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Will Smith Backs Scientolo-School?

5/19/2008 5:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith gives money to Scientology school?Will Smith has dropped a bunch of money into opening up a new school in Calabasas, according to a report in the National Enquirer.

But we did a little digging, and the New Village Academy's website indicates that one of their models of learning is something called "Study Technology" -- a method created by none other than L. Ron Hubbard. The school also emphasizes the teaching of ethics and survival -- again, big topics in Scientology.

While Smith is not mentioned per se on the school's site, his reps did not deny his involvement. Instead, they gave TMZ the generic, "no comment", when questioned about his involvement in both the school and the Church.

So is he, or isn't he - a Scientologist, that is. According to Big Willy, he's not.


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Yolanda Clark-Green    

In all fairness they said the same thing about Oprah. When she built her Academy in South Africa. Connecting it to religious based book club readings and her own personal beliefs toward spiritual growth. I don't see why they had to take something good like that High School and turn it into a "daycare" and/or babysitter for $12,500 a year topping off. I wouldn't be able to eat the food. I think that the second time around investment dollars are down but up from 20k. But he still don't own it! I don't know who is worst him or Oprah. Either way I don't live in California and Africa is out of the question. Small progress big money.

2339 days ago


I have always subscribed to the belief that there is some good in EVERY religion on the planet. That being said, I want you Haters out there to step back and take a good look at the big business of Christianity. YES, Christianity. I said it. It's nothing but a way to play on people's emotions, a way to target folks when they're down, and to make them think everything will be okay if they worship the invisible dude in the sky (listen to George Carlin's take on that), and give the church money. For every single charletan out there - Christian, Scientologist, or whatever religious name they're hiding behind - there will be full retribution. Everything you send out into the world, WILL come back around. So, do good things -nice truly DOES matter. And screw all organized religions. Use your brain people - and have faith in YOURSELF. No one can intercede and get you closer to God (any God) than you yourself can all by yourself. And personally, I love Will Smith. If he helps others, how can it be wrong? Let he who is without sin - ANY sin - cast the first stone.... Blessed be, ya'll...

2306 days ago


If Jada tells him he's a Scientologist then he'll be a Scientologist.

2306 days ago


Ok peeps, I only need those with a good mind, and some intelligence to answer my question....What is so warong with Mr. Ron L. Hubbard? and what is wrong with scientology. I'm inquiring because I'm tired of these false religions and I need an outlet. If you know where I can buy Ron's book, please leave a link in your comment. I'm a good person, and I decided that I am originally muslim, being from the mother land of Africa and sold into slavery, and i'm also Baptist (christianity) was taught to me on the slave row. When I say me, I mean our ancestors. Therfore God is Allah, and I believe in his son Jesus who died for us. There is nothing wrong with these two prayers. I would like to further my human strength into more of a positive way of teaching the babies and those who did not get a chance to fulfill some of their backgrounds, instead of the lies that were forced or thrown towards them. Please just inform me on the good parts of scientology. Ok?

2262 days ago

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