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Heidi and Spencer: Annoying AND Cheap

5/18/2008 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source tells TMZ that Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and two friends ran up a $783 bill at an L.A. restaurant last night -- and when Spency paid the bill, he tipped a whopping 16 bucks!
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
A camera crew was with the vomit-inducing twosome at the time -- no surprise there -- and our source says that when they stopped filming, the server approached a producer from the show about the measly tip. The producer forked over $60 from his own pocket to cover Spencer's shortcomings.

Included on the bill were 12 shots of platinum Patron at $60 a pop. Drinking and simple arithmetic just don't mix.


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I would DO both of them for a shot of that tequila.

2318 days ago

Christina NY    

I am not a big fan of spencer and heidi, however 12 shots of patron, each at 60 is 720. Leaving 63 worth of food, if the server was tipped 16 then they basically were tipping 25% on the food. I don't see why they would have to tip the server 20% on just 12 shots brought to them. 20% of the 720 is 144, which is ricdiculous for bringing shots over just 3 times............... they could have given a couple bucks more tho...

2318 days ago


Hey Harvey, if these two people are so worthless then why don't you quit covering them? Why keep covering them if you don't think they are worthy? You put these people down, but you seem to not have a problem using these same people and their lives to make a buck. Who is the worthless now?

2318 days ago


why do we continue to enable rich restaurant owner's not to pay their help,why should i have to pay because a restaurant owner pay's low wages,i don't see anyone tipping the ditch digger ,the nanny,the teacher...pisses me off owner's have gotten away with this for so long simply because they can and we allow it.there are plenty of harder jobs than serving food and taking crap from customer's.i don't get it.

2318 days ago


You should only tip for good service. He tipped what he taught was fair for the service he received that night. That's fine with me.

2318 days ago


walking on sunshine,

I agree. But something tells me servers-even the ones that whine about cheap tippers and how much they need tips because they are paid below minimum wage-would rather keep things the way they are; they probably make a load more with the current system than if they are paid a minimum wage.

2317 days ago

sick of those no-talent media whores    

Spencer reminds me of a ventriliquists doll, same stupid grin, shiny face, someones hand up his ass and no BRAIN! And She's just stupid, ugly, phony, arrogant and flat out nausiating. They have got to go! PLEASE!

2317 days ago

frogs and gravel    

This is kind of on topic. There was a study done (In England I think) that said that people
such as waiters and waitresses that take abuse from people but can't talk back and must
keep smiling have very unhealthy stress levels. I am sure many a wait staff have wished they
could do a triple round house kick to the big mouth at the table who is constantly complaining
and being massively disrespectful and rude. It is a good thing Chuck Norris was never
a waiter. (Maybe he was but he had great self control?)

2317 days ago


Geez, I take it I am missed or hated? Whatever...

2317 days ago

frogs and gravel    

They should clone Spencer and Heidi and have their DNA spread
throughout the planet as well as Universe.

2317 days ago


noiseslug, why wish that on the universe?

2317 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Would you rather see little green men come out of space ships
or clones of Heidi and Spencer? Besides, they could provide valuable
information on the tipping habits of intergalactic life.

2317 days ago


HAHA! Don't buy into that sci-fi bologne. I just wish these two would go away and have a normal life. It is sad to see them in pictures.

2317 days ago


You don't have to tip on the drinks.

2317 days ago


$16! OMG I have tipped more at the Olive Garden! WOO HOO Big spender!

2317 days ago
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