're down to the wire here -- I'm back to my old level of excitement about tonight's episode.

Forget the preamble -- let's roll:

10:02 -- I am immediately in love with this episode. We're going to get to see how the Oceanic 6 get re-introduced into society. I am already at the edge of my seat.

10:04 -- "We are in shock, Jack." -- Sun

10:05 -- Odds Widmore or Abaddon is in the crowd waiting for them? I am betting on yes.

10:06 -- Hey, it's Cheech.

10:07 -- Slow-motion reunion scene time. Oh, that? No, it must just be dusty in here. Very, very dusty. Let's just move on, shall we?

10:09 -- Farraday clearly understands what Keamy is talking about, but Jack and the others fail to notice. Also, remember this -- something Sayid does, maybe in this episode, is part of how Ben gets Sayid to work for him (""Remember what happened last time you thought with your heart and not with your head.")

10:13 -- Jack and Kate are making their way through the forest, and Jack is bleeding. Unless Kate takes off an article of clothing, this scene is not going to do much for me.

10:14 -- Hey, it's Miles, Sawyer and Aaron. Sometimes this island is incredibly small.

10:15 -- Did Sawyer just call the Others' little community "New Otherton"? That might be my favorite Sawyer line ever.

10:16 -- Sawyer and Jack together again? Good times.

10:17 -- Whoa, OK -- so in addition to this fairy tale about a typhoon washing a fishing boat ashore, Kate is telling people Aaron is her baby. I got that one wrong.

10:18 -- "By then there were only eight of us left." -- Jack. Please tell who the other two are -- it's killing me!

10:19 -- Ok, Jin "never made it off the plane." We can cross him off our list. Which means he could be alive on the island ...

10:20 -- Someone is there to see Sayid. It can only be one person ...

10:21 -- "Nadia?" -- Sayid. Uh oh, it's getting dusty in here again. Dusty, I tell you!!!

10:22 -- Here he comes to save the day, Sayid Jarrah is on his way!

10:25 -- Ben is taking Locke and Hurley to the Orchid, just like Keamy thought he was. Ben also says moving the island is "a measure of last resort."

10:26 -- "You know those are 15 years old?" -- Ben to Hurley

10:27 -- Ben just used a mirror to communicate with someone up on a mountain -- most likely Richard and the rest of the Others.

10:28 -- Sayid trusts Farraday with the raft, which I totally would have to. I like Farraday.

10:29 -- Hmmm, Sun gets on the raft, splitting her and Aaron up from the rest of the Oceanic 6. Interesting.

10:30 -- On the list of things I want to see this week, here's one -- I want to know that Sun's dad is involved with Widmore somehow. I feel it in my bones.

10:31 -- I thoroughly enjoyed Sun's Korean bitch-slapping of her dad. I can only assume Widmore is the second person she blames for the crash. Maybe Ben.

10:35 -- Hoogo is starting to go nuts -- but it's only a surprise party.

10:36 -- "Jesus Christ is not a weapon." -- Hoogo's mom

10:37 -- Cheech fixed up the car he and Hurley used to work on when he was a kid. Damn this dust!!!

10:38 -- Of all the things I have ever seen in my life, I don't think anything has given me goosebumps quite like seeing the odometer on Hurley's car -- and it's "the numbers." If I may quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoa."

10:39 -- As Hurley was running away, all I can think of is this -- I wish the camera would stay on him longer, 'cause I am guessing he didn't "run" very far. Probably changed to walking after like a block.

10:40 -- "I wasn't being entirely truthful." -- Ben to Locke. That line is Ben's version of "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

10:41 -- "They're already here." -- Ben

10:44 -- Farraday delivered everyone back to the freighter safely. I have to say, no matter what goes down, I hope Farraday is involved in the show next season -- Miles, too. The rest of the Freighter Tots can go.

10:46 -- Well that's weird -- something on the boat is broadcasting, blocking the freighter's signal. I am guessing Michael would know something about that.

10:47 -- Lawnmower Man is handcuffed to the boat when Sawyer and Jack find him.

10:48 -- "Son of a bitch." -- Jack

10:49 -- We're at Jack's dad's funeral and afterwards a woman comes up to him -- with a thick accent. Might Jack be about to learn about Claire?

10:50 -- "He came to see his daughter ... Her name was Claire." -- Claire's mother. Shouldn't she be in a coma?

10:52 -- Man, Jack's face tells the whole story, doesn't it?

10:54 -- Sun and Jin aren't too happy to see Michael. He must get a lot of that. Oh and PS -- that's a lot of C4 on the boat.

10:55 -- Alright, I know he's a small character and all -- but I get super duper excited every time Richard shows up.

10:56 -- "How many times do I have to tell you John? I always have a plan." -- Ben

10:57 -- Based on the music and the slow-motion walking, I am going to say Sun just saw Jin for the last time.

10:58 -- "My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you're looking for me." -- Ben

When "Lost" is on its game, it has a little bit of everything -- and tonight's episode was certainly that. Moved the plot forward, revealed a little bit, and gave us more than a few fantastic scenes. All the flashforward scenes tonight were right on the money as far as I was concerned. And, in some ways, that is what's been wrong with this season.

The flashforwards are almost delivering too well -- what is actually going on on the island pales in comparison. The flashforwards, by nature, have rendered the scenes on the island almost useless. We have a pretty good idea what happens to every person on the island and it's taken a lot of the suspense out of what is going on on the island.

Only now do I feel like we're building up to something really happening on the island that will really mean anything.

Tonight's episode was definitely an A -- with the numbers on the odometer thing being a subtle, yet truly memorable "Lost" scene.

Here's my question to you today: How do you like your flashes, forward or back?

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I love your stuff! Thanks so much for posting!!!

2353 days ago


This episode had me on the edge of my is true daniel...nothing scare me the most like seeing the numbers on the odometer,,,truly lost me some LOST!!!!!!

2353 days ago


but i thought we see Jin later in a flashforward trying to find Sun? Does she think that he dies when he really doesnt? Or is she covering up his death and knows he's really alive? Either way... Poor Sun!!

2353 days ago

lost on st pete beach    


Hes the best charachter on the show!!!!!!

They better not let him die!!!!!

2353 days ago


The flash backs were good at first to kind of figure out where everyone was coming from but they kind of ran their course. I like the flash forwards now, yeah it takes some of the suspense out but still leaves a bunch of questions. Thanks for posting, I missed last night's episode.

2353 days ago


What I love best about this episode, is how at the end, the Oceanic 6, who all get rescued together, are in 4 different locations! Sun & Aaron on the freighter, Hurley with Locke at the Orchid, Jack with Sawyer at the helicopter, and Kate & Sayid with the Others. WHAT is going to happen next week to get them all back together and off the island? I can hardly wait to see!!

2353 days ago


OMG where are the comments? LOL, anywa, last night's episode was GREAT! My favorite part was when the OTHERTONS came out of the woodowrk with all those guns. WOW
Poor Hurley! I dont want him to be crazy....Something tells me he isn't.
Gret show! Great Blog!

2353 days ago


best episode of this shortened return so far....actually enjoyed this one, i had been feeling a bit like you, let down the past few weeks....can't wait for the finale. Poor Jack's head looked like it was going to explode when Claire's mom was talking to him....oh and lawnmower man was handcuffed to the helicopter!
Great columns Daniel! I look forward to them every week!
Faraday and Miles are great characters....

2353 days ago


Great show!

2353 days ago


I thought it was a good episode. I am not sure whether I like forward or back flashes, but I know that I like when they are done right. This epi had some good ones. New Otherton is brilliant. I was thrilled with the Sawyer/ Jack team-up. They are so funny together. I did wonder about Kate passing off the boy as her own, since they weren't "Lost" for 9 months, but I am glad they addressed it instead of ignoring it. (Same with Hurley's weight and how "healthy" they all look after being lost.) I can't wait for the next epi. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the off island bits. I thought I would hate them, since there would be no island mystery / smoke monster/ crazy stuff. Silly me. Hope the season finale is really good. And 15 year old crackers! Yuck! But is that time more than just one of the numbers?(15)

2353 days ago


Great show!

2353 days ago

lost on st pete beach    

I dont know how anyone can be dissapointed with this season. We have learned SO MUCH. Are you guys watching the same show i am, cause it just gets better every week.

Of course there are going to be some episodes that just move the storyline along, but overall we learned something in every episode.


2353 days ago


Hey! Thank you for yet another great entry. Last nights episode was amazing. I agree, very dusty! I laughed out loud over your comments, & how dusty it was.
I personally enjoy the flash forwards very much. My sister noticed that when Hurley grabbed the statue, that it was one of the statues from the island, not of Jesus. I have to go back and double check. I'm not sure how I liked the Claire revelation. Did Kate hear?
I muted the TV as Sun walked away from the door. I was scared that the boat was going to blow right then. EEK. I hope that Jin, and Desmond make it out OK. I want to see the reunion between Desmond and Penny!
Until next time...2 wks!!

2353 days ago


Tanisha, that was when Sun Thought she was seeing Jin while see wa giving birth, it was not really him... Also in that Episode they had a flashback of Jin Rushing to the hospital for one of Sun's Fatrhers clients when they were giving birth... SO that is probally what added to your confusion, Sun's Flash Forward and Jin's Flash back coinciding with each other in the same episode.

2353 days ago


The flashforwards are growing on me. At first I felt too much was being revealed and there wasn't going to be any mystery left, but I feel the writers are going in a direction that there are going to be questions developing that need to be answered. I think they've done a good job devleloping the story by starting with the flashforwards to fill us in on who these people are and how they are connected and now we see where they are "potentially" going - I say "potentially" because I still think there may be a chance that the future can or will be altered due to the island's time difference- and the time difference seems to change- When the capsule was sent to Faraday and took longer than anticipated the difference was minutes, I forget, but maybe around15-30 BUT the difference between the doctor washing up on shore and the scene on the boat was a greater difference, right? Now when Locke moves the island, What happens to time? Will this have an impact on the future? But to go back to the question, I honestly can't make a choice between flashback and flashforward- they both serve a purpose in this storytelling. I expect a lot from this season finale - it will be awesome and possibly heartbreaking - but it most certainly will be action packed - from the drama on the ship with the C4 to the island battle and moving day...just has to be awesome

2353 days ago
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